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My Husband and I live as friends not lovers (Guardian advice column)

Guest Moose

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Found this on the Guardian website. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2018/oct/08/since-we-married-my-husband-and-i-live-as-friends-not-lovers-what-can-i-do

I'm not the one asking for advice, but some of you on this forum might like to use the opportunity to put the columnist right by using the comments section. 

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A bit odd how he had sex with her before marriage and stopped after marriage. Normally it's the other way round isn't it.

It's got nothing to do with culture. I'm not married but what iv heard from newly wed Asian couples is they can't get enough of it hahaha! 

This lady clearly wants some and he aint giving it. He must have some issues I'm guessing. Its got nothing to do with our culture. 

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