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  1. Some immediate steps our villages can take: 1. Stop purchasing gujjar milk 2. Pass village (panchayat) resolutions to prevent anyone from leasing/selling land to gujjars in the future 3. Terminate current leases with gujjars 4. Offer to purchase back lands sold to gujjars 5. Push to get police raids done on their deras to rescue mentally challenged and trafficed people and FIRs on the culprits 6. Stop selling fodder to the ones who don't have land Some long term plans: 1. Advocate to have land purchase laws similar to Himachal Pardesh to prevent non-punjabis from purchasing land in Punjab 2. Ban the gujjars from wild grazing. This is a huge problem as they take hundreds of their cattle and use public land to graze them on the roadsides. This also ends up damaging huge amounts of adjoining farmland crops. This public grazing also casues many many accidents and anyone that objects to them gets attacked by their whole kabeela.
  2. So glad to see a young brother clued up on not just the local sistuation but also on what starts in the UK and ends up in Lahore's hira mandi. Also Waris Punjab De's Amritpal Singh Sandhu is a ray of hope for the youth. These gujjars have spread all over punjab and wherever they can purcahse land to permantly settle, that essentially means there won't be sikhs there in 20 years. One of the two gujjars killed had taken his <banned word filter activated> out and threatened to rape the sarpanch's womenfolk was only 18 and had 4 kids already. I've seen their deras aswell. It looks like a nursery. Plus, these are no soft muslims. They are natorious for keeping loads of aasla (weapons, guns) and kidnapping mentally challenged to salve away at their deras. They traffic them within their network of deras to prevent any tracing. This is [was?] the perfect time to drive out these milk spitters back into jammu and kashmir.
  3. Couldn't agree more! Our youth have been let down by these gatekeepers who have essentially turned us into sitting targets from every little <banned word filter activated> that so chooses to f with us. Missionaries, gujjars, rss. These are types we didn't even consider competition let alone a serious threat in the previous century. We were holding our own admist a clossal muslim majority for the majority of the Panth's existence, and it was no umbrella service that enabled that.
  4. If local is difficult, what's preventing you from marrying a girl from Punjab?
  5. Deep Sidhu warned us of the approaching danger of Kejriwal and his gang. They have perfected their strategy to fool the masses and consolidate all power through back-door channels and the iron grip on the bureaucracy. They have a truck load of docile incompetent and <banned word filter activated> MLAs who they can quite easily control and herd around. Kejriwal even gave a public warning that he wouldn’t hesitate to remove an MLA found to be “corrupt”. From his history of throwing out all that dare raise their head, we know what “corrupt” means. Bhagwant Maan is the perfect yes-man out of all of the original AAP, hence he survived the purges and got placed as a stooge CM. As much as Kejriwal likes to showcase his “common man party”, all the power rests with his highly educated and shrewd core group of upper caste hindus, who are anything but common. It serves them well to have a samosa seller or phone repairman chosen by the people as their MLA to give a false sense of triumph of the common man, but the real benefit rests with Kejriwal who gets a head that will never rise.
  6. I think you haven't followed these events closely and this might be part of the reason you're so bitter about Deep Sidhu. If you're interested I would recommend historian Ajmer Singh's channel, The Sikh Viewpoint, to get a better idea of what Deep was on about. His main thrust was that repealing farm laws should not be seen as the end goal, but a starting point for rallying Sikhs towards greater autonomy and eventual sovereignty. This was the reason kisan unions, media, and GOI were villifying and hounding him.
  7. This bitterness doesn't help you or anyone around you. Deep Sidhu inspired the Sikh youth of Punjab, both kesadhari and non-kesadhari, in a way no one in my living memory has been able to. Give the man his due. Thanks in part to him, Simranjit Singh Maan's Party has increased their votes from a measly 50,000 to a healthy 400,000. Deep's trajectory, before he passed away, was towards genuine Khalsa Saroop, not just the superficial adherence to the saroop many cling onto for social reasons. Have you not encountered any monays that have become singhs in your life? Most of us know someone who genuinely has bettered their life by slowly pacing themselves towards the khalsa life. These types bring great energy into the Panth.
  8. Great post! Deep was the most effective person in denting the image of AAP for the Sikhs. Everyone had been hoodwinked by kejriwal, but this Son of Punjab stood up. The people calling him gadaar have joined up with BJP, while he chose the most neglected party by our kaum. I don't think any one has been mourned by the Panth in recent times the way Deep was. It reminds me of the stories of how the whole Punjab cried when Sukha and Jinda were hanged.
  9. This is such heartbreaking news. The Panth has lost an emerging great leader. From what can be gathered by singhs who visited the accident scene, it appears this was a planned hit. The trailer/ truck was not parked or was broken down as it was being claimed, there are skid marks matching the trucks large tires. It must have followed deep's suv and then changed lanes to get in front of his vehicle and abruptly braked to cause the collision. This truck accident method is used in India to take out adversaries from what I can gather and can be excused away by claiming some animal was crossing in front to cause the braking.
  10. There is great potential in Punjab for small business and small scale industry. Even in the pinds, the entrepreneurial minded have opened up small shops in the front portions of their homes, or have bought space at more bustling locations of the pind to open small shops. Small mechanics, kariana [general] stores, welding, electric, farm implements, cattle feed, dairy, fabrics/ tailors, sweets, just to name a few. I've seen people move up the social ladder working diligently and comfortably in their own pinds with dignity and actually surpass the more well-off landholders. And you know what, there is potential for more small business that people just don't want to tap into. One problem with the education system is that it doesn't align with the ground reality of the local economy. They don't motivate the students to be entrepreneurial and self reliant, to create businesses and build the economy from the ground up. They push through useless degrees that have little demand just to sustain their colleges.
  11. I observed in Punjab that people naturally get up quite early to take advantage of the cooler hours. By 10- 11 am it gets quite hot and the pind dwellers tend to head back home (if they even worked) and take a 3-4 hour siesta. They get back to their chores in the evening and have dinner by 6 and off to bed by 8 (this only applies to the pind, in the city they stay up late just like in the west). Now, if you have gone to bed by 8 and also had a long siesta during the day, then getting up at 3 – 4 am is no issue. Infact, you will awaken at those hours as your body and mind is more than well rested. Try to create a lifestyle and schedule that allows you to be well rested for awakening at a time you can maintain. The starting point for your amritvela is your bedtime imho.
  12. Jakhar was super annoyed with Sidhu and Channi for not tweeting on Indira Gandhi's death anniversary. I was appalled at how bold these congressis feel holding such a reverential attitude in Punjab for someone they clearly know we Sikhs will never forgive. The Congress can never disown IG, and for that very reason we should make Congress an unacceptable option for Sikhs in Punjab. For crying out loud, they have the gall to name the canal that steals most of our river waters after her. I just don't understand how Sikhs let this stuff slide. Condemn Indira, then we talk. This should be a bare minimum for Punjab at least.
  13. i heard from a majhail dhadi that bebe was used for sister in older times. it's interesting how interchangeable these words are. We used to call our grandma bebe, while my doabia mates would call their's as bibi. Others i've heard use biji.
  14. I was in India a few years back and was shocked at the mind-numbing absorption level of bhangra naach-tap, songs, movie by the youth. They have channels dedicated to songs on repeat all day and people have their tvs running like it's some kind of duty. Everywhere you go, crappy songs, crap lyrics, non-stop playing in the cars, on their phones, on tractors, in the shops, in drawing rooms. We were going on a Gurdwara tour and my hosts in the car who were relatives crank up the songs on the way...I was lost for words. The sad part is they feel this type of indulgence is what the world considers "modern". They have a very shallow understanding of what constitutes success, culture, values, art, music.
  15. His videos really lifted the curtain from numerous narcs that have fueled off of me over the years. Kindness and generosity really does attract these savages to feast. No wonder Guru Maharaj said Give your Donations with discerning intellect and Help other Khalsas first! He knew the emapthy that bhagati creates can be abused by these types.
  16. There is great intellectual named Ajmer Singh, an older fellow with communist roots but who later turned towards Gurmat, who really appeals to me in terms of his Punjabi language skills and depth. He does what you do, but in relation to Indian state and communism. Some great content in awesome Punjabi. If our brothers back home start listening to him, they can start the mind-decolonizing.
  17. Those Tudor videos you posted in the other thread really help to understand these people. Everyone should watch those.
  18. Thx for posting this. Truly door-andeshi soch. Santji could see, Guru-Kirpa naal, the hazards facing our girls, and the Kaum in general of course. The importance of preserving our collective honour, the honour of our women from both external forces and the detrimental lifestyle choices we are/were making. I know people like to label all this naach-taap as culture, but lets get real, it's anything but. Just look at the changes at our family events in conjunction to this stuff. Complete gandh. We've allowed it to dominate our image and it has been a major route of value-erosion.
  19. The classic example given to decide what is Truth is the example of the butcher that was chasing the cow. A tapasvi sadhu witnessed the direction the cow was heading and when asked about it by the butcher he falls in Dharam Sankat, dilemma. The truth would be to tell the butcher the direction the cow headed, but the result of it would be all but Dharam. So, the truth in that circumstance is to save the cow by not revealing it's direction. Vishnu/Krishna is known to have used Chhall on multiple occasions in multiple avatars to uphold Dharm. We have to use vivek, dicerning intellect, to find the path of Dharm when stuck in a sankat, dilemma. Nothing in life is clear cut. Upholding Dharam in the broader sense should be the guiding path. Sometimes you need to curve the finger to take out the butter. Sun Tzu's Art of War says warfare is based on deception. Study any war. Look at guerilla warfare. Kharku Singhs taking out targets. Life is messy. War is messier.
  20. Krishna's method is meant to be seen as a yudh-pentra, battle tactic. Krishna is praised in the very next pangti for his victory. Kritastar Singh was splitting heads left right center. He needed a take-down in the classic Cchhalia style. Powerful adversaries require tactics to take out.
  21. I know someone who had a mild stammer. They slowed down their speech and lowered their energy and volume level when speaking. Now I can't tell they ever had a stammer. After a few years, their slow and calm method has become a habit and requires no conscious effort. I can't say if this would work for everyone, but just thought I might share a simple self help tool. Another plus, this person has become much more thoughtful and precise in what they say because of the slower pace. Everyone tends to listen to them quite attentively when in a group setting.
  22. The Biharis get treated comparatively well in Punjab in comparison to rest of India. They are fed well and given their dues. The mockery is mild and not to the point of harassment, and not across the board.
  23. UP and Bihar is notorious for highway bandits/ looters, and general criminality. Back in the day Punjabi truckers used to travel in convoys through there before major highways were built, especially at night. You will be at heightened risk if travelling in a single vehicle as they can visually see you as an outsider. This jatha was travelling with enough people to be safe, but I think they miscalculated the situation when they were getting extorted. You have to be smart and flexible when in a vulnerable situation. If you can get passage with a payout, then that's best. Or, travel with plenty of "religious" swords to send the right signal.
  24. Indian Muslim leaders are actually quite envious of our success in having a full-fledged state in India. They have massive numbers (over 200 million) and the highest growth at 24 %/decade, yet they still can’t be more than vote banks with little to show for. They have Muslim Parties like Owaisi's, but limited success. We Sikhs are very strong spirited and require an equally strong leader to gain full loyalty, otherwise we remain fractured. Also, Punjab is not an overwhelming majority for us, so there has to be a more moderate approach if we want to win. There is also the issue of strategic voting in Punjab. Both Sikhs and Hindus practice it for different reasons. Dharmic Sikhs [used to] vote Akali to prevent Congress from winning. Hindus vote Congress to prevent Akalis, except in places where Hindus are a large majority like Pathankot, Hoshiarpur and Akalis used to vacate for BJP. The smaller fringe parties, like the Panthic ones, lose out as they don’t have the winnable factor, or any kind of robust leadership. New leadership needs to be nurtured and allowed to come to the forefront (like Congress does to an extent) instead of outdated leaders holding on till the end. For the Panthic parties, they need to have young, educated, capable people to lead. Who have a vision for prosperity, and not just pounding away at the old issues ad nauseum.
  25. Really passionate ex-Christian. His josh is overflowing. Need to prop up these boys to counter those that target our weaker brothers. Just like the Jaat brothers that @shastarSingh highlights, we need to find and highlight ex-christians to turn the tide.
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