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Lost hope, will to fight, dying is not an option, living without chardi kala- spiritless life everyday

Guest RabDiMeher

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Guest RabDiMeher

Dear All

ive had a tough life- never been married, rejected so many times that I believe I am not good enough to love or be loved. Have had a good career but so many ups and downs that I am tired fighting

1. can I do something to get a stable life?

2. Why does this keep happening to me? I know its Gurus parshad but it pains and i

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Have some anakh. Believe u r strong enough to conquer this. 

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut. Of self defeating thoughts and same old life habits.

Try changing it up. Visit yosemite or other natural parks. Travel to other countries. Attend sikhi camps or a rainsabai. 

Marriage is not the be all,.end all of life. You can enjoy life without it. Start a charity. Volunteer with United Sikhs, khalsa aid, sikh coalition. Visit a psychologists or hire a life coach. Address ur depression, hopelessness.

Once u feel better. Do sehaj paath. Read Bhai Vir Singh. Meditate

Go live life. Have some interesting, dangerous experiences. Learn surfing. Climb mt everest. 


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