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  1. You have the wrong concept of religion. God is your conscience that tells you right from wrong. However if you harm others then their pain will become part of your karma and you may suffer. Hence why you must seek to reconcile the harm you may have caused by prayer, meditation, seva etc.
  2. You might be right. Notice in his acceptance address outside No 10 he has a droning voice whilst looking robotic, which seems to suggest he is being mind controlled. Literally being used like a puppet. This can be done using AI tech.
  3. What makes you think he is RSS? He's definitely WEF though. A big difference I think. Helps to quote facts and sources.
  4. Time travel? Advanced spiritual beings can traverse the universe across timeliness. Watch the interview with Andew Basagio who claimed to have time travelled into the future and past. History can be changed by going to the past too. I was recently shown the dark souls of people I knew in the past and got to understand them. All through my subconscious. But of course this can't be proven.
  5. What's the benefit in celebrating anything? Why do people celebrate their birthdays? To feel good, socialise, feel close to people? To show you care?
  6. This may be helpful: Ram is your soul Sita is your heart Ravan is your mind that steals your heart from your soul Lakshman is your consciousness, always with you and act on your behalf Hanuman is your intuition and courage that helps retrieve your heart to re-animate your soul That's Ramanaya That is why Ram is always with you as you are living with Ramayana with all these as states of your being...super read between lines and deep meaning. This is from Guarav Pradhan's Telegram page.
  7. Perceptions are not made using mathematics. They are created using various factors such as Population - the number of Gujaratis from Africa were huge compared to other Indians.
  8. I am talking from personal experience. The Punjabis were working in factories mostly. Mostly from villages. Opening a shop is seen as marginally better. Plus being peaceful they made a positive impact on the perception of Indians generally. Gujjus were also better qualified and hence became accountants too. The fact that they came with nothing is not because they had nothing as most had huge assets in Africa which they were forced to leave behind. The fact is that the Kenyian economy virtually collapsed and they invited the Indians to return with a promise if their assets back. If they were forced into detention camps it was not their fault.
  9. The whole thing was orchestrated using Leicestershire police to back the rioters. This was instigated due to the current actions against PFI and WAFQ that finance their Ghazwe e Hind ideology. The reality is that India is on the rise and is receiving huge investments from the international community when both US and Europe is sinking. This can't be ignored when evaluating the impact on the UK economy of such riots. Also a few articles published showing the complicity of Leics. Police that sparked the riots based on false propaganda was more than enough for everyone to back down. It's nothing to do with Gujjus as such except they were observed to be excellent entrepreneurs by the British as well as being peaceful hence transported in large numbers to Africa from where the majority come from after being expelled. It is they that uplifted the image of Indians in the UK, who were mainly from the Punjab and overwhelmingly working class as they started businesses from next to nothing. Nothing to do with majority minority.
  10. The post asks Sikh Teams to meet up. This suggests they're already involved and are part of the Muslim Team. It would be interesting to find out who they are in the first place. The whole thing may be orchestrated to cause mayhem in the light of current events that are exposing the excesses of WAQF transfer of assets using dodgy means. They are said to currently own 70% of Indian land. The Indian govt is onto them and their Ghazwa e Hind ideology that includes the Communal Violence Bill tactics to confiscate assets based on a mere accusation of wrongdoing by any majority community member. https://t.me/DGPIndia/18467 Post by Guarav Pradhan: ना जाने WAQF के लपेटे में और कौन कौन आते हैं। Govt could have acted against WAQF quietly but then how will ordinary people would have known the Notorious design of ghazwa e hind of WAQF, How would people know that 123 prime properties in Delhi was gifted by Congress just before 2014 election to WAQF.
  11. I saw a notice calling on Sikhs and Muslims to join the demo. However my other sources state it is a govt sponsored pogrom to cause division. The fact that Police failed to arrest the perpetrators suggests they are complicit. Moreover they protected the criminals by blocking others to carry out a Citizens Arrest, a common law remedy. Here is a tweet that includes the call on Sikhs and Muslims.
  12. Hello Guptang I’m sorry to read your post as you seem unnecessarily despondant. You clearly have a very high IQ and are well educated. So what is the problem? You expect a just God to give you results that you think are fair. And herein lies the problem. You have no right to expect anything from anyone. Each of us come here with our Karmic baggage and we are expected to make the most of it. If there is injustice then we are duty bound to try and correct the problem within our capacity. For example, we may join a political organisation in the hope of bringing a better future. But you are speaking of your colleagues acting unwisely and still getting better results. How strange. God does not work in the way that you think. The world is run on our thoughts, actions, dreams and emotions. So your classmates may be playing the fool, but they are clearly getting good results because of their high IQ or because they are putting in the work required, or both? Why are you judging them? If you think they do not deserve their success, then you should focus on why you are not getting similar grades and put in the hard work. If they didn’t deserve it, then they wouldn’t get it, surely? If there is foul play going on (cheating) then you can take some action, otherwise there is not much you can do. You must focus on your own life and your own goals. What are these? In life you must lead the life that you are meant to be doing. What I mean is that if you are really incapable of achieving what others are achieving then you must choose a different field of study. Are you studying medicine when you should be studying some other subject? You should work according to your capacity based on the body God gave you, the brain He gave you and the family you have. However, from your post you clearly have a good brain. But your attitude may be lacking. Perhaps you do not have enough fun in your life and are too serious. Do you find time to relax, enjoy yourself? Do you take good exercise, spend time with friends. This is what gives us emotional satisfaction, not just achieving good grades. As for ending it all, I think you must be depressed. But this depression seems to be because of your false belief in a God that is not doing your bidding. It could be simply a case of the green eyed monster showing its evil ie. Jealousy. But seriously, if you are serious about ending it all, you need professional help. This is not the age to be contemplating such things. You seem too young and haven’t even started out in life. Do you not have dreams of a bright future for yourself? If you are not inclined to see a doctor, then I suggest you take a holiday/break and find time to relax and enjoy yourself. That is also a part of life. Good luck.
  13. Indians are being randomly attacked in the West. It may be part of the Nazi Propaganda to frighten foreigners and stop them coming over or to force them to leave. Watch this video:
  14. The democratic system itself is flawed. There is no real democracy if candidates are predetermined by those in power. Look how many MP's are members of WEF that is controlling world econimies based on the interests of a few oligarchs. This has to change to allow grassroots candidates to flourish. It's starting to happen in India as so far it has been in the hands of corrupt leaders next on holding India back. The Dharmic system can help in the cleanup of politics and the economic environment.
  15. You are living in a fool's paradise. The world is moving towards bigger countries as small countries can't defend themselves. Watch how Pakistan is being dismantled brick by brick due to their economic failures. A la Sri Lanka, Bangladesh. All because they got into bed with China.
  16. Here's an interesting discussion on how the British set out to hijack Sikhs in order to promote themselves, by recruiting Sikhs to their cause. They also discuss how the teachings of the Vedas and Adi Shankacharya have a direct correlation to Sikh teachings. All discussions on the modern Sikh 'religion' are recent attempts to Abrahamise Sikhs to take them from their roots.
  17. Yes as gold has many health benefits and the earlobes have alot of reflexology points connecting to the brain. Look it up. As Britain stole most of our gold, wearing fake jewellery didn't have the same appeal.
  18. True. But HAARP is a way to use technology to create such disasters. Karmic payback by USA for allowing India back in? Geoengineering, also known as weather modification has been going on for decades.
  19. Well my sources tell a different story. But to follow on from your comment, the Centre just issued 111 emergency visas to Afghan Sikhs and Hindus. In the light of the huge demonstrations in Delhi against CAA/NRC, do you believe this was the right decision? No doubt you are aware that Hindus (which includes other Dharmic religions) are not protected by the UN Human Rights Council. The Centre has pointed out their Hinduphobic stance several times with the intent of changing this. What's your response on this in your accusation of Racism? Rhetorical.
  20. Rape victim ordered to pay abuser child support. https://www.wbrz.com/news/investigative-unit-rape-victim-ordered-to-pay-her-abuser-child-support/
  21. True. I read that trees communicate with each other and provide resources if one of them is dying. The beauty of nature. There was also an experiment on using emotions to see the impact on food. The pot which was spoken to lovingly didn't rot as quickly as that abused and sworn at.
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