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  1. Really miss the meditation forum and speaking to some of the members throught PM...
  2. lol dhummas doesnt represent Damdami by a long shot.
  3. 9 Singhs Shaheed so far, 3 yesterday, 6 today. Waheguru
  4. click attach fileAnd choose the picture when Posting
  5. the point is ji , people dont listen to what Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji maharaj says about saints and sadhoos, the satkaar etc.
  6. Whats the update on the android version? its been two years almost
  7. Not true. http://www.timhortons.com/ca/en/pdf/Allergen-Information-Canada-July2014.pdf Waheguru
  8. veer ji that whole story is BS. I know Singhs in western Canada and the US california area that were with Babaji for months on end. You can meet them and see there jeevans for yourself. Im done with this topic, but if anyone has any doubts or shankas best thing to do, even babaji would say is.Do ardaas to Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj and ask, sangat ji will get the answer. Waheguru
  9. Lol what a load of rubbish, please talk to the singhs that were with Babaji all the time.
  10. GuptUnknown


    wjkk wjkf. Wjkk wjkf. Waheguru ji, Cant say no go degh. Who is ardaas and bhog done by/in front of? I know intentions are truely good but please never place yourself above sangat. Other then that, nothing wrong with going vegan. Waheguru
  11. Yea tape is true, it wasnt recorded in 1 day but over a few months. The family now resides in california, and(suleman past life) is an amrirtfhari singh. The boy who was possessed is still in india today.
  12. hasnt happened yet, as 3rd singh hasnt been released I believe, wait for update from waljinder singh. Wont happen before the 27th if it is happening at all i believe. Wjkk wjkf
  13. veerji santji is referring to "man da" as in pooja of devi's, and worship of matis/graves/ghosts which is sadly very common in india. Sikhi aknowledges their existance, but they are of no other importance.
  14. GuptUnknown


    You need to practice just muharni, try bhagat jaswant singh ji's.
  15. Looking for the full version of this specific one, havent been able to find it anywhere. Would appreciate if someome can point me in the right direction.
  16. Too both of posters above, just ask yourselves what Guru Gobind Singh ji maharaj would say to us after reading the above exchange..... So much love between gursikhs correct?.....waheguru, why cant just agree to disagree? We have too many faults to be justified in consistently point out others.....read the above exchange from 3rd persons, looks very silly tbh. Also careful to who we call brhamgiani,espscially hard for us to tell, once gursikhs are at higher spirtual stage, bur not there yet .Waheguru
  17. only 80 followers....500 people the account manually followed.
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