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Updating communication links amongst Sikhs

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In this age of fast and electronic communications, I would like to know

what links do the S.G.P.C. and the different Takhats in India and all the

Gurdwaras in India as well as abroad have?

What I would like to know is whether all of them as stated above have

been hooked up in a common server so that whatever decisions or mattas or hukumnamas are issued by the S.G.P.C. or the Akal Takhat are sent across to all through the net or the computer technology.

For this to take place , all of them have to have a computer set in their

premises or Gurdwaras so that the same is communicated with the Sikh

masses all over the world.

Take for example the case of the implementation of the Nanakshahi


Reports were available that there was confusion in many towns and many

observed the martyrdom day of Guru Arjun Singh Ji on the 6th of June

instead of the 16th June as per the NanakShahi calendar.

Why was this confusion in the first place?

The possible reason is that the Gurdwaras all over the world were not

intimated about this and I am yet to receive the said calendar from our

local Gurdwaras .

The general public or the Sikhs are fully entitled to rceive the hukumnamas or mattas which are the concern of all Sikhs and once the computers are installed , then printouts of same can be taken out and handed over to the sangat attending the Gurdwaras.

This, however, is the need of the day and

the benefits will be tremendous. Probably the networking could be done

in a phased manner: -

(i) By setting up a full fledged Secretariat at Akal Takhat Sahib and

small Sectts. at all the Takhats;


br>(ii) Connecting all the Takhats through computers;

(iii) Linking all the Gurdwaras of the world with the Takhats

Trying to be on the path of Sikhi,

singh khalistan da

post ur views.

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