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Farmers Protests - Hinduvatas and British worst enemy of Sikhs

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These farmers protest makes me so sad angry drives me mad haven't Sikhs suffered enough..why all this injustice?! .......I been having so much anxiety feel so helpless and shouldn't say this but losing faith,..........just makes you question why is this all happening. Why us...Why cant we have Khalistan?! 

Other is apart from hatred for Hindustanis whether BJP or liberals, how much i HATE BRITISH.they are the ones who created this mess and Sikhs did SO much for British yet they cant even say damn word.......Gosh i HATE THEM...Most ungrateful cretins! 

Hindutva trad are just most VILE CREATURES, they openly glorify rape genocide and their shamelessness has not limits. You hardly see any normal 'Hindu' or their organisations in West condemning it or standing with us.only time you see them is when there is something related to Islamists vs Sikhs........All articles written by them shows they think Sikhs deserved the genocide and terrorists....

So much 'Dharmic bros'......

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