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No one can be your help or support

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This Shabad is by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Maaroo on Pannaa 1008

mwrU mhlw 5 ]

vYdo n vweI BYxo n BweI eyko shweI rwmu hy ]1]

kIqw ijso hovY pwpW mlo DovY so ismrhu prDwnu hy ]2]

Git Gty vwsI srb invwsI AsiQru jw kw Qwnu hy ]3]

AwvY n jwvY sMgy smwvY pUrn jw kw kwmu hy ]4]

Bgq jnw kw rwKxhwrw ]

sMq jIvih jip pRwn ADwrw ]

krn kwrn smrQu suAwmI nwnku iqsu kurbwnu hy ]5]2]32]

maaroo mehalaa 5 ||

vaidho n vaaee bhaino n bhaaee eaeko sehaaee raam hae ||1||

keethaa jiso hovai paapaa(n) malo dhhovai so simarahu paradhhaan hae ||2||

ghatt ghattae vaasee sarab nivaasee asathhir jaa kaa thhaan hae ||3||

aavai n jaavai sa(n)gae samaavai pooran jaa kaa kaam hae ||4||

bhagath janaa kaa raakhanehaaraa ||

sa(n)th jeevehi jap praan adhhaaraa ||

karan kaaran samarathh suaamee naanak this kurabaan hae ||5||2||32||

Maaroo, Fifth Mehl:

The One Lord alone is our help and support; neither physician nor friend, nor sister nor brother can be this. ||1||

His actions alone come to pass; He washes off the filth of sins. Meditate in remembrance on that Supreme Lord. ||2||

He abides in each and every heart, and dwells in all; His seat and place are eternal. ||3||

He does not come or go, and He is always with us. His actions are perfect. ||4||

He is the Savior and the Protector of His devotee


The Saints live by meditating on God, the support of the breath of life.

The Almighty Lord and Master is the Cause of causes; Nanak is a sacrifice to Him. ||5||2||32||

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Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa!

Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!!

sRIrwgu mhlw 5 ]

sreeraag mehalaa 5 ||

Siree Raag, Fifth Mehl:

soeI iDAweIAY jIAVy isir swhW pwiqswhu ]

soee dhhiaaeeai jeearrae sir saahaa(n) paathisaahu ||

Meditate on Him, O my soul; He is the Supreme Lord over kings and emperors.

iqs hI kI kir Aws mn ijs kw sBsu vyswhu ]

this hee kee kar aas man jis kaa sabhas vaesaahu ||

Place the hopes of your mind in the One, in whom all have faith.

siB isAwxpw Cif kY gur kI crxI pwhu ]1]

sabh siaanapaa shhadd kai gur kee charanee paahu ||1||

Give up all your clever tricks, and grasp the Feet of the Guru. ||1||

mn myry suK shj syqI jip nwau ]

man maerae sukh sehaj saethee jap naao ||

O my mind, chant the Name with intuitive peace and poise.

AwT phr pRBu iDAwie qUM gux goieMd inq gwau ]1] rhwau ]

aat(h) pehar prabh dhhiaae thoo(n) gun goei(n)dh nith gaao ||1|| rehaao ||

Twenty-four hours a day, meditate on God. Constantly sing the Glories of the Lord of the Universe. ||1||Pause||

iqs kI srnI pru mnw ijsu jyvfu Avru n koie ]

this kee saranee par manaa jis jaevadd avar n koe ||

Seek His Shelter, O my mind; there is no other as Great as He.

ijsu ismrq suKu hoie Gxw duKu drdu n mUly hoie ]

jis simarath sukh hoe ghanaa dhukh dharadh n moolae hoe ||

Remembering Him in meditation, a profound peace is obtained. Pain and suffering will not touch you at all.

sdw sdw kir cwkrI pRBu swihbu scw soie ]2]

sadhaa sadhaa kar chaakaree prabh saahib sachaa soe ||2||

Forever and ever, work for God; He is our True Lord and Master. ||2||

swDsMgiq hoie inrmlw ktIAY jm kI Pws ]

saadhhasa(n)gath hoe niramalaa katteeai jam kee faas ||

In the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, you shall become absolutely pure, and the noose of death shall be cut away.

suKdwqw BY BMjno iqsu AwgY kir Ardwis ]

sukhadhaathaa bhai bha(n)jano this aagai kar aradhaas ||

So offer your prayers to Him, the Giver of Peace, the Destroyer of fear.

imhr kry ijsu imhrvwnu qW kwrju AwvY rwis ]3]

mihar karae jis miharavaan thaa(n) kaaraj aavai raas ||3||

Showing His Mercy, the Merciful Master shall resolve your affairs. ||3||

bhuqo bhuqu vKwxIAY aUco aUcw Qwau ]

bahutho bahuth vakhaaneeai oocho oochaa thhaao ||

The Lord is said to be the Greatest of the Great; His Kingdom is the Highest of the High.

vrnw ichnw bwhrw kImiq kih n skwau ]

varanaa chihanaa baaharaa keemath kehi n sakaao ||

He has no color or mark; His Value cannot be estimated.

nwnk kau pRB mieAw kir scu dyvhu Apuxw nwau ]4]7]77]

naanak ko prabh maeiaa kar sach dhaevahu apunaa naao ||4||7||77||

Please show Mercy to Nanak, God, and bless him with Your True Name. ||4||7||77||

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!!

This Shabad is by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Sorath on Pannaa 628

sorat(h) mehalaa 5 ||

Sorat'h, Fifth Mehl:

aithhai outhhai rakhavaalaa ||

Here and hereafter, He is our Savior.

prabh sathigur dheen dhaeiaalaa ||

God, the True Guru, is Merciful to the meek.

dhaas apanae aap raakhae ||

He Himself protects His slaves.

ghatt ghatt sabadh subhaakhae ||1||

In each and every heart, the Beautiful Word of His Shabad resounds. ||1||

gur kae charan oopar bal jaaee ||

I am a sacrifice to the Guru's Feet.

dhinas rain saas saas samaalee pooran sabhanee thhaaee || rehaao ||

Day and night, with each and every breath, I remember Him; He is totally pervading and permeating all places. ||Pause||

aap sehaaee hoaa ||

He Himself has become my help and support.

scy dw scw FoAw ]

sachae dhaa sachaa dtoaa ||

True is the support of the True Lord.

thaeree bhagath vaddiaaee ||

Glorious and great is devotional worship to You.

paaee naanak prabh saranaaee ||2||14||78||

Nanak has found God's Sanctuary. ||2||14||78||

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!!

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Gurfateh jiO!

bhairo mehalaa 5 ||

oot(h)ath sukheeaa bait(h)ath sukheeaa ||

bho nehee laagai jaa(n) aisae bujheeaa ||1||

raakhaa eaek hamaaraa suaamee ||

sagal ghattaa kaa a(n)tharajaamee ||1|| rehaao ||

soe achi(n)thaa jaag achi(n)thaa ||

jehaa kehaa(n) prabh thoo(n) varatha(n)thaa ||2||

ghar sukh vasiaa baahar sukh paaeiaa ||

kahu naanak gur ma(n)thra dhrirraaeiaa ||3||2||

Bhairao, Fifth Mehl:

Standing up, I am at peace; sitting down, I am at peace.

I feel no fear, because this is what I understand. ||1||

The One Lord, my Lord and Master, is my Protector.

He is the Inner-knower, the Searcher of Hearts. ||1||Pause||

I sleep without worry, and I awake without worry.

You, O God, are pervading everywhere. ||2||

I dwell in peace in my home, and I am at peace outside.

Says Nanak, the Guru has implanted His Mantra within me. ||3||2||


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    • I didn’t say there is no racism in the Uk or that there is no casteism in Panjab.  I have family back home involved in politics so I have primary sources for my info as well.  I think with all respect, you are the one ‘talking shyte’ here. Again, to address directly the main points of the original post of this thread, it’s not just jatts in high positions and there are already quotas. I agree casteism is a major obstacle for Ekta in the Panjabi Sikh community. But, for example, more qualified people from ‘higher castes’ (including Tarkhans I think) cannot get jobs or university places because they go to the ‘scheduled castes’ first .
    • To me that's like saying because Priti Patel and Rishi Sunak are where they are, there is no racism in the UK.  You talk shyte. 
    • Akaal Takht Jathedar is from a ‘low caste’ Same with recent ex-Chief Minister Channi. There have been quotas in place for many years to ensure ‘lower castes’ get many reserved political seats and (from my understanding) the same with senior Religious positions. Same for government jobs and university places in general. You have made a topic and points here which are quite inaccurate and misleading
    • I think nonjut Sikhs should just wait for these retards to hang themselves.  They say if you give a fool enough rope they'll hang themselves....I think they are halfway into that process already. Generally they are too retarded to have any even remotely constructive or intelligent conversation/negotiation with (as the forum has shown over the last decade).  Let's watch the inevitable show.   Hopefully it will be more interesting and stimulating than this one:        
    • With the jat Sikhs making the majority in Punjab and having the most power . IE in terms of politics and also religiously. IE all major people controling and running the Gurdwaras being from this demographic. Should other castes be give some kind of quota for top jobs so we can have more equality and diversity in the Punjabi society and social strata. Or are they to power hungry and unable to share?  I think that is the only way of achieving a strong United Punjab instead of one where there is to much in fighting and resentments.   
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