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    • probably talking of the nihungs and akali's who were the fiercest warriors not yet willing to submit to foreign racist white british rule over them and their lands even after both anglo-sikh wars had concluded in defeat of sarkar-e-khalsa.
    • When you read these old books written by white european colonalists in punjab you see the true racial bias, hatred they have and not forgetting the jealousy they had of the Sikh and punjabi natives who created a mighty empire and army to rival any european white nation of the day. You then realise the invasion and conquest of Sikh punjabi empire aswell as other non-white lands around the globe was done on a racial superiority complex basis to prove that they have the right to rule over the non-white indigousness natives because of their conquest over them (similar mentality of the muslims). It's only since ww2 with rise and defeat of nazi far right Aryan fascism and rise of the left in politics that these views once openly expressed decades ago are more underground and covert.
    • Yup!  Fornicator, adulterer, murderer, tyrant, and head of the church!   Not to different to when prince Charles is gonna become king and head of church!  Popes who are heads of the catholic church were no different!  Murderers, tyrants, carried out massacres,  inquisitions, Some popes even used to hold orgies in the vatican because they felt their sins would be forgiven because they were "chosen"   some popes even slept with their sisters.   Popes have one of the darkest and  most evil history. Catholic church is responsible for the death of millions of people.  It's one of the reasons why our gurus didnt give authority to any king or priest. 
    • I consider myself lucky of having baba Seva Singh ji of rapurkhera visiting my home and meeting him and doing sangat once a year he visits our area. Folks like these are rare and they are dharmic ppl that we should keep the sangat with them. It is very good for our soul to get energy by having sangat of such high avvastha jeevani folks.  However, we need to have our own self discipline in doing our own journey of meditation (naam/simran) and daily bani prayers. Gurmukh or sants are there to support but 99% of the spirituality needs to be strictly done by us in my opinion. 
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