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    • Today's so call Sikh Missionary (Mis-Nari)
    • People need to chill. The weather has never been 'normal'.. the climate does 'change' and I agree that humans have very little impact on it. The biggest factor is the sun's own cycles which affect the global weather patterns. The whole carbon scare stuff is nonsense...what they don't tell you is that the world has seen 'green matter' increase (plants grow by converting co2 to oxygen ). A big difference is that folks live longer now...so notice the changes more over time, plus there are incentives now to make things into 'crisis' events 
    • Questioning without religious knowledge and taking advice from others from same personality is not only dangerous but offers no solution. Your soul will keep jumping from point A to B with no clear answer you will get.  Study Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji and tons of other literature that are out there. Our 11th Guru Sahib jee will helps you getting the right answers to you.
    • Guest SriJapJiSahib
      Please listen to the following katha by Sant Baba Inderjit Singh Ji Raqbe Wale
    • I think the below is a darbaar record reference (from Suri's UUT) to the previously posted account of the mutilated Akali (from Honigberger's work which I reposted below also). It looks like the nihang was severely beaten too:   I introduced to our distinguished guests. Col. Wade and Dr. Murray, an Akalee or Nahung, whose nose, ears and hands had been cut off by order of Runjeet Sing (he had even deserved the gallows ), and whose nose had been so well restored in the mountains that we were all surprised, and confessed it could not have been better done in Europe. As we know, from history, this operation was even in the remotest antiquity, practised by the Hindoos ; and they fermed the nose out of the cuticle of the forehead, which proceeding is now, and always will be the same. In Europe, where cutting off of noses is only in use, in exceptional cases — as when ulceration or other circumstances make it requisite — this operation is usually performed with the cuticle of the arm, and judiciously too, as, according to our custom, the head mostly is uncovered, and a scar on one's forehead, with a new nose on the face, makes rather an ugly appearance ; whilst, in the East, the scar remains hidden beneath the turban.   In time of peace, the Nahungs gave a great deal of trouble to Runjeet Sing. On one occasion, he was even forced to place two pieces of cannon outside the Delhi Gate of Lahore, in the vicinity of Seidgenj, where the robbers congregate, because this band dared to intercept the communication of that city. They shut themselves up in Meea-Meer, five miles distant from Lahore, thence they made their appearance as rebels, but they were defeated, and forced to depart, and from the town also, to Umritsir.   The individual just alluded to as deserving the gallows, had cut off the arm of a sentinel, for having prevented him from entering the tent of the king by a private entrance. The Nahung had a servant with him, who underwent no punishment, because he did not behave in an aggressive manner ; but the offender, by the order of Runjeet Singh, lost his ears, nose, and hands, by the same sabre with which he had so skilfully cut off the arm of the soldier on royal duty. After the sad execution, he ran to drown himself in a well, but was prevented by the people who were accidentally present. When the king was informed of the fact, the culprit was sent to me, and put under my care and medical attendance, with strict orders to watch him, to prevent his committing suicide, and to present him, when cured, to the king. According to his own statement, he was drunk with bhang ( hemp ) when he committed the crime, and his only intention for intruding on the king had been to ask a gapa ( gift ). These robbers do not like to enter military service ; they prefer begging, and living by pillage.
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