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  1. BadAppls dont pedo kids . Pedos pedo kids . Thr r 2 many pakstans dat r pedos ther sometin rong wit the way the luk @ kuria. It mite evn go bak 2the prophet n his relation wit alisha! Who know but no try 2defen em iz time 2name n shame
  2. No giv money to mini cab drivers cos u iz fundin pedos. If u cn buy ur stuff 4m non pakstani shops u shud . The pakstan community all kno who iz doin this n we nd 2stop fundin it
  3. Wo rss typ tings dey do den? Lyk brainiwash? But sayin wo. Otherwiz u cn say every 1 iz rss
  4. In cuntri wit no nice gurudwara int it ok 2 do weddin in hotel? Whers nearest 1 2dem den?
  5. Typicatl midla3s wanna b's definition = ovr wait under educatd 4 wo 2 say dey iz ard. Ard heded mor lyk. . . :-( y y y? Wher woz peaceful protes ? No nice
  6. Don't suppressin the feelins make u in2 a crazy man? :)x x x can't u get married now?
  7. Int ther the same pressur 4guys 2look lyk mega media stars 2. Lyk becham , or dat guy off hollyoaks :-(
  8. Lol Conshismess u 4 me wer .doin such nice explain den u took tuk n twistd 4 u argumt ! so on ur explain den a sikh shudnt larf evn az it fals. 2 larf. Ow bout c in dat guru say dat k dancin iz not az amazin az Simran but u aint gona burn in hell 4it? Wo u say :-)
  9. cGatjka = exerciz it iz dun 2 dhol beat = music . Math lesson ova. . . zumba iz kool 4burnin the fat c
  10. So wher iz the god not ?
  11. It seems mor acceptd the indu sikh marry ovr muslim sikh marry... Y? K u no got no 1 in ur fam lyk dat wo bout d rest Dat do?
  12. Some1 asked y iz "ok" hindu marry sikh . But not so ok sikh marry muslim? Wo cn i say bak?
  13. So u sayin risi knot help u meditate. Thans. Lookin @sum posts sum think tha keepi hair wil instanly get u the god
  14. Thi so imp2 reed wit all exampls . Thax 4bein so honest. Do u hav the direct quotes of guru's definition of kes so i cam giv 2ma frens so they kno 2. Cos they telln me it hair on hed= kes . Wher did this full kes thing cam 4m ? 1st i herd it ?
  15. Yeh. So Isnt it said in a poetic way so lyk this iz How much we shud meditate. Coz den u r sayin a hairy person can meditate mor or man can do mor meditatn than gal ?
  16. U'll lyk this:-) cos maya iz creatd by akal den can u worship maya as sargun sarup . Ps you shud get a medal 4twistin bani to suit u view . R u seriosli sayin u beta dan prof singh? Ha ha
  17. Wear a rubber mask this will keep it all in an luk v nice in wrestln . U Cud put khanda on it 2
  18. U probably don't kno dat he has all his kesa on but cant tell cos kes r on his head the body hair iz juz vanity lyk 4 lyk wot u sed he got do it 4 comp
  19. Yep lyk nirankar - i think meens formlez etc so matta thk in ur heart 2 everythin . Hope this helpz read bani n u wil hav guru wit u
  20. Some 1 said don't follo punj pYaras follo panth . If pyaras wer not telln u panthic rehat it no ur fault iz thers.g
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