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Why is Jigsaw Puzzled Singh/Legal Singh/West London Singh banned?

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On 3/3/2021 at 12:28 AM, californiasardar1 said:

These forums are so dead.

Most threads barely get any replies, and there are only a few posts each day.

What have the mods accomplished by banning one of the most frequent posters?

Most of the people you mentioned choose to post without membership and some of them do post frequently. You cannot ban anyone who does not have any user id. 

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You guys remember that weird crime in brittain where the one dude cat fished this other dude in a chat room in like the mid nineties(?) round about as, two different girls, he also played the role of the "stalker" that killed the first "girlfriend", and the catfishing dude had the dude he catfished stab him, like arranged his own stabbing, but he lived which saved the catfished dude from murder, but he then confessed to not only..not only..being the first girlfriend, the second girlfriend, the stalker, but every one of the 168 accounts in the chat EXCEPT the dude he catfished and tricked into stabbing him? When I saw a youtube vid on that last week totally made me think of this, but before this thread was up. 

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