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Guru Gobind Singh Nitnem Pothi PDF

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This is handwritten das granthi Larrivar. It has some differences then modern das granthi path. The one I noticed right off the bat was that Jaap Sahib didn't Start off with Sree Vahguru ji ki fateh like it does in most gutka sahibs. It starts like this

Ik oangkar sath gurparsad . Jap . Sree Mukhvakh Patshahi Dasvee . Chaba Chand . Tva Parsad 

There is no Sree Vhaguru Ji Ki Fateh. 

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4 minutes ago, AmanSingh7 said:

wow thanks so much

Thank you

I have much more I want to share and Don't forget to thank Amarjit Singh Ji.

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    • I did not realise that the shipping kids into those schools went that far back, but it is probably even greater now.  However, a lot of kids struggle in Grammar School that they have to take external tuition.  Tuition is very lucrative.  There is a whole industry behind this.  But I guess the thing that Grammar schools have over a lot of secondary schools (other than academics ) is there is some level of discipline.  It is the discipline in classes that helps the students and teachers focus on education rather than being distracted by unruly pupils.  Secondary schools seem to have a discipline problem because they are full off unruly pupils. I know this very simplistic but I once was listening to one of the school inspectors on radio and it was one of things he mentioned.  What is very interesting about having Sikh Secondary school for many of our people is that provides an opportunity for another viable option in their minds other than Grammar Schools.  There have been parents who have been willing to bypass the 11 plus just to get into a more safe secure school if the opportunity arose. 
    • I like your nimrta, very good 👍🏼 Getting into Sikhi young is special beyond words. Enjoy this time period in your life. You’re definitely going to look back and miss it one day. My experience that day will come quicker than you think. Take one step at time and build your jeevan slowly (both rehit and simran).
    • "Stories." No, a lifetime of observations and, to a lesser degree, drawing inferences where experiences are undefined. I don't sit at home listening to gossip. I leave that to wo... nevermind. 😁 You can cling to optimism and feel angry, helpless and confused when the world around you doesn't function according to your high-minded ideals. The Kali Yuga is the age where those who don't wish to drown in the entirely false illusion of reality offered by people such as yourself, feel compelled to raise their objections about the obvious falsities around them.  The response to my words has only served to steel my resolve. I know I've touched a nerve. Instead of cowing me into silence, you've emboldened me further. Thank you.
    • No, even in the 90s there were lots of kids from Southall and Hounslow going to both Langley and Slough Grammar, at Herschel they were importing goreh from outside Slough. If you out the hard-work in your kids will pass, if they are somewhat gifted academically.
    • The kids are failing the test us because even back in 1990's you were in competition with kids in your own home town. Your grammar schools are no longer full of local kids but kids coming far afield like Hounslow, Harrow etc. There is far more competition.  This is having a two fold effect: 1.) Kids in your home town are being pushed into schools further afield. 2.)Kids in your hometown are being pushed into those less desirable schools so much so that the standards of those less desirable schools are beginning to see improvements. Check the GCSE / A levels in some of those secondary schools. They are higher than the national average.  What you are also beginning to see is that one over-achieving generation is not going to translate into the next generation because those parents who have gone through the system are quite disillusioned with it all. Most kids that get into grammar schools are in there because they have been coached to pass and when they get into the grammar school they struggle. It does not hold the same appeal as it used to.
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