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    • We aren't the Jedi of Earth no matter how much some of you fantasists want us to be. There's hundreds of millions of Muslims in India, billions in Asia. They can help their co-religionists. If the afflicted asked for shelter and other assistance I wouldn't refuse, but I wouldn't go galavanting around like a delusional hero. There's won't be a throng of devte showering you with flower petals from heaven when you've done your little act of philanthropy and compassion. Wake up. Don't pass this useful id1ot mentality along to future generations. Look where it's got us so far.
    • not really surprising , remember it is an authoritarian regime so they can control the media, people and their response. Interestingly USA is totally messing this up 700 in voluntary self-quarantine in NY , SF also making statements about quarantining but someone in california with no travel history or contact with china has covid19 so it is outside the usual suspect group now . please do not panic make sure you are supplementing vit d , vit a , vit C , drink green tea daily (interferes with replication in body), protect lungs with liquorice tea/malati cha. eat fresh fruit and veg to boost antioxidant and mineral levels in body . Wash hands regularly and alcohol wipe door handles, toilet flushes , light switches in the home and office , DO NOT TOUCH eyes ears, nose mouth as these are entry points for the disease and stay away from crowded spaces and mass transport as much as possible . 82% experience this as a bad cold, 15 % as a severe flu and 3% if allowed to enter pneumonia stage die , but please remember if you prevent the pneumonia you will survive .  
    • well muslim bibian and bache whose father/husband have been murdered deserve some protection don't you think or does sikhi asool go out the window, what about the one that Guru Gobind SIngh ji taught us : the fallen on the battlefield become our brothers and deserve our help even if they are the enemy, when they pick up arms again we will resume battle . Our tradition is not to strike against those unarmed, fleeing the battlefield , elderly, women or children BUT if they do turn around and do something violent against us we can and should protect ourselves and our own.
    • https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2020/02/trump-ready-coronavirus-live-updates-200226235731205.html
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