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Sikhphobia Exposed - Hundreds of RSS BJP Hindu Extremists Terrorists on social media wish for another 1984 type Sikh genocide

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I wonder if twitter and instagram will act against explicit threats of terrorism and extreme violence against Sikh communities especially religious minorities. They seem to take down legitimate journalist Sikh social media accounts at the behest of the corrupt indian terrorist establishment recently yet strangely that same indian establishment that claims to be a democracy and treat everyone equally under the constitution has not spoken out against or taken action against RSS hindu extremist terrorists and their open support to genocide Sikhs just because a few Sikhs happened to put their flags on top of laal killa without taking the main indian national flag down that was still allowed to stand flying.

People used to say it was RSS that did the genocide in 1984 not just congress party, that RSS had the resources and the manpower to murder people in such a short time like they did in Gujarat in 2002 against muslims. It is a known fact that some RSS workers in 1984 were caught who actively took part in murdering innocent Sikh civilians blending in with congress workers because RSS the Hindu terror org is active in all political parties and all institutions of the indian Union.

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The hindu rastha / akhand bharat uthopia that these far right extremists are looking to create is essentially based on the racist / caste system with small number of priestly class elites (brahmins and kyshastriya's) at the top oppressing the lower caste masses. Don't think many "lower caste Hindu's" will be rushing to sign up for such an idea nor will pakistani or Bangladeshi's want to join if they don't see any benefits for themselves. And in order to create such a society they will need to do it by force not by persuasion and reason as no man is going to sign away his life and liberty for subjugation by another based on his caste.

The RSS lot openly admit their goals in their Instagram, twitter and other social media posts. Yet ironically they try to hoodwink and call for hindu unity from the lower castes to join them in their agenda against minorities. During the recent years bheem sena (lower castes) vs karti sena (brahmin) clashes they showed that they do not care about hindu unity but brahmin/kshastriya supremacy.

They promote the krishna philosophy which dictates that brahmin is above everyone in society (as they are given authority by their hindu god krishna) and must be listened to and served as masters over the other 3 castes. They are justify genocides of anyone who opposes their ideology pointing towards krishna how he ordered the genocide of relatives of arjuna on the battlefields in Mahabharata.






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    • Lol. Way to be late to the party there Ravi. 
    • The liberal mafia attacking Amaan Baali because he committed the ultimate sin of standing up for the Sikh community in Kashmir and told the truth of the grooming of Sikh girls. Let's look at the background of these liberals who are now attacking Amaan. Monica Gill - failed model latched on to the Farmers agitation in order to gain more exposure and credibility. On the grooming of the Sikh girls in Kashmir she was solidly on the side of the paedophiles. She promoted the Quint narrative that the Sikh girl was an adult even when the paedophile admitted that he had started to target her when she was 12/13. Her sister apparently 'researched' the grooming of Sikh girls in Kashmir and found 'no evidence'!  Ravi Singh KA - we all know about him and his liberal agenda and his main focus on using the Panth's money to help our enemies and gain him a Nobel prize.  This Angadh Singh Khalsa guy - another liberal mupp.et using the Sikh identity to further the cause of the Jihadis. here's an article about him- his main claim to fame- being a dhimmi and helping in the Kashmiri plan to turn Kashmir into an Islamic state like Afghanistan. What could possibly go wrong for Kashmiri Sikhs when that happens? His views on the grooming of Sikhs - he is 'nuanced'! How Kashmir's Fraught Political Journey Led a Young Sikh Man Into Activism (thewire.in) You can judge the value of a person to the Panth by knowing the background of the people  who are attacking him.       
    • Is that Surrinder Shinda in the video?
    • There is a new Muslim bhangra singer from UK called Raf Saperra. Not only has he made a music video where he is lusting after and flirting with a Sikh girl who has a prominently displayed kada, but the song has been produced by so called Sikh Sukhshinder Shinda and the background of the video is full of so called Sikhs wearing kaday, egging on the Muslim singer to flirt with the Sikh girl and sing about her lustfully. Astonishingly there is an old Baba with a long white dhari and white dastaar in the video as well.  I have not seen one comment on the YouTube page that is concerned about this. I have also noticed that as part of his image in general this singer has avoided highlighting he is a Muslim, only reluctantly alluding to being from West Pakistan during an interview when asked.  Instead our so called Sikh people are all backing him up and featuring in his videos wearing huge kaday while holding alcohol bottles. There is a blurring of lines here with regards to identity which is normally used by this group to take advantage of our people. Our own people are stupidly helping this cause.   There are a few of his bhangra videos which also feature smoking (Muslim Pakistani  culture) which will probably confuse Apne thickos into thinking this is now a normal part of our own culture. They are making bhangra videos without making it clear they are Muslims and subtly putting their own culture into it. What has happened to these people's zameer?   This is the video.       
    • https://www.instagram.com/p/CVl7cy7PQpL/   Is this true?...First time i heard this  
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