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    • how do we know how far it has changed from what Allah revealed , UTHman destroyed all written copies and the warriors who had memorised had been killed or died by that time ? Then qureshi  changed it to make themselves as higher than regular folks as only able to become imams/sheikhs . We know that the Jewish faith was compromised by behaviours of David, Solomon and the priestly caste , including pagan faith ideas , The temple was destroyed because they started going away from serving Elohim  and doing idol worship. , Jesus heard the word but his followers changed it to established the Roman church to transform the empires appearence .They also introduced a priest class and harsh rules against women , when Jesus had female parchariks . Lakshman was also a paapi because he disfigures Ravan's sister by cutting off her nose , so much for not looking at a female's face. He also criticises Ram for accepting the jhoota ber from the poor woman . The treatment of women in mahabharat is disgusting  , Khrishna was watching women's bathing , stealing their clothes for what reason? kaam of course . where the haumai is fed in a priest class the faith will become deformed by their greed , mediaval churches taught eternal hellfire to scare money out of the poor and rich alike . Sikhi was written directly over 230years and nurtured by Guru Sahiban themselves , no milavat , no priests only gursikhs doing sewa, that also open to Females .
    • teji bachan , Amitabh's mum was his plaything also , he was the result that's why Nehru got her married to a poet Mr  Bachan to hide the truth . That is why Mama Amitabh got so riled up when she died
    • Which tagore  rabinder nath?  Yh I read about her sleeping with white men as well     she really took after her father , nehru was sleeping with mountbattens wife   
    • That's true    it's why I stopped cutting my dhari   I read a lot about how sikhs were tortured in punjab back in the 80s and 90s and how 1000s "disappeared"  majority of them were sikhs with kesh and dhari  they were tortured because of their sikhi and sikh appearance, so I thought to myself why should I look like them corrupt governments want me to look like, a mona,   so I stopped trimming my beard     I dont like submitting to people 
    • Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh, Sare piare Nanak Naam Lehva Sangat nu Guru Nanak Dev ji di Prakash Purab nu lakh lakh vadiyan

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