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  1. I'm using internet browser on Windows 7 phone. How can I get the Gurbani fonts to show? Thanks
  2. Excellent news! How regular will the show be?
  3. It's up to the panthic thinking sangat to distribute the message in this Aadesh and make sure committees and local sangat have an awareness. Interestingly, I was talking to a Christian elder involved in the Methodist Church, who mentioned that many UK churches had stipulations around the sale of their properties in the hope of preventing them becoming "dance halls" or places of ill repute after the sale. Many of these caveats date back to the late 1800s.
  4. Anyone developing any Gurbani apps for the Windows phones such as Nokia Lumia 800? Has a SikhitotheMax app for windows phone been developed yet, like on the ios and android?
  5. Are we better off using terms such as "grossly offensive" , "deeply insulting to the sikh community" or "mocked the ideals of the Sikh community" ? "Hurting the Sentiments..." is probably used as it's a softer way of saying someones taking the P!
  6. Despatches, Panorama and other mainstream TV documentaries have covered exploitation and grooming of children by men of Pakistani Muslim origin. These documentaries have been informative and blunt about the issue. Ch4 and BBC have had no issues mentioning the ethnic origin of the perpetrators Excuses used by Sangat TV such as "seeking legal advice, police intervention, best interests for community cohesion" etc is just bull...
  7. In my view Sangat Trust are a bunch of old prabhandaks who don't really have any vision, they just survive each day as it comes. Sikh Channel might be controlled by one man but you've got a better chance of relevant current issues being discussed on that platform coupled with a higher quality of broadcast. I personally think Mohan Singh skills have been wasted on Sangat TV and the Sangat TVs poor broadcasts never gave justice to SAS issues. The Sikh Community need to see these kinds of shows and I believe it would get better exposure on Sikh Channel rather than Sangat TV. Just my view and before I get the accusation, I don't work for Sikh Channel. :bored: ..
  8. Has the couple been officially approached by the local Sikhs or Jatha about their activities?? Many people in the Sangat seem to know about their claims but has there been an official approach. Seeing they are children of a prominent Gursikh, I would have expected some Gursikh elders would have intervened and expressed concerns by now.
  9. Good luck with getting any response from Sangat TV. I still haven't got anything back regarding an email I sent to them about the promotion of Dehadhari sects on their channel. Ironically, on Friday 13 Jan around 7pm Sangat TV dedicated a useless hour discussion to Ladies Lohri activities whilst Sikh Channel did a show of the Battle of Muktsar at the same time. Sometimes Sangat TV simply lose the plot...
  10. Where's the evidence of these Offcom complaints??? And even so, there are other ways of countering complaints of "bias" rather than taking the route that Sangat TV did by giving the Congress a free Sikh platform!
  11. The formal Ardaas we are familiar with today was standardised under the Singh Sabha lehar and rolled out after the Gurdwara act 1925, the further insertion regarding Nankana Sahib and Pakistan Gurdwaras would have been introduced after 1947. The main structure of the Ardaas is believed to have been originally compiled by Bhai Mani Singh Shaheed with numerous additions being inserted over the years.
  12. It was Khalsa Aid who raised awareness of the term "Dharmi Fauji" in the global mainstream Sikh Community. Up until then, who or what sanstha, jatha, samparda etc was actually raising any awareness of these Singhs and their families or even supporting them? I never came across the term "Dharmi Fauji" in any katha, parchaar, fund collection or discussions over the last 25 years. So credit where credit is due, Khalsa Aid made us aware of this issue.
  13. http://www.facebook....137850446237006 Asad ji, Many thanks for bringing this to the global Sikh community's attention. Are you aware of the Pakistan Sikh Gurdwara Prabhandak Committee? http://www.facebook....137850446237006 Perhaps they know more. The underlying issue is that if there is no longer a Sikh community in NWFP then it's unlikely the Gurdwara will be able to be looked after. There must be other Gurdwara buildings in rural Pakistan like this still surviving, I suspect most have been demolished after the Sikhs fled in 1947. I know the Kabuli Sikhs did some sewa in the 1950s to 1960s in bringing back saroops of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji to Afghanistan (where there was an active Sikh community) from abandoned Gurdwaras in West Pakistan. I know an old Sikh originally from Kabul now living in East London whose father used to go in jathas over the border to Pakistan to check on the abandoned Gurdwaras. In many instances they found very old damaged saroops of Sri Guru Granth Sahib which they would bring back to Kabul and try to do the sewa of them. Some of the abandoned village Gurdwaras were physically looked after by the local Muslims after 1947 but as they became old their next generation did not have the same bonds with the Sikh community, so many of the buildings became ruins.
  14. This is a very informative video which needs exposure in the "WHATS HAPPENING" section.
  15. Very informative video. The 2000 Hukumnama is ignored in many mainstream Gurdwaras, particularly Gurdwaras labelled "Ramgharia". This is mainly due to the family connections with the namdharis. It amazes how naive many mainstream sanstas are such as Raj Academy and GNNSJ who are willing to attend the deras of naamdharis even though they matha tek a life size portrait of "satguru" jagjit.
  16. I love the Sanjha concept of all these local Gurdwaras getting together. Maharaj kirpa karay that Sikhs in other towns follow this great example and organise Sanjha Sikhi camps like this...
  17. http://www.indianexp...-dec-20/888659/ http://articles.time...s-gurdwara-land The morcha today was in relation to the historical Gurdwara Gian Godri in Haridwar, Uttrakhand, which was demolished by mobs during the 1984 Sikh Genocides. The land was sold on for commercial property development. Gurdwara Gian Godri is where Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Nanak Devji Maharaj highlighted the hypocrisy of ritualistic Brahmins when he poured water towards the fields in Punjab. http://www.sikhiwiki...kwara_(Hardwar)
  18. I gave our old sky box (not HD) to my in laws who were able to plug it in their connection and they watch the free channels on Sky, They don't subscribe to the sky. As long as there's a viewing card in the box and a connection to the dish, it should work.
  19. It should work. Sikh Channel/Sangat TV are part of the Sky freeview channels.
  20. I attended Sikh lobby yesterday in Parliament. In total 15 MPs had a presence but a very weak young Sikh turnout. Part of this was probably due to lack of notice but also most young GurSikhs do not still see the benefit of this political arena. The lack of young Sikhs gives a false perception of our issues being non-current and non-relevant. Buller case, Bittu case and 84 Pograms were on the agenda and got an hours worth of coverage. Sikh Identity got the second half coverage. This is prime arena to bring our current cases to the forefront such as Pal Singh as well as safeguarding against growing issues around our Identity in the West. I don't know if the petty jathebhandi issues are holding Sikhs back from using these platforms for the larger Sikh cause. I am a strong believer that we need to get out of the Sikh world and interact on a global platform. Some higher profile MPs such a Marget Becket, Simon Hughes attended as well the committee of MPs now set up for Sikh affairs. The more we are on the MPs backs the more Sikhs can exert pressure to raise the profile of the issues facing Sikhs. The next Sikh Lobby day is provisionally booked 27 March 2012 and it's expected that some cabinet ministers will attend. It's an excellent exercise for any Sikh to build an effective relationship with the MPs and build up their own political profile in their consituancy. We've got 3 months notice to book the day off work to attend A message to some of the more active Sikh youth. Please think about committing to attending these events and don't let any personality or jathebhandi prejudices come in the way. These lobby days are a stong platform which can make us Sikhs more politically astute, something we lack...
  21. The Gurdwaras need to step up and provide constructive support for these homeless Sikhs. There's about 30-40 homeless Sikhs/punjabis in the Ilford area and most now have an alcohol problem and some have drug habits too, so the situation is much more complex than just providing them with food and shelter. The local Redbridge council and church shelters provide them with blankets, clothing and often temporary accommodation (usually just overnight). Most of the Ilford homeless Sikhs sleep in the graveyard next to Karamsar Gurdwara, or a local park not too far from the town centre. The Ilford Gurdwaras and local Ilford Sikh sangat do not currently provide these homeless Sikhs with any regular support. There are some general food runs done by some local Singhs to the shelters but nothing specifically focused at the Sikh/Punjabi problem. I met a homeless amritdhari Singh from Punjab in the City a few months ago who slept in a derelict building in Aldgate and spent most of the day trying to find work in market stalls or shops around Aldgate. He was on his own and had left Ilford as there was too much alcohol abuse amongst the homeless Sikhs in Ilford. He became homeless as he was unable to keep up paying rent in a "fauji" household due to the lack of continuous work. He was kicked out and tried to spend his days in Singh Sabha Seven Kings and Karamsar Gurdwara, eventually the local sangat and committee in both those Gurdwaras pushed him out as he smelt and could not wash. They wouldn't let him use the Gurdwara facilities to clean up. About a month ago I met him again in the City and he was looking much more up beat. He was walking to Shepherd Bush Gurdwara everyday (a walk of around 10 miles), who were letting him wash his clothes and have a bath in the Gurdwara. He said that the committee at Shepherds Bush Gurdwara were very supportive and were helping him find work and promised him a room in one of the Gurdwara properties when he found work. There are some Gurdwaras who do help the homeless and Central London Gurdwara in Shepherds Bush is one of them. I hope the other committees follow the examples set by this Gurdwara. S.W.A.T. are also doing an excellent job raising awareness in Southall and have also started helping in the Ilford homeless problem too.
  22. She's clearly drunk and has some deeper issues. But here's another ranting woman on the Central Line. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=715_1314132581 I suppose it's no different from the sensationalised rants you read in the Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, Sun about millions of immigrants who ponce of the state. The tabloid media have helped create the ignorant chavs and shaped their opinions.
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