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  1. Haha sant jee did it without going into any samadhi Guru ke premi singh do not get entangled in worldy miracles and shows of maya
  2. any updates on dasam bani katha by brahm gianni sant gurbachan singh jee bhindranwale
  3. I can't even fathom such a habit or shaunk having pearls crushed into your drink, like why would you do that? don't know whether to laugh or pity
  4. they never used to ridh sidh however simply akaal purakh did not let any hot wind even touch guru sahib ; and witchcraft and ridhiya sidhiya against them fell apart lol
  5. yeah about naunihal singh being called chuhr singh by his mother, it might be out of adoration lol that some scholar misinterpret as contempt dug up some history, and maharaja ranjit singh's nanaji's nanaji was apparently named chuhr singh he was a bhullar jat of mandi, who married off his daughter agan to sardar sukh chain (son of tilokha, grandson of chaudry phul, therefore a cousin of baba ala singh phulkian) that couple had three sons, all which had their geneologies and sardaris, of which raja gajpat singh became ruler of jind and married off his daughter raaj kaur to sard
  6. as far as this neech can understand waheguru is the name of kartar/akaal purakh/paarbrahm by which we do remembrance/naam jaap all rest are descriptive generic terms, that folks adhering to other theologies use for their own devi devte like gopal means lord of the universe, raam means all pervading, hari is the sustainer (one who brings hariali aka life/greenery), kartar is creater, thakur is master, and other terms like sada siv, mahakaal are also used etc. now hindus of different shaiv, vaishnav, brahman matts etc. believe krishna to be gopal, raam chandra ji to be ra
  7. that one is recent, 19th century giani gian singh wanted to elaborate further on the legitimacy of guru granth sahib jee maharaj being bestowed the gurgaddi and completely disavow all dehdhari shenanigans, so he changed the guru khalsa part as well
  8. 100% war often simply has employed soldiers on both ends that do not know each other but the masands were under jurisdiction of guru ka darbar if the masands had really been raping women, then I have not any doubt that guru sahib couldnt order a rightful end to their journey as a mortal
  9. i think that is bhai nand lal ji's rehitnama that says sikhs did japji and jaap before eating and drinking in morning and yeah please do give keemtee vichar soon
  10. supposedly, we get breaks during which we can use for things you mentioned and we have time at home as well, why allocate the time we have school to things we can best do in private
  11. Everyones moral compass is different, and everyones moral priorities are different. Kindness, forgiveness, and all that is good but the eradication of discrimination and tyranny would be more important (although one can argue the former qualities are integral to achieving these, but more people would agree that killing someone is far bigger moral issue than having to greet your neighbor everyday) These things are up to the individual, you get what I mean
  12. But schools cannot administrate any of that unless you want to send your kids to a certain school It begins in the family Do what you want with your kids regarding their education (home school, sikh institution, etc.) But dont expect the public education system to implement a curriculum to accommodate any specific community, you get what I mean?
  13. Isnt that one super controversial There are folks who says it's an product of 19th century literature
  14. Any vichaar on authenticity of rehitnamay? From my personal point of view, I accept bhai nand lal jis rehitnama to be of greatest authenticity, and perhaps bhai daya singh rehitnama following but I am not sure of any rehitnama other than bhai nand lal ji Any thoughts on rehitname by bhai desa singh, bhai chaupa singh, bhai sahib singh, bhai prahlad singh? Any others I am missing?
  15. perhaps but dal panth is in disarray right now
  16. yeeah and baba mohan is more infamous for the "baba mohan valian pothian" (sometimes called goindvaal wali pothi") sakhi where he refused to give up the historic pothi during sewa of adi granth prakash was going on under agvaahi of guru arjan dev sahib paatshah
  17. honestly I sympathize with some of the regulators in that any domestic terrorist can simply grow a beard and tie a turban they should also require people claiming to be amritdhari to read panj bania or something like that if the sikh is strict about kirpan rehit, should be strict on nitnem as well so it makes sense lol
  18. its literally operated by 3ho lol I use it sometimes, but as a very last resort and not as much over past two-three years
  19. never heard of guru sahib being stuck composing sukhmani sahib, that is pure garbage of a thought as if they just sat down to write stuff according to what they wanted, dhur ki bani comes from paarbrahm kartar nobody said japji sahib is rough, its just different in terms of metre according to some folks that thing you said about mool mantar being exposition of ik oankaar, and japji sahib of mool mantar, etc., that same thing was preached by bhajan yogi (I agree with him even if I am not a fan of his character) its not just sikhiwiki, that was just an example and I have heard b
  20. It was guru hargobind sahib ji who gave bhai gurditta ji I think I'm pretty sure baba Sri chand did not continue relations with 2nd or 3rd paatshahis unless I'm mistaken
  21. Yeah I'm saying that was when I was young I think baba ji reconciled with rest of panth during gurgaddi of guru raam das ji maharaj when he realized why These four were inheritors of gurgaddi as he witnessed guru raam das jis humility He was given 700 rupees as bhentaa by guru sahib when he got to amritsar (I think it was amritsar guru ki nagari) and they had a discourse Baba ji knew guru raam das ji possessed immense brahm gian but wanted to test them, so he asked why he kept such a long beard to which guru sahib replied to dust off babaji feet and as he was about to re
  22. Any reference to it being referred to as mahalia 1 veerji? I recently took a look at sikhiwiki page on guru angads bani and angel 8, salok japuji is vrajimaan Although I see some incoherence as some versions of sakhi state bhai Jodha recited asa di vaar and japji every morning when bhai lehna (guru angad) heard him and began yearning for shabad and guru But lots of people agree that guru angad/bhai lehna in his 6 or 7 years of sewa at kartarpur, was entrusted with duty of complaining a morning bani and he took his time taking authentic dhur ki bani Some say this is why
  23. My nanimaa told me about this saki when I was young So I guess mainstream sikhs believe in it (although mainstream sikhs belie bc e in a lot of stuff lol) Personally, I am a bit apprehensive of the sikhi, even if it were true it doesnt pose much importance to gurmat or sikhi in general in my neech opinion
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