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  1. <_< happy birthday :wub: :nihungsmile: :e: :HP: :HP: :wee:
  2. And Another Gurdwara Sahib in California! Sunday 13th March, 2005 Saffajang Singh - Panthic Weekly Staff The Five Beloved Ones lead the way toward the official groundbreaking for the new Gurudwara in Selma. Kirpal "Paul" Singh Sihota, president of the Selma Sikh temple, said the $2.5 million project will be four times larger than the present facility. It will include two main buildings totaling more than 21,000 square feet--the main temple building and a kitchen/social hall. Selma, California (KP) - You heard it right; the Sikh community of Central California (Selma) held a ground break
  3. London (KP) - In Thetford, for over one hundred years, stands a statue of Maharaja Duleep Singh, the last Monarch of Panjab. It was recently “desecrated” by vandals who have been described by the town mayor as “despicable” and “evil”. The £50,000 bronze statue standing on Butten Island near the town centre was a memorial to Thetford's 19th century Sikh benefactor. Police are said to be treating the attack on the Sikh memorial as racially motivated. White oil based paint was poured all over, defacing the bronze statue. The attack is being linked to the NF (National Front) as Swastikas and N
  4. i thought it was the 26th <_< @
  5. wow baldeep singh these pics fronm akaal arms are great!!
  6. Waheguroo ji ka khalsa, Waheguroo ji ki fateh! Can someone please post pictures of shastars, please? Thank you! Waheguroo ji ka khalsa, Waheguroo ji ki fateh!
  7. heres some history....... Being a part of the 5 Kakaars and because the Sikhs are a martial People, the kirpaan which is also called the talvaar or shamsheer has a very important place amongst the Sikhs. However, in the making of kirpaans, Malva's Bhindar Kalaa(n) and Rutovaal (Ludhiana) villages have a special place. In Bhindar Kalaa(n) one family for the past three generations has continued even in today's machine-age to make hand made kirpaans. Bhindar Kalaa(n) which is known world wide because of Sant Jarnail Singh jee Bhindranvalay, is the birth place of the Taksaal's 11th head, Sant Su
  8. but the way i see people sayin sas sri akal i think they are saying "mother in law is god" sas-mother in law akal-god put the two together... "mother in-law is god" (sas sri akal) i see the sas sri akal more of a salute to your mother in law. hahaha
  9. gandhi di dhoti wich hawaien(its banned though.)
  10. fuaja singh :nihungsmile: just the best :umm: :cool:
  11. :umm: :WW: boleeeeeeeeee so nihaaaaaaaaaal sat sri akaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal
  12. it is very sad to know this. earlier on in the morning i was listening to punjab radio when they said hed gone to waheguroo i felt so sad.punjab radio talked to his son and he burst into tears. :'(
  13. wjkk wjkf heres one realy good book im reading and here are some of the best parts. 1.sant ji said: "i feel that i should make clear my position on the the issue of khalistan before the sangat. i did not want to say anything on this matter because it is not an issue that concerns our morcha. however,due to persistent questioning,i think i should mention it .well ,my position is quite simple:i am, neither for or against khalistan.that is to say,we are not asking for khalistan it is not our demand . however if the goverment gives it to us,then we will not refuse it as we did in 1947."
  14. make sure you get this book ,this book made me a strong rehit amritdhari. :umm:
  15. Bhai Mati Dass and Bhai Sati Dass both brothers were sons of Bhai Hira Nand. Their ancestor, Gautam Dass was a resident of village Kariala in Jehlum district. He was initiated into Sikh faith by Guru Arjan Dev. Pleased at his services, the Guru had bestowed on him the title of 'Bhai' (brother) which continues in their family to this day. Their grandfather, Bhai Praga, had been given command of a 'Jatha' (unit) by Guru Hargobind in the first battle with the Mughals in 1628 A.D. He died of deep wounds sustained in that battle. After that, Bhai Hira Nand presented himself in the service of Guru
  16. Bhai Subeg Singh was resident of village Jumber district Lahore. He was well educated and scholar of Persian. He was working as a government contractor at Lahore. He mediated between the government and the Sikhs in 1733 A.D., when the Dal Khalsa was given an estate. During 1745 A.D., when the Governor Zakria Khan could not pass urine, Bhai Subeg Singh was sent by him to the Dal Khalsa. As advised by the leader, the Governor had kept on passing urine when hit on the head with the shoe of Bhai Taru Singh. After the death of Zakria Khan on the 1st July, 1745 A.D., his son, Yahiya Khan became the
  17. whats with ranjit singh worshiping devi ?
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