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The Times 1841 Maharani Chand Kaur

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nice little bit of history, The Times 1841 mentions Maharani Chand Kaur becoming the queen.    Chand Kaur was the wife of Maharaja Kharak Singh. A few hours after Kharak Singh died their son Nau Nihal Singh, next in line to become Maharaja also died. The whole thing most likely was a planned murder, Kharak Singh was poisoned while Nau Nihal Singh was murdered. It most likely was planned by the dogras, other families that opposed Ranjit Singh and probabaly some of Maharaja Sher Singhs men as well.  Soon after Nau Nihal Singh died Sher Singh proclaimed himself Maharaja, Chand Kaur the widow of Kharak Singh and mother Nau Nihal Singh challenged Sher Singh with the claim that her dead son Nau Nihal Singhs wife Sahib Kaur is expecting a baby and till the baby is not born she will sit on the throne, therefore Maharani Chand Kaur sat on the throne in Lahore. Brave woman for standing up to the giants of the Sikh empire! She also managed to get a big % of the Sikh army on her side.  Tragically when Sahib Kaur did give birth it was a still born baby. Maharaja Sher Singh then did not wait any longer when he heard of the still birth and marched with his troops towards Lahore fort. Chand Kaur refused to give up her title and the city broke into civil war. Massive parts of the city were blown up and the number of casualties was very high. Eventually Chand Kaur and her forces had no choice but to surrender and leave Lahore fort. Sher Singh then became Maharaja.

Chand Kaur then retired and started living in her sons haveli in Lahore but was still seen as a threat and was beaten to death in the haveli. 

The Times 1841 mentioning Chand Kaur becoming queen.


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    • bhai Rama Singh jee has written that in khalsa raj, even animals will be made to listen to Gurbani and eventually they will get salvation. In Guru Granth Sahib, kabir jee has written that dog of a Gurmukh is better than mother of a manmukh because the dog listens to Naam of its master. This means animals can listen to Naam /gurbani and get salvation.  
    • I don't like it when people treat animals bad.  It's sad when you see people in pain and suffering but for me iv always found the suffering of animals more upsetting.  I always have. The men in my mums side of the family used to keep indian bulls the white ones for racing. Mama used to raise and train them and then sell them. It was a shonkh.  He had one white bull called Saan! Saan was very well known and famed in the region. He won every race. Won so many races that my mama had a whole wall full of trophies. He made sooo much money in the races that my mamas daughters entire wedding was carried out by the money Saan won at the races   reception, dowry everything was paid by the money won at the races.  Used to win massive drums of ghee etc    he was famed throughout the whole region    gave my mama a lot of connections too lol      he then got old and my mama and nana decided not to send him to the races anymore.  But people used to still offer money for him    but they didnt sell him    he eventually died.  Loads of people after the bulls get old and cant race no more   people just sell them off or start making them work in the fields!   I dont understand how people can just sell animals just like that after they are of no use , how heartless and selfish is that      People who treat animals bad are just heartless and maha paapi  People can be just pure evil sometimes.  I dnt agree with these bull races though  I think they are cruel    iv been to a few and didnt like it at all 
    • Asking questions is good when they are genuine.  Which I believe you are being genuine.   However,  you will have to look for the video.  It's on YouTube.   I have no doubt that Sant Jarnail Singh ji Khalsa Bhindranwale said he built a mandir in a village where there was not one.  
    • He seems a bit mental to me. He has the complete opposite of chardhi kala. He just seems to be totally devastated that the british empire (and the supremacist attitudes it was built on) are no longer around like they were in the 'good old days'. He can't seem to imagine any positive future. This western economy model was destined to fail pretty soon anyway, regardless of coronavirus. It's just becoming completely dependent on the arab economy and rich James Bond type oligarch 'villins' from abroad cleaning up money here.  It needs a shake up!  What shocks me here though, is how 'third world' type nations rapidly produced testing kits, and blighty has been bumbling about incompetently in this respect. You got brains from all over the globe here. How the hell did that happen???
    • Which Mandir? Did he built from scratch? Did Sikhs do karsewa? Or did he support the mandir to be built where permission was not given? Is this the jail place story? 
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