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  1. This guy needs his skin ripped off. Dirty Gangus never quit.
  2. That is Sant Ji’s opinion. My opinion is: Being a Sikh is a multifaceted pursuit. This process lasts not just this lifetime, but beyond it. Kesh is a small part of it. Not everybody is perfect, but we strive to be better everyday. Ridiculing, passing judgment and looking down on your own people is not the right approach. So many divisions exist, and then we will end up seeing a whole new Jatha showing up (maybe there already is one). Monehs will eventually start their Moneh Gurughars and further twist Sikhi. I know we nowhere close to this currently, but this hypothetical situation does not seem so far fetched. There are plenty of power hungry ‘reformists’ out there. We will push many people away to other religions as well.
  3. Veerji, I just wanted to say that being Keshdhari or Mona, or even obedience of the panj kakkars should not be a definite measure of someones’s character who wants to do their part for the Panth. You had said mone Singhs should not be taken seriously in this regard. Bhul chuk maaf ?
  4. 100% agree with you veerji
  5. @californiasardar1 I personally have seen/know many Keshdharis who do all puthe kaam, and honestly should not even be considered a part of the Panth. Being Mona doesn’t mean a Sikh has given up on all the values. Do you see how divided we are already? What is the point of even making such comments. It will literally make people turn away. Someone might come on here to reconnect with Sikhi- and all this will do is turn them away again. Bhul Chuk Maaf Karyo?
  6. Thank you for posting. This is really a blessing for someone like me who has had a hard time reading and understanding in the past due to language skills. Realistically it’s hard to keep track if you’re struggling with basics of interpretation. ?
  7. Gujju Hindu Fauj on social media is claiming Rihanna was paid $2.5 mil to post one tweet. ? Mirchan lagi paee aan en Modi bootlickers nu. ROFL
  8. I don’t see a problem with it. The only thing is it shouldn’t ruin the whole movement that the farmers have worked so hard for. The guy who led the charge is actor Deep Sidhu (lead actor from Jora). All the YouTube comments are calling him an agent. I don’t know much else about the guy.
  9. Kendo seems less practical in all honesty. It might help with better reaction times, but gatka is more athletic and perhaps a better workout as well.
  10. Reported the account. What is wrong with these Hindus? Twisted mentality.?
  11. I had darshan of my grandfather and 3 other Singhs. My grandfather was not a Shaheed and died of natural causes- but served with other Shaheeds during WW2. They were sitting on a table and eating food together in green uniforms. They were all young and were smiling.
  12. Can it be separated? Yes it can. Should it be separated? I don’t think so. Are there any benefits of this?
  13. ? thank you for this. Amazing message for the new year! May Maharaj keep u in Chardi Kala as well brother!
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