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  1. Would be better if it matched the existing color theme and fonts maybe
  2. Maybe they don't have Sikhi because they don't need it. I bet you my house that them peeps are less greedy, lustful, egotistical, angry and attached to less than we are. Not at all saying thems the only that make a perfect or better person. But I am wondering, what wonderful Karam did you do?
  3. Don't tell my dad that it was mom's duty to cook for him, he been doing over 40 years now Seriously though, Sounds like something my Muslim mate would say.
  4. Brother, can I ask you please, were the other Guru's that came after Guru Nanak Dev Ji, also embodiments of the creator or Just Guru Nanak Dev Ji?
  5. After you answer my questions and 'slowly' read my post again.
  6. How do you know it will never succeed? Is it better to believe in fairy tales? When children ask why we do something or why such and such is happening do you think its better to give them an answer which makes logical sense or better to say something like lok idha kehde aa? Sianhe idha kehde aa? Babaji idha kehnda aa? That's not good enough especially for older more independent thinking kids. Or do you want our children to be like sheep and just follow the crowd? Also science has been changing since the development of the Quantum theory. Many quantum physicists say there were atheists but now believe in a higher power and believe the universe is made by design. Science is a great tool but I don't think it has all the answers. Some of these we need to find within ourselves.
  7. What odious BS has been spouted against Naam Japna? There are new videos posted on YouTube all the time and I don't have time to watch them all. Could you find a link or a quote or something please?
  8. I didn't say he does or he doesn't. But if what he is saying affected my cash flow I would do my best to discredit the fella.
  9. All I hear repeatedly is a message to use common sense, think logically, develop your minds, do paath/ardas yourself and try to understand, make your own connection with waheguru who is inside you. Compare that to my local gurdwara Gianni who is more than happy to take a tenner to do ardaas, instead of saying look mate I can show you how to do it but this needs to come from you. If I was making money from Sikhi I wouldn't like this guy either.
  10. 80 tonnes? My car weighs over a ton. I think you got that wrong. That piece at the top is about 80tonnes. And to get it on the top, elephants pushed it up a ramp using logs as rollers . Or you can believe it was giants or aliens or giant aliens
  11. First time I seen this guy.... I wanted to change my name
  12. My parents are over 65 and Amritdhari. Makes me laugh when we are watching Sikh program on sky and someone with a certain style of dastaar is on TV and mother always has to point out that the person is a Mistry. Or she says 'tarkhan lagda aa'. Then I'll be like 'oh so he doesn't look like a Sikh then? Why you be treating man's differently?' then she be like 'they say themselves they are different with their Ramgarhia gurdwaras etc.' lol When I ask them why they still believe in castes. They say people who are amritdhari don't have caste but everyone else we should treat accordingly. But then they still point out so and so was this caste before Amritdharis chak. Old punjab folk like my parents are really petty when it comes to things like this. Another thing just to give an example of their way of thinking. They'll say it's okay, or even good for us if my sister ties rakhri on my wrist because I'm not amritdhari. But for them it's a strict no no. But then they try encourage us to do. Same with Lohri and other things. We've had plenty of conversations about this and I know they will never change their thinking. Many of the older generation are like this. Some changed but others refuse to.
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