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Old pieces of paper gurbani written on them. How to respectfully cremate ?

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From 10 years ago and some older than that, I have pieces of paper which have now turned yellow and really fragile . these paper have gurbani written on them in gurmukhi and english translation

So what should I do with them ? 

I did write them whenever I received a hukamnama and such, but now they have become like really really old, some unfortunately got scrumpled due to being in drawer. 

I now respectfully want to give them back to guru . please suggest a way. Is cremation appropriate ? please tell vidhi

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7 hours ago, MisterrSingh said:

Short ardas, burn, and jal parvah the ashes (not in the Ganges, though). 😀

I think when they cremate old birs of GGS they first remove baani by wiping with ghee or oil or something like that. 

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