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Are sikhs being made the New Muslims?


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Muslims have been through this bulls*** media blitz as we are experiencing now.

They must have felt the same emotions time and again in this country.

Already some white people are saying that we should all go back to our countries and that we are of the same stock.

The damage between white britain and muslim is huge!! despite all the efforts, personally i dnt see how the young muslims will ever truelly feel british or want to be part of this country's precious society. Hardly any of the the youngsters iv met want to, they say they just want to do their own thing, couldnt care less about the white folk.

Well i feel the same now, sorry to say, they dnt help us in any way, they look down on us with disgust, like were savages, 2 generations have been born here, yet still they think were foreigners!

Just as their are muslim 'ghettos' which white folk or british folk dont enter, will we be doing the same soon, or forced to?

i was always raised in ethnic area, went to school ethnics, at college chilled and spoke to mailny ethnics, same at uni. Only at work have i really spoken to white britons. its hard at first, then u get used to it. but even then, there is still that thing, wen they go to the bar, you go to your room, when they go for a smoke, u stay seated at the dinner table... many many more examples.. well im thinking im not really comfortable with all that.. so why bother? At present i have no time for britons, and i certainly dnt want to socilase with them, i know this sounds wrong, but i just dont!

Im fed up, with people being hypocrites, repeatedly telling us we should have used peaceful methods.. we say we did.. t

hey ignore it etc etc etc

Since were being classed in the same group as the islamic community, how long before our ways change like theirs to? can this be prevented? how?

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