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  1. The worst thing is that theres so much backstabbing and "too too mein mein" going on in the Panth at this point in time that the influential Sikhs will fail to notice and even take this situation seriously.
  2. With all due respect I don't think you need to facebook group to legitimise or confirm a public vigil. I think it's an important idea and regardless of who confrims or cancels I personally see no harm in all being there on Saturday 6pm. Even if it's just for a short period of time.
  3. The brave death of Bhai Sukhwinder Singh is an inspiration for us bickering Sikhs. So many of us are so into our Jathas, our Groups, our version of history and our version of maryada. We spend hours proving each other wrong and justifying our Sikh superiority over others, justifying our own jeevans. However, picture this. A women being mugged by 2 big black men, a woman being punched in the face by the aggressive mugger and then a lone Singh of Guru Gobind Singh Ji giving chase to these muggers risking more than just his live, but risking the life-line of his wife, son, mother and father all
  4. To the Management of The Sikh Channel, Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Many thanks for responding and also the detailed PM you sent me. With Guru Ji's kripa the management are doing a great sewa and the TV channel is having a massive impact in our household, there's no questioning that. Now, with this great bakshish comes a massive element of responsiblity, which I know you are fully aware of. The Sikh Channel is a massive platform for Sikhs and a medium which is sill very new to us. Potential audience ratings are large and messages can be spread quicker and with more personal
  5. OK. I am glad a discussion has been started on this point and it is evident that there are naamdharis on this thread too. The katha of the Naamdhari was tactfully OK, he talked about the right things and made no reference to his own living Guru. He obviously had full awarness of who is audience was and made sure they heard what they wanted to hear. No great surprises there as most of our Granthis use the same tactic anyway! From a panthic stand, Sri Akal Takht Sahib has given clear instructions in the form of a familiar Hukumnama (which I believe in the Rehat/Maryada section of this website)
  6. Brothers are brothers! No matter how bad it gets, the good one always does his best for the bad one. I saw this happen with my dad and my chacha too who was a bad alcoholic. He eventually died from an inflamed liver due to the years of alcohol abuse but the descent brothers did everythign they could to help him. Keep doing ardas for your dad and your chacha.
  7. Abortion may feel like an option now but you will regret it in years to come. What's happened has happened. Do the right thing, get married and bring your child up. It's now your responsiblity.
  8. Yes, it should!. The problem is most of us want to run our own high profile organisations, jathebhandis, panthic groups, samagams, schools, achedamies and divert the sangats finances, time, sewa and commitments on to that instead of going back to basics and just feeding the real needy people. All it takes is for some gursikhs to set an example and others will follow. Some Gurdwaras do do this by providing langar to homeless shelters or allowing anyone to enter the Gurdwara regardless of their state. Ask at your all local Gurdwaras or hang around with the right sewadars at the Gurdwaras (not t
  9. Wasn't it a photo? Doesn't he wear a dastar? There are mixed pictures of him in the media. Notice how the BBC homed in on a old picture of him with a turban and full beard.
  10. The newly found "Bhai Nand Lal was a mona" conspiricacy theory keeps coming up as does the Sukha Jinda mona example. The pictures we see of Sukha and Jinda were in Kes and according to what I have heard the were hung wearing their banas. Were the dastars and dara's fake then? At the end of the day scholars like Nidar Singh or Amardeep Madra can only make assuptions based on their research and intellect. It's just another opinion. We all start off as monay, but eventually in order to progress our Sikhi we know we need to keep our sabat soorat roop. That doesn't mean we only focus on our mona
  11. Sarbloh

    Stupid Camp

    Theres something very uncomfortable about this. What is so funny about some people mocking the Dhadis of Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib. If this was done in a Bollywood movie Kirpans would have come out by now. Leave the silly boliyan to the likes of Ramta, Sukhwinder Singh, you don't need to do stupid things like this.
  12. So the legend of Sant Baba Mani Singh was true. This is just so overwhelming. I grew up hearing the story that great mahapurash was born and living in Birmingham. Now all the bits fit into place and everything makes sense. Many of my relatives were privalged to have the darshan of the older form of Sant Baba Mani Singh back in the 1950s/60s in Africa, they always told me that Sant Ji was a tyar bar tyar GurSikh from the time of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj and Sant ji often told them about his recollections from Maharaj's army. Back in the 80's the story that Sant ji had been born again in
  13. The hundreds of brave Sikh kids who make their stand by attending schools proudly showing their Kes even though they get taunted, mocked and marginalised don't look at getting high profile publicity. It takes the publicity hungry ones to get in the media, be it MPs or organisation or individuals. All people want out of this story is a great big pat on the back. It will be interesting to see if the publicity hungry Sikh organisations who pushed this story forward will continue make any attempt to guide the girl in her Sikh jeevan. If their support stops at the kara then they might as well hav
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