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Mathematical Challenges to Darwin’s Theory

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    • Disgusting but not suprised. Mars shal lah!!!! (all praise be to pagan arab god LAH) the evil extremists will celebrate. It didn't come as a suprise that a deranged follower of islam wont one day attack. UK gurdwaras were attacked by muslim gangs during the hindutva attack on babri masjid in india 1992. And Sikh youths hit back in gangs too. So this attack in derby gurdwara is obvious act of terrorism we just need to look at the patterns of behavior from the other attacks on gurdwaray in recent years from the year 2000. Now it comes upon the worldwide committee's of gurdwara's to wise up to changing political patterns of islamic extremists. If attack on chattisingpora kashmirir sikhs and gurdwara wasting a wake up call then attack on gurdwara in germany essen should have been and if attack on essen gurdwara wasnt a wakeup call then attack on nankana sahib should have been and if atttack on nankana sahib wasnt a wake up call then the attack on kabul gurdwara should have been and if attack on kabul gurdwara wasnt a wakeup call then well what can we say Sikhs will be asleep forever and Sikh sangat will stop going to gurdwaray because they no longer trust gurdwaray commitee's to keep their families safe while in house of prayer. Same thing happened to christian and jewish communities in europe and see what happened to their congregations eventually they stop going church and synagogue and the faith slowly dies because of radical islamic violent attacks on them. It's a clear strategy and war on non-muslims people will try to be political correct will make excuses dont want to be accused of being islamophobic because they have loyality to muslim friends but truth is truth and you can't hide truth with falsehood.  
    • Nehru had reportedly mocked Sikhs when we went to ask for the promises he had made. Nehru had said reportedly "Sikhs have missed the boat. Times have changed."  70 yrs later,now again it seems a boat is coming , not exactly how you would like it. The larger question is are you in a position to board it or capture the opportunity even if it presents before you in near future. If anyone is observant of world political affairs today, its not hard to see US-china rivalry is the defining issue even with the coronavirus issue. In history, every event sows seed of future events. It was victory in WW2 that gave allies the power. Amongst allies, the US and USSR were primary forces and us much as they allied with each other during WW2 against the axis powers (hitler, mussolini, Japan) , after WW2, they faced each other. And we had "cold war" for 40 odd years. US due to its edge in cunningness managed to create taliban in afghanistan with help of pak (which is why US gave aid to beggar pak) to keep USSR in check . US even dismantled USSR .  US victory ! Meanwhile a poor , starving china was on the horizon of US . Its leaders were mostly submissive to elder bro US who got him in world trade organization. Being a communist country and virtually no opposition  b*tches who would go against its goals, china ascended fast from poverty to great power in just 30 yrs. Obama started feeling the eyesore. Now trump sees it fully and ever since the guy came in 2016 to office, he's been taking china upfront. Suddenly the poor friend seems like a competitor who wants to take away superpower status from america . Hence the trade war, which experts suggest has nothing to do with trade at all. It's just a thin veil to keep china from reaching america's crown.  Now china is expansionist. And it got pak as its <banned word filter activated> and increasing its aura in africa and smaller countries around india to keep india in check , infact encircle india. Russia (present day USSR) hates america. China secretly despises america. Hence Russia and China are married now !  Russia and india are old friends but their friendship today lack lustre of what it was few decades back. Indira was reportedly very close to USSR. Anyways india russia relationship is mostly seen as transactional. Now china has brought nepal against india , meanwhile india's two parliamentarians attend Taiwan PM's swearing in. This will only escalate the tensions between india and china , two neighbors who already had a 2 month long standoff in mid 2017 ! Border clashes between two are very common.  A dooming war is inevitable I think . Possible flashpoints seem to be the kashmir issue , the south china sea, the sino-india border, taiwan issue. I can already see two axis forming here crudely as :  China, Russia, Pak, Iran  US, India, Japan, South korea  
    • At the first instance it is always best to marry within your own background as long as you are both Sikhs and it should be encouraged to keep the biological diversity within sikhi strong. Castes should be shunned thats an anti sikh concept outdated and Sikhi was created to remove it those who want to keep castes are those very same people funding the drugs, castist songs and other social ill's of punjabi society. If however two Sikh people of different racial/ethnic/nation backgrounds want to get married there is nothing wrong with it.
    • This is 7 yrs old . but hopefully an eye opener  https://www.dawn.com/news/1025160/day-3-the-sikhs-of-nankana-sahab
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