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Do Hindu Gods Exist?

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Firstly I want everyone to share their opinion on this. This is not a debate this is just to share opinions.

I believe that these hindu gods kinda exist. By that I mean I belive they are legandary and I believe Gurbani says the same. Legendary meaning people like them existed but the storys are likely embellish or false.

One point people bring up to show that the Guru supports their existence and all the events associated with them is chobis avtar. This path was wrriten by Guru Gobind Singh no denying that but what style of writing/genre is it. I belive firstly it a translation the Guru gave to the people with his katha. I also belive that much of this is just literature. By that I mean the guru doesn't inted for us to take this literally. It is wrriten to teach a moral/lesson or to motivate us. 

My opinion looks at Gurbani but also looks at historical evidence. In this part I will only talk about the 2 main epics. So from a historical perspective the Mahabharata like the Iliad is a story about likely a true war (Seems to be more evidence for the trojan war) which has been extremely embellished to make an epic. So it is probably history combined with myth making legend. I couldn't really find much on the Ramayan other than Ravana having a kingdom on Sri Lanka doesn't match the archeological evidence. 

At the end of the day all these hindu texts were wrriten by poets not historians. They are here to tell a story NOT HISTORY.

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