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The time hindu prime minister of india narendra modi disguised himself as turbanned Sikh to escape indira gandhi's dictatorship

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    • which gurdwara is this in Ludhiana? Does the notorious Teja Singh Bhasauria fit in as a missionary? I am surprised with a few of the names there though...
    • Wow!! Paji, you have really hit the nail here!   I have been thinking like this for over 2 years now, but no one ever takes any notice of me.  I hope your post will not only open everyone’s eyes on this forum but also educate them to think logically. See, the biggest problem we face in this day and age is that no one is bothered to observe what’s going on around them anymore. Everyone is too busy doing other  things, which can be classified as not only mundane but also  as waste of their precious  intelligence.. I hope that people will now start changing in their outlook on this rotten world which has addled their minds beyond any foreseeable recovery. The last time I said anything as remotely as intelligent as your post to some people, I received a slap for being too cocky or too big for my boots. 
    • A Sikh raaj that all but collapsed as soon as Ranjit Singh drew his last breath due to incompetence, greed and unintelligence of Sikhs. A Sikh raaj that was more concerned about inclusivity of Musleh and Hindus than prioritising Sikh interests and Sikh personnel. Rather than investing in disloyal non-Sikh mercenaries, where was the drive to recruit Sikh individuals who could be moulded using the Sikh identity as a binding force? Talk about low Sikh numbers, then where was the parchaar? Why build mosques and mandirs? Weree there not any in the rest of India? Muslims and Hindus had their empires, yet when we finally fought and won ours, we were more concerned with virtue signalling and placating these hyenas pretending to be our friends. Treachery and deception played its part, but even those issues could've been mitigated by a ruthless and Sikh-prioritising leadership. The Dogras and the Sikh spies reporting to the British were not a great mystery even at the time. A Night of Long Kirpans (Google it but replace Kirpan with Knives) might have meant a Sikh empire that was still around today. Blame the British and the rest, quite rightly at times, but the burden of the betrayal falls on us. 
    • Logic being that when we had our Sikh raj society was much fairer no one went hungry when maharajah ranjit singh passed poor people it is said he gave away something to keep the people looked after. Sikh raj where all people was treated equally no religious community got to oppress the other, and there was equality of opportunity in his government and army too. Look at the capitalist societies today there is incredible wealth at the top 1% and incredible poverty at the bottom 99% of the pyramid. When we had muslims ruled over punjab we saw non-muslims were treated as 3rd class citizens and brutally oppressed same as christian british rule they racially oppressed the natives. And what do we have in present day punjab? its the elites all banding together keeping their chairs safe against the interests of the people they claim to represent. So we have the badals and captain amrinder singhs who are related by marriages. They pretend to be Sikhs, they appear to be sikhs but wWhat have they done for Sikhs and Sikhi? zero contribution really.......they have let the british and indian establishment drain the wealth of punjab dry. Why do they allow it? because they are leaders and puppets of the same corrupt regimes thats responsible for oppression sikhs and sikhi. The British establishment covers for the genocidal crimes of the indian establishment. Why? because the "elites" of these establishments have hoarded away the wealth stolen from our nations and communities so naturally like a den of thieves they look out for each other against the people they stole off from.
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