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  1. Why am I getting moderated for a comment? I am done with this website.
  2. I stopped cutting a couple of months ago. My hair is about shoulder height now. I have thick hair, growing at medium-fast pace. I am young guy. My question is how long do you think it will take for my hair to reach it's final length? I looked up some info online, there's not much surprisingly, some say a 3-5 years some say more like 7+ years.. Thanks
  3. bro what helps me is this. When I get an urge, I feel the energy, I don't get scared, I keep calm, and I say(think) to myself this is the energy I am retaining. This energy is powerful. If you don't bust, this energy is retained within you. Your aura grows, which people can sense, and day by day you get more and more powerful. I flex my muscles, pull the energy in. This has worked for me.
  4. Lol. How pathetic todays world is. A man in his complete form is seen as uncool, and these female looking boys are seen as cool. That's how powerful this media is for the fools. Reminds me of Micheal Jordan ad in the early 2000's. It was, "I wanna be like Mike", and ppl started getting bald 0 haircut lol.
  5. it's so easy to get ahead in today's world (materially). People always talking about how there's high competition all that, it's super easy to get ahead. Porn, Masturbation, alcohol, weed, casual sex, video games, junk foods, and just people not using their brains fully (they know what they should do but still make dumb choices etc). As a man if you avoid all this, retain your seed, and use this brain that's been given to us, this life is super easy. Sit back plan out and move forward. Watch all these fools drown. Don't bother helping them, they won't listen. Only when you become the light, those who want help will come to you, and those people you help and guide.
  6. ^low key joking low key serious. But even from India, you can't tell what they been up to in the past. Best thing you can do is get yourself in a good place, finish your education, be at a nice respectable job. If you are out of shape, get into shape, if you skinny put some muscles on. Do your work first, become the man that the girl you want is looking for. Be honest with yourself, if you aren't there yet, work on yourself, your mindset, your insecurities, anything negative about you, etc. When you are ready, you will find your girl. Peace.
  7. import one from India. Hopefully you have a good job, so she can just do house work. She will be happy you will be happy. Cheers.
  8. no you aren't insecure, one needs to look good and feel comfortable at the same time. idk what to tell you tho, I am a guy and I am not really religious at all. I wear a small keski, not covering the ears (so ears don't hurt and I can put in glasses) and on top I tie a black dastaar (2m), in the same way you wear a keski/parna. I always sit down in Chokri and freestyle it, larr by larr, without looking in the mirror. My style is like those smaller UK style paggs but better. Sometimes Its a bit gol sometimes it has that A shape giving it the crown look. That's what works for me. I started keeping hair and wearing dastaar only a couple months ago. Just keep trying, try to find new clothes, maybe look around the house. Don't get frustrated, hopefully you will find your style.
  9. Not really bro, I didn't think too much, it's just a feeling, but I can list out some main points. I heard that as KalYug progresses it supposes to get darker and darker ( worse and worse), but I feel we have passed the worst times already. Like Mughal raj, where there was no value on human life, people would be picked up on a whim and fed to dogs and hounds of the royal. And slavery for example, all around the world for 100's of years. I feel like we are in the upward cycle now, things are getting better. I mean compare today to back then, what can be worse than that? Those were the darkest times. And that's when the Guru's came. I also heard that in Dawapur Yug, energy is supreme. In Kal Yug gross and matter is how the world works. Today everything is done by energy (electricity). And so I would believe that late 1800 is when Dwapur started.. Also aren't people becoming more conscious nowadays? Idk, I am not 100% on my beliefs, they are flexible. But to believe that times are getting worse and worse and will continue to for 100,000s of years is such a limiting thought.
  10. I had thought that we were still in Kal Yug, but now I personally believe that we have well passed Kal Yug and are infact in Dwapaur Yug, for various reasons. I want to ask if Sikhi says anything on when Kal Yug will end, or if Sikhi is somehow against the fact that we are in Dwapaur Yug now.
  11. Really? I am not so sure. I live in USA, so tell me would I have to wear a hard cap or what?
  12. well somebody gotta take over punjab, since we are all leaving it.
  13. are you going to ask about wearing hard cap on the work site?
  14. well said. I am not sure what you are asking veer ji. But stay strong. Don't fall down.
  15. veer ji. Guru Nanak Dev ji is talking about SachKhand Realm here, not our realm.
  16. Dhan Guru Nanak Teri Waddi Kamai. btw, just ignore users like these. They just want attention, and on the inside they know are missing something and are insecure.
  17. this side of Islam is very beautiful. It's different from mainstream Islam right? Can someone explain.
  18. you are all fools, hating on Yogi Bhajan for no reason and grouping him in the same category as other "gurus" like bikram, etc. He saved hundreds if not thousands from going down the wrong path, using drugs to "get spiritual" etc and showed them a better path. Did any of you even watch the video I sent? Those two are directly his students. He connected hundreds of souls to Gurbani, and you all are doing ninda on him? Have you ever read Sukhmani Sahib? How can you call them fake? Are you on their level, first of all? And No ONE in their group said Kundalini Yoga is NECESSARY for gurbani. All they said is it's helpful, like exercise is, clean diet is ,etc. Waheguru.
  19. tell her to wake up 90 mins before sunrise. Go walk outside. Come back (body little heated) and take cold shower. Depression gone. Welcome.
  20. only fools that pretend they are spiritual smoke weed. All it does it numbs your senses, over time your nerves becomes loose, they loose their firmness, they loose their speed, they loose their "life". Then you become lazy, you procrastinate, you get nothing done, some even start giving themselves false delusions, like I will do this or do that, and they believe that. For example: Two of my classmates from high school smoke weed, they are so delusional. One wants to be a neurosurgeon, and go study in Netherlands, but all he does is watch porn, smoke weed, play games, watch anime. He goes to community college but ain't getting anything done there. Plus he's here (USA) on visa, living under single mom. It's been 3 years since high school graduation ain't getting anything done. Similar story with the other one. Other "friends" as well. My neighbors as well. Just look around bro.
  21. At first I thought, victims were actual Sikhs wearing dastaar and beard, so maybe that's why they said "Sikh". To be fair, saying that "sikh men stabbed" isn't so bad. But that one article saying, "clash between sikh groups" is soo wrong.
  22. kidsama


    well I wouldn't know. Nor am I amritdhari nor am I married. But I would expect that love and lust are two different things even when it comes to physical human relationship. Right? Or maybe both persons in relationship have to be at a high level to differentiate between lust and love and act accordingly.? and if we are on this topic, is it not lust to use a natural mechanism, that is meant for procreation, to get the pleasure, and at the end simply pull out (sorry for being explicit). Is there a difference between making love and fu**ing?
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