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  1. i dont even know why topics like this begin...like really nihangs care what someone behind a keyboard thinks
  2. some of these last comments are hillarious...seriously some of these modern jathas are nutty
  3. shastar vidya is also taught at sheperds bush gurdwara...i will be attending their classes soon..and advise anyone interested in the local vicinity to attend also
  4. if for a moment anyone thinks nihang dals will give up prkaash of sri dasam and sri sarbloh then they are seriously deluded...hazur sahib will not change its maryada for anyone including SGPC
  5. bro how can you compare kavis(poets/translators) to scholars of traditional indic philosophy, medicine, literature, spiritual sciences etc of which benares was the HQ...its the difference between just merely translating sanskrit to actually understaning it, also having access to huge quantities of traditional indic spiritual literature, ..the nirmale were created to ensure khalsa never had to rely on bhramins for access to indic scriptures....and its essential we are well versed in traditional hindu scriptures because most if not all concepts/sakhis originated from those granths...dont cut off
  6. Because he along with few other akaalis had deep understanding and knowledge of sri sarbloh granth..thanks to him it is becoming available to the panth today in english...the treasured sarbloh bani which was hidden away in the fauj is finally coming out to the masses...that in itself is great seva
  7. Innovated misled maryada at sri hazur sahib ? LOL....maryada of nihang singhs at hazur sahib is in line with sri aad guru granth, sri dasam granth, sri sarbloh granth, puraatan hukamnamas, rehitnamas, itihaasik granths , non sikh historical accounts and oral tradition of akaali nihangs tracing itsself back to guru gobind singh ji himself....the only thing innovated is your interpretation of sikh'ism'...sri guru gobind singh jis writings(sri dasam granth, sri sarbloh granth) are gurbani...the quicker you get used to it the better...anything that has come from the hands or mouth of the guru sah
  8. Histroy of Ashtbhuja Dhuja , Personal Battle Standard of Sri Akaali Guru Gobind Singh Ji Please Share The Link http://www.hazoorsahib.com/index2.php?Itemid=474
  9. http://news.sky.com/story/1005524/call-to-recognise-sikh-killings-as-genocide
  10. i dont know what to think of this...has the christian missionaries agenda for india been compromised and infiltrated by hindus and sikhs who claim to be christian but are just using same mannerisms and traditions from their old religions or is this a more dangerous scenario demonstrating the missionaries have adapted to the culture and spiritual norms of india ...the same thing the sufis did to bring in more converts...the christians have basically copied them..
  11. I just read this from a singhs post on facebook...cant say if its true or not....but definately worrying • Sewadars working with conversion cases confirm: 15 reported cases of Sikh girls in last 2 months. • Committee member confirms: 40% of Gurdwara weddings now inter-faith. • Wedding Venue Manager: hall in Birmingham confirm 4 sikh girl/Sullah weddings in last few months.
  12. Ive been monitoring Glory TV channel for a while...the lies of the missionaries is hillarious...funny how they always link their past dharam or traditions in with satan/demonic powers...some of their shows are amusing...but on a serious note..the amount of aunitya from sikh backgrounds on the channel is an issue...
  13. you americans are always cranky...you need to be relaxed like us englandees are :cool2:
  14. Bro drop the gatra..its useless...singhs used to woear kamar kassa...the weapon is secure and can be unsheathed quickly and efficiently...gatra is for people who see the sri sahib as a symbol..kamar kassa is for those who see it as a practical weapon..the way maharaj intended
  15. i agree isnt matha tek hocus pocus?...or standing up for ardas?...or even covering your head and taking off shoes?....you really need to be careful otherwise you will start rejecting symbolic ritual found within sikh practice...not everything you define as hocus pocus is negative
  16. pre singh sabha..the jathedar of akaal takht was also the jathedar of bhudda dal..the two were intertwined
  17. if these shiv sena bandars do begin attacking sikhs unprovoked...what options do sikhs of the west have ??
  18. like i said some time back...the movement will be fuelled by singhs from the west...things are just tht bad among sikhs in punjab...its best we dont go down the armed route unless provoked...lets keep on this legal route, use media and specifically social media to spread the message...it must be working because the indian government actually fears diaspora sikhs now
  19. I think WestLondon Singh makes a good point..you are underestimating these bandars...lets not forget just a decade ago they killed thousands upon thousands of muslim gujaratis ..in the 21st century!....the sikhs are weaker than they were in 1980s...i think these threats are very real...all i can advise my brothers to do is...to empower you mind, body and soul..dont make the same mistakes we made before...lets make the facist hindutva forces look like the radicals...be calm in your responses
  20. Brahmanism?...that term was created by the firangi...the original term is sanatana dharma ...sanatana dharma predates modern 'hinduism'...the original dharma followed by humankind for thousands of years...which has been revived by sri guru nanak dev ji maharaj in kaliyuga And bro you seriously have to stop quoting max arthur...really shows our inferiority complex when we have to quote a firangi in service of the british crown which pillaged, raped and plundered our kingdom ..
  21. I hate jatts too....they are too good at bhangra
  22. interesting to note alcohol isnt a new thing for sikhs...there are accounts of singhs in ranjits army being very excessive drinkers...but it being acceptable in terms of gurmat is a total different matter... historically though there is no doubt alcohol was consumed by sikhs
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