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  1. Singhs used to have bare children and even had 2 or more wives, how do they expect the panth to progress when talking about kids as maya only? Also too many amrit dharis do kintoo prantoo about what is correct to eat and what not, whereas Nihang Singhs have a diet which allows oneself to be built. The question is, how many Singhs are under control of sgpc and deras and jathas and sects and cults and babas, as opposed to those who follow proper rehit and aren't limited by these mindsets.
  2. you mean breed after getting married right? and you are saying all monas are strong, there are all kind of monas...
  3. why can't we hire sikhiligarh and vanjara sikhs to work on our lands in punjab, instead of the bhaiyas/bhaiye who aren't going to help our culture or panth?
  4. now they are real kshatriya, allow the wannabes Guru Gobind Singh does actually mention something similar about Khalsa keeping kesh like the ancient Rishis I think, in Sarbloh Granth
  5. who even watches britasia anymore? At least their sister channel sikh channel is worth watching, but also has an online presence on youtube and social media.
  6. just replied on twitter to see if I get any "interesting" reply! ?
  7. is some of that rehnsbai keertan an extension of this culture?
  8. many jatts were jathera worshippers and not considered hindus. I don't think jatt people were normally considered hindus and also not part of vedic peoples. The arya samaj movement did a shudi ceremony to bring some jatts into the hindu fold during british raj colonial times
  9. link to uk store: Analytical Research On Sri Sarbloh Granth: (A Journey From Unexplored To Explored) eBook : Mahapatra, Abinash: Amazon.co.uk: Kindle Store
  10. one thing I need to mention, people used to sleep twice a day in those days, not the once a day post-industrial revolution sleep people do now. You may see Nihang Singhs wake up bare early and do sewa and nitnem paat, then they might sleep again during the daytime.
  11. I have seen in Slough and Southall that most of the main events and activism happen in the Singh Sabha gurdwaras and not that much in the Ramgharia gurdwaras.
  12. in the uk some radio stations and tv stations don't play aarti after sodar rehras, and same with some gurdwaras. I am sure I have also seen this in gurdwaras in punjab! Asa di waar however I think is more regular!
  13. so Sodar Rehras and Arti should both be performed for nitnem, however many gurdwaras seem to ignore this as does sgpc maryada!
  14. However, when someone has taken Khanday dee pahul, then breaching maryada is worse. The haircut compromises were only for sehajdhari. most of the east african sikhs and east african desis I have come across are messed up in their mentality and behaviour in one way or another! You can't deny that tarkhans that come from villages in India probably behave similar to jatts in some ways, due to living closely to them in the pends. People from pend will behave like people from pend, while urban sikhs will behave differently. at the moment, the issues are not confined to any caste. tarkhan, jatt, khatri, brahmin, even some afghan sikhs are all having issues, girls from all the backgrounds are posting nangi pics online and getting into drinking. shisha/hookah bars are frequented by different backgrounds, removing kesh is performed by all bacgkround except maybe the afghan sikhs. it's not caste based issues now, it's more psychological and social issues, pehd chaal sheeple mentality by ALL CASTES! there are so many intercaste marriages now that behaviours have become blurred. Truthfully, the problems are with east african desis including east african punjabis and east african sikhs, east african tarkhans/jatts/khatris etc. The only reason east african tarkhans are mentioned because they are in the majority, and they do affect the behaviour of any indian tarkhan relatives they have. I could write up about all the negative experiences I have had from different east africa sikhs I have known or still know, just can't be bothered. Most were tarkhans, but a few were jatts and one is khatri. To summarise, some being perverts including uncles going to stripclubs, casual attitudes towards women from quite a few amritdharis, amritdharis giving up their identities to get or married with a guy/girl, one of the mona pervs is a borderline peado who makes fake online profiles to chat up guys and his cousin is a druggie, the druggie also told me why some tarkhans hid their surnames at Guru Nanak School, some Singhs and families seeming to be brainwashed by nishkam sewak jatha teachings, oh and a naamdhari girl who posts pics online with her naamdhari dad and naamdhari bros but also dresses nanghi, gets upset about the jatt word and has recently posted pics of getting engaged to a mona! ... And a gujurati who. is actually a handsome guy and could very easily be mistaken for a punjabi(from Ugandan migrant parents) who I met as he was teaching a course at a College, he is twice divorced and just posts pornographic content into any whatsapp group he is added to so had to let him go after that! I mean, yes these things happen in every background, but most of the kenya sikhs/desis I come across are messed up in one way or another, I always somehow attract them and some of them want to hang out with me and go places. I have cut off contact with most of them. One of the positives with kenya tarkhans is they don't try and force the alcohol as many jatts and even punjabi brahmins try and do. Punjabi brahmins, now that's another discussion to be had as well! And your statement about takhanani, to be honest I have always found tarkhanis to be easier to chat to than jattis, I think maybe some jattis are known to be stuck up? I had a few tarkhan female friends but I am not in contact with them anymore. To be honest, I don't talk to many punjabi girls anymore and my experiences were from the 2000s and start of 2010s, so maybe some attitudes have changed to do more intercaste marriages.
  15. One of the positive things about Trumpp's translations, was that he didn't try to distort the various shabads used by Guru ji into meaning the abrahamic/christian God. that is one of the negative things about later translations including Mcauliffe. However Trumpp was poor at maryada, lighting up a cigarette/cigar during a conference in presence of Guru Granth Sahib Maharaj
  16. lol bro I have missed so many days since being busy on my machine learning course while working full time ?
  17. I think it was the east african tarkhans who started this parchar against jatts in the uk. I reckon most indian tarkhans are close to jatts culturally and socially, but some indian background tarkhans started behaving like their east African relatives. When the east african desis including many east african sikhs and punjabis came to uk, they gained such bad reputations amongst the still traditional sikh immigrants from india, because the east africa sikh women were known to have haircuts and also drinking, which clashed with the traditional punjabis. Now obviously things have changed for the worse for the former traditional families now as well! However, one of the worst thing is that east african sikhs compromised on maryada to please their british masters. I say sikhs insteads of tarkhans, because non-tarkhans also went to east africa and similarly compromised their values. I say this, because I know that some kenya sikh families are known to give pahul to their children at 6 years old, which is related to how traditional Singhs such as Nihangs Akalis also give bhujangis pahul at a young and similar age. They were probably descended from Nihang Singh ancestors, I wonder what the ancestors would say on compromising their maryada in the way I am writing the next paragraph?! I understand the british required sikhs to tie up their beards and wear standardised turban styles in the army, maybe this was required for the east Africa train workers as well? However, I can see (and even amongst current indian army sikhs) that the beards are kept tied up with fixo/simco even after work hours, and they have passed the anti-rehit practises down to their descendants as well, with some descendants getting fed up of the fixo routine and just trimming the darhi, actually in 2000s the tramline style was popular. But the worst breach of maryada is wearing a starch pagh which can be taken off and put back on like a topi, how can rehit be so compromised for work, and then they continued doing this outside of work and passed this to descendants, whilst being Amrit-dhari Singhs as well? I knew some kenya tarkhan background Singhs at uni, their parents gave them pahul at 6 years old, and didn't even teach their children how to read gurmukhi, the Singh was reading bani in English, like <banned word filter activated>??? Anyway, I am sure even if they were more non-tarkhans including more jatts immigrating to work for the goray in east africa, I am sure even they would also have compromised their values and sikhi, as can be seen happening in the pends now. However the hypocrisy pakhand shown by east africa/kenya tarkhans in the uk is unbelievable. As you mentioned, they want to be associated with Ramgharia misl even if many of them have no affiliation to the misl, to be honest the misl wasn't related to one caste or tribe, just that the last leaders were from tarkhan backgrounds. Many of them say they don't follow caste, yet still use their surnames and practise casteism using insults against jatts including on forums such as sikhsangat, yet it is the jatt people they solely blame for being casteist, but can't see their own casteism; but ALSO they have their own RAMGHARIA gurdwaras while saying they do not believe in caste! And to be on ramgharia gurdwara committee you have to be from tarkhan background, and nothing to do with ramgharia misl !!! Sooo. after all that and my experiences with them it is hard for me to respect most east african sikhs, and that includes the non tarkhan ones as I have come across some, including actually a few Kenya jatt families/sikhs I have come across as well.
  18. So hearsay is a punjabi word as well, who knew. there are so many words which have culturally crossed across the globe!
  19. yeh just saw he says sikhra near the end of the video, I don't think he meant it in any disrespectful way and was being really respectful. But it does alert to the normalised use of sikhra amongst pakistanis, obviously the hate must be strong if it is normal vocabulary. I am sure I have heard Guru ji use sikhra in gurbani as well though, so the origin may not be bad
  20. I heard from katha that kurri actually comes from the word koora, ie that it is a derogatory word for women. I wonder how much punjabi has changed with neo-gurmukhi introducing pehr bindi letters using z, p and sh
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