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Guest Senghhhhhhh

Has anybody ever met a Ravidassia Sant? They usually wear all orange/peachy bana and I believe each of the Sants have their own Deras. I went to a friend's Akhand Paath and one of the Sants from this sect was there. His family members were devout followers of this particular Sant. I know this sect tried to break away from Sikhi at one point to create their own religion due to caste conflicts I believe? But this Sant was preaching for all to believe in Guru Granth Sahib Ji and nothing else. However, at the same time, after the Akhand Paath was over, I noticed a lot of families were gathering around him and matha taking/massaging his feet. The families would also have personal questions to ask him and I caught a glimpse of the Baba ji pulling out and studying what looked like an astrology chart and giving the families answers. This is the first time I've ever seen stuff like this before and I felt like it was not Gurmat. But then again I am not the most Gurmukh person in the world either so my opinion may be flawed. My friend seemed to be normal about all this stuff so I didn't say anything out of respect. However, do you guys know if the Ravidassia Sants are legit and if their practices are in line with Sikhi? I am not sure if other Sants do this kind of stuff as well. Any info would be much appreciated! Thank you!

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    • I don't think they will just let an man with a beard who nows how to play the harmonium do kirtan at Darbar shaib as you really need to be good at kirtan by this I mean almost perfect be able to singh in full raags its really hard to become an hazoori ragi your idea is a bit stupid and even every good ragis who sing in raag haven't been blessed with the opportunity to do kirtan at Darbar shaib its not a joke its hard to get selected to even sing a Shabad you truly need Kirpa of guru shaib. and need to be an expert in raags and kirtan and you just cant singh of paper you need Gurbani Kant all of asa di Vaar and many other shabads for someone to be a ragi or a granti at Darbar shaib they all have very high and true lifes like singh shaib Giani pooran singh he did 20 japji shaib and had an really hight and pure Sikh life style, and it hard to find people like that. that's a reason why there is so much Anand form hazoori ragis they are truly fulfiled with the love of guru shaib and understand raag and its importance 
    • I live just around the corner from him and sometimes see him out and about walking. I feel like saying something to him.
    • What if they're killing the parent from inside, emotionally, can the child be struck?
    • 😂 This isn't edited, btw.
    • No, hitting kids is wrong. My brothers and sisters were hit as kids and turned out pretty messed up. Many who are hit as children become violent towards others in later life.  There are plenty of other ways. Google child psychology channels and you can find different more normal and civilized ways of disciplining children. Remember gurbani says that violence is only used as a last resort and unless your kids are trying to kill you, I wouldn’t suggest hitting them. 
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