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Kali sweeping the floor of Guru Nanak dev ji

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Never heard this before   




For the pooja at the temple. As he was about to leave, the king of this kingdom had a heart
attack. Madan who was present with the king sat by him as he was being treated by doctors.
The king worried about his successor, decided to leave his kingdom for Chandrahans whom he
had found to be a very worthy successor. He immediately decided to test him and declare him
his successor if he passed away.
The king immediately dispatched Madan to go and get Chandrahans by his bedside. Madan
found Chandrahans walking towards the mandir. Madan told Chandrahans about the king’s
order to see him immediately. Chandrahans told him of Dhrishtbudhee’s, his father –
law’s wish to have pooja done at the mandir. Madan took the pooja stuff from Chandrahans and told
him to go to the king and that he in the meanwhile would perform pooja on Chandrahans’s
Madan went to the temple whereas Chandrahans went to see the king. By then Dhrish
tbudhee too had arrived by the bedside of king and was surprised to see Chandrahans there. The king
asked him questions to test him and Chandrahans answered all of them successfully. The king
declared him the king. Dhrishtbudhi asked Chandrahans where Madan was and Chandrahans
told him that Madan had gone to the temple to perform pooja.
Hearing this Dhrishtbudhi went pale. He immediately rushed out towards the mandir fearing
the worst. To his horror, he saw the blood soaked dead body of his son Madan there. Madan
had been murdered mercilessly. Dhrishtbudhi’s third attempt on Chandrahans’s life had turned
futile and actually had harmed him again. Not being able to sustain the sorrow of the death of
his only son Madan, Dhrishtbudhi took out his dagger and stabbed himself to death.
If we try to do evil to others, only bad can happen to us as a result of this.


Chaudhary (the village head) of Malsihan village was a devotee of Goddess ‘Kali’, and
respected all holy people.
When Guru Nanak Dev visited Malsihan village, Chaudhary Bhagirath devotedly served him. At
night he would sleep where Guru ji was sleeping. Early
in the morning when Guru ji got up forprayers, Bhagirath went to fetch water for his bath. When he was returning with the buckets of water from the well, he noticed a beautiful lady with eight arms sweeping the floor with a
broom. Bhagirath inquired who she was and why she had come from her house so early. She
replied that she was the Goddess Kali. Bhagirath at once fell at her feet and prayed. He then
asked her why was it that she being the mother of the whole world, supporter of all Gods and
destroyer of
the demons was sweeping the floors of Guru Nanak Dev’s room? She replied that
this holy person was none other than the Unmanifest aspect of the Supreme Being himself,
whereas she was the Manifest aspect and her powers were derived from the services of saints
like Guru Nank Dev.
On hearing this, Bhagirath became a disciple of Guru ji and devoted his life to the service of
saints and meditation on ‘Waheguru’. He was thus liberated from the cycle of life and death.


One Bhagirath of Malsihan town was there who earlier was a devotee of Kali, the
Bhai Gurdaas
Ji Vaar
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