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Satnaam - auda Naam sach hai

Karta purakh - au sab na da karta hai

Nirbhau - au noo kise da darr nahi

Nirvair - Au noo kise naal ver nahi

Akaal Murat - au di moorat akaal hai

Ajuni - au jooni vich nahi auda

Saibhang - au da Prakash apne aap taw hoa hai

Gurprasad - Guru di Kirpa naal jani da hai

Jap - au da naam japo

Aad sach - shuru taw sach saroop hai

Jugaad sach - jug shuru hoye te sach see

Hai bhee sach - hun bhee sach hai

Nanak hosi bhee sach - (Guru) Nanak kehnde hai au bhiwik vich vee sach hove ga













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