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  1. This is not a vaccine but a disease generator mechanism simply put which will churn out alien proteins which will cause stress to the whole body on a possibly chronic disease time scale and with the enhanced chances of developing ADE in the presence of real Corona viruses (including common colds) could be considered a bioweapon as they knew it could cause massive death. Now we have Sikh channels on FB with sponsored NHS messages to encouraged apney to get the vaccine as soon as humanly possible , that they is no truth to the fact that there is alien proteins either fetal or animal (no one c
  2. maybe sikh channels should switch to Minds as it seems that it is not liked by Facebook or youtube as it is non censoring and copeting in their arena
  3. I had also seen this women's sons posts early yesterday but couldn't find the link again . My colleagues and I were discussing her case and the lady above in Pink they look like the cases of damage caused by the ergot toxin and so we think perhaps that could be a remedy worth trying in their cases.
  4. Please REALISE that the vaccines developed for SARS in 2003 had the fatal flaw of creating a vulnerability in the taker to develop ADE i.e. extreme immune enhancement (read that as overreaction and failure) in the face of the actual virus . DEspite years of trying they could never get a successful solution past the animal trials most animals would survive the jab but die with exposure to virus . these vaccines have a similar problem https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33113270/
  5. https://www.lifesitenews.com/opinion/pfizer-covid-vaccine-trial-shows-alarming-evidence-of-pathogenic-priming-in-older-adults?fbclid=IwAR2ZUiVDmreiBgrh55hDnx-IuA30FdjOsNXr93wBnvuLRz0FvrMzqbm87ao
  6. please have a look at this comparative chart which shows the methods used by communists to control the people and how our governments are doing things in the name of covid 19 https://www.facebook.com/informstation/photos/a.926253857557670/1659017624281286/
  7. 29 in norway and these horrific nervous system damage in USA: https://www.facebook.com/RalliementQuebec/videos/720029818717777 analyphalyxsis is turning out to be more common than originally expected : https://www.aappublications.org/news/2021/01/06/covid19-vaccines-anaphylaxis-010621 https://theprestonhub.co.uk/2021/01/18/preston-councillor-rushed-to-hospital-after-getting-covid-vaccine/?fbclid=IwAR334OGrfNfSB16KLrdaA4fz9QquDdg-DP2DheNtxic7VH98Hjzn6JY6cnA
  8. it is interesting how USA and EU are not touching the Oxford vaccines which are tenth of the price and developed using a more traditional methodology but are speeding up push of Moderna Pfizer vaccines which is highly experimental sold at with max profit levels and produced by companies heavily invested in by Gates . normally governments want spend the least amount of money per dose to allow more people getting vaccine, strange isn't it. seems the con artist is getting paid directly from our pockets. If want to read the paper that talks about the Gates polio drive in India htt
  9. gurbani suggests/tells us we have people we circulate amongst because we have lehna dehna from previous lives and sakhis are full of the stories of karams needing finishing , that is the main reasons we come back because our karams act like anchors and keep us coming back . Best soltuion is to finish all hisaab kitaab by naam simran and change karam, that's why Guru ji advises bure da bhalla kar , gussa man na hundai
  10. it is easy to claim without putting in any hard work just light the dhoof , sit down and say a few mantras , draw mandalas and quote the odd phrase attributed to Gautam Buddha. I found it very strange how it didn't rid any of the krodh, ahankar from even the most long term adherents -the monks despite all their claims of zen like states. The Gori nun was so intensely self-centred she insisted that no one else was to talk where she was , even in the food hall since she had taken a vow of silence??? who are we to judge our own hearts? surely that is a blind spot for us . We live in the fi
  11. true about meat it has a mythology around it that it is for the rich , so it gets trundled out for special occasions , fast forward a couple hundred years every tajinder, davinder and harjot cannot eat his roti without maas . Kings has diseases of Affluence and now every one has , diabetes through the roof, heart disease, obesity , arthiritis and gout. no one could afford to slaughter their only means of support through lean times , now they are oil rich they are overdoing it.
  12. reminds me of menu mistake we saw as student: vegetarian on rice
  13. first of all anything that's has been done with genetic engineering science has failed to deliver up until this point and I would be wary of such meats as they will be heavily cloned cells and given that Dolly's clones died at an earlier age than dolly seem to imply shorter telomeres which is a major factor in cell health , I would suspect multiple chickens would have to be farmed and repeatedly killed to create a long term solution.
  14. if you want to learn like a samurai you will have to study jujitsi/ninjitsu/budo as these are the techniques used by the samauri and their close nemesis the the ninja , understanding the bushido philosophy I realise Khalsa could be considered on the material plane as ronin or spiritually with Akal Purakh as our overlord . Sikhs can practise any and all weapons in fact in history they were known for their high levels of skill with multiple weapons including rifle.
  15. south Indian/Keralan martial arts are closest I am guessing to the proper vidhiya given for battlefield close fighting , I remember watching a video of a tiny women teaching the skills she had learnt frm her father to class and she was in her advanced years and getting the better of young men .it is called Kalarippayattu I bought a couple of books on it https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/9384030511/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/0195655389/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 interesting that they hav
  16. you can only fight as well as you have practised so you are definitely going to have to train HARD naam kamai will open further intuitive knowledge of shastar vidhiya but start somewhere. Husband does jujitsu and ninjitsu , is taught sword techniques . Even doing tai chi you could do sword techniques but in practical life learning philipino knife techniques will be more compatible with carrying kirpan and using it well at close quarters. Best martial arts is to be aware of surroundings and situation and avoid flashpoints if possible.
  17. where there is faith in Akal Purakh there is always Hope , you want success for sikhs remind them to keep full rehit and have amrit and they are GUARANTEED to have Guru Sahiban FULL support and blessings, our fight is with our baser selves first and then the oppressors. Look at our history when we held firm in our beliefs and rehit we remained aadol and akaal
  18. it's just your true self doing its thing , reciting what gives it sookun and helps cuts down the bad karams , just be thankful its happening
  19. missed out army humla on Harmandir Sahib in 1955 as an answer to sikh refusal to accquiesce to Indian Constitution and refusing to sign it.
  20. that is a major fib, he supports the idea of akhand bharat that is not secular.
  21. correction sikhs lost 5/6ths of Punjab it currentely only a sixth of the original . time to set our stamp on the minds of the whole of India by leading the fight against these theiving brahmins/gujus
  22. last time we had educated sikh scholars like Bhai Vir Singh , professor Sahib Singh and Dr Ganda Singh historian to set people straight, just need to rerelease free copies of these people's writings and translate all the Sants writings and speechs for youth worldwide (of all faiths)
  23. rss has roots in arya samaj which is about brahmin supremacy which that felt was undermined by British laws , arya samajists just wanted to return to the bad old days of brahmin raj over the whole of society . Rss is just the thugs thieves and scum collected together to take advantadge of the masses , not to bring about hindu raj necessarily despite the proaganda. They created a false spectre of muslim menace within India like 14 million poor muslims will be able to do anything against 1 billion hindus (if they believe so they must have a severe inferiority complex) Remember scene in a bug
  24. hopefully the waiting process will weed out the dogale loki but nehru, Badals , Majithia, Captain , Dogra kandaans, Ram Rahim gang, Nakli nirankaris, Naam dharis if they refuse to let go of their deh guru, RSS will never be given panaah . where to start with islamic/hindu duplicity suppose will have to include pscyhological testing?
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