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  1. Doctor, 30, tells court ‘I’m not a monster' as he denies repeatedly groping woman's breasts at busy hospital A&E Dr Kabir Sandhu allegedly assaulted woman in the A&E department of St Mary’s Today he told the jury the allegations are 'rubbish' and he 'is not a monster' Dr Sandhu denies six counts of sexual assault on a female as the trial continues https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9505549/Doctor-30-tells-court-Im-not-monster-denies-repeatedly-groping-womans-breasts.html
  2. today i got into a huge arguement with my parents n i ended up losing my anger and punched my mom few times i ended up bruising her arm. if i apologize and she forgives me will i be in trouble from Waheguru?
  3. Vaheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa Vaheguroo Jee Kee Fateh Jee ? As a family we're fairly new to Sikhi and only started to connect to it more since going to a divaan with my Masee Jee in Canada last time we visited. The Bhai doing katha was really knowledgable and spoke in English. My husband was sent a link yesterday to a youtube video about sexual abuse "committed" by this Bhai Jee. My son has even started reading his Jap Jee Sahib da Paht and tying a Domala because of it. Ive been reading more on Sikh Sangat since working from home as it has helped me learn a lot since coming into Sikhi. I thought maybe somebody on here could provide me with some clarification regarding this Bhai or abusers within the community in general. I have not named the Bhai because I tried to post on here a few hours ago with the link to the video but it was not published Im not naive to the fact that sexual abuse exists everywhere, but I am quite shocked that there is talk of it regarding people who are from the West and seem so connected to Sikhi. Mostly, I am concerned because my son wants to meet this Bhai on his next visit to the states
  4. Remember watching this on ptc
  5. 47 mins of abusive comments read out by a woman who took her scarf off. very intolerant people.
  6. Catholic church in the news again https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6546193/amp/AP-finds-long-history-nuns-abused-priests-India.html
  7. Here's the full video. I strongly recommend that all sangat in the UK watch this, especially the bibian and those of our brothers and sisters who lead quite sheltered lives, even if the content may be somewhat disturbing. Arm yourselves with knowledge about this insidious problem around us.
  8. My husband is Amritdhaari Sikh and he is divorcing me after domestic violence and abuse .i still believed that my husband loved me I can't let go of the feeling of love towards him My husband is Amritdhaari Sikh and he is divorcing me after domestic violence and abuse and making false criminal charges on me just after 6 months of our marriage.. I was married here and came from India and was confined at home for 6 months..there were many daily instances of differential treatment with me and of abuse with me daily..i still believed that my husband loved me but after he put me through the most horrible situation, i still can't let go fo the feeling fo love towards him..everyone is saying I am saved by Waheguru but why do i still want to be with..i still want to talk to him once..i was thrown out of their house in a demeaning way and still i have feelings for him..why? What should i do...he has applied for divorce too and i dont want to divorce him..i love him truly and i have no one to go back to..my parents are not alive..am homeless in a foreign country..why did he do this to me after all this sikhi talk at his home and i was to take Amrit with him on this Baisakhi..why is this happening?
  9. Hello and sat sri akal please help me understand what's the norm in Sikh families. My father is the most irresponsible person I know. He's never contributed our little family as we (me and my brother) were growing up. I was 'forced' to be a good student. And we aren't talking 'normal' parental pressure. I remember being beaten up by my father when I was 7 or 8 coz I didn't come 'first' in a school exam. This was in India. I remember my mother screaming and yelling at him & wishing she never gave birth to me as she constantly witnessed my father beating me up. I still (at the age of 25) have scars on my knees from when he pushed me on the floor. He's not physically abusive now. I have faced gender discrimination at every step in my family. My father assisted my brother to cheat in high school exams (Punjab school education board- anything's possible). On the other hand, I was put in a more rigorous school board and expected to excel. I did but became severely depressed (and suicidal) by the time school ended. My mother realized I needed medical help. My father opposed it as he didn't want his daughter to be declared "paagal". After all, every psychiatric patient is "paagal" regardless of their diagnosis. My mother was continuously taunted & verbally abused by my father while she took me to the doctors. After a few years, we moved to US to pursue the American dream. My father wanted me to become a doctor but when he realized we couldn't afford my education, he backed off. I went to a community college and completed a small degree with my own money (working part time). All this time, I saw my father contributing next to nothing as usual. My mother is a very calm person & when I ask her how she can bear his abuse for this long- she replies that atleast she has a husband to show the 'society'. I recently decided not to take his nonsense anymore and tolerate none of his verbal abuse. He has a short temper and blasts anyone and at any time (without a reason). Due to lack of health insurance, my depression is back. And it's ten fold now. I am unable to work & suicidal. But my father has no effect. When he blasts me, I seriously consider suicide. I have shared this with my mother and she asked me to "just ignore him". But I have learnt in my education that tolerating abuse is a crime too. So why should I? My mother has never stood up against him and she expects me to do the same. I on the other hand, want my father to have a taste of his own medicine. So this evening, I ask you what are your views (especially Sikh views) on my situation? Should I fight against him and not bear what he says? Or should I be quiet, "like a good sikh woman" (according to my mother) and bear his brunt- like I always have. What would you do if your sister was being treated like this in her family?
  10. Guest

    Abuse By Amritdhari Boy

    Hi I'm a young girl and was in a relationship with an amritdhari boy, he used to abuse me (punched, kicked, beaten up) to the point where police and adults got involved. However he never admitted to anything that he had done and got away with it, he now lives the life of a 'perfect' Amrit Dhari boy & walked away like none of this had affected him. What does gurbani say about people who abuse others, will he be punished or has he gotten away with it all?
  11. wjkk, wjkf. my best friend's parents beat her constantly and this has been going on for a while. she is amritdhari but committed a mistake last year and they have been beating her constantly after wards for no reason after it. Even though she has accepted her mistake and become better. Now, she is continually depressed always and suicidal. but they do not care at all. I have had to pull her through so much. They physically and verbally abuse her again and again. She has recently found out she is at risk for cancer and her parents still do not care even though she goes through so much pain. her older and younger brothers verbally abuse her as well. I have no idea what to do. It hurts not knowing what to do. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP? This has been going on for too long. and I can't take it seeing her pain. I love her. She's the sister i never had. This is a urgent benti to sangat. Please. wjkk, wjkf
  12. Boy are these goray stretching these investigations out.... Part of me thinks that all the unnecessary warmongering today is another strategy of theirs to distract people from focusing on this? No wonder so many Sikh girls were getting abused in the UK, the establishment themselves appear to be partial to this type of activity themselves. Child sexual abuse inquiry: Current MPs along with Catholic and Anglican churches to be investigated Children's homes, local councils, church institutions and schools are also being investigated Current MPs and the Catholic and Anglican churches will be investigated over historical child sex abuse claims in England and Wales, it has been announced. Former politicians, spies, councils, schools and youth offender institutions are also being scrutinised by the independent inquiry led by Justice Lowell Goddard. Speaking in central London the judge set out 12 different lines of inquiry that will each hold public hearings with victims, witnesses and experts. Both churches as well as Lambeth, Nottinghamshire and Rochdale councils will be among the first areas of focus. Justice Goddard said: “The investigation will focus on high-profile allegations of child sexual abuse involving current or former members of parliament, senior civil servants, government advisers and members of intelligence and security agencies. It will consider allegations of cover up and conspiracy and review the adequacy of law enforcement responses to these allegations.” The investigation was set up last year following claims of a high-level cover up of abuse and has been beset by delays following the resignations of two previous chairs, Baroness Butler-Sloss and Fiona Woolf. It will be Britain’s largest-ever public inquiry and is expected to take up to five years and cost tens of millions of pounds. Areas of focus include allegations concerning children in the care of Lambeth and Nottinghamshire councils. Another line of inquiry will be on Knowl View boys’ school and Cambridge House children’s hostel, where former Lib Dem MP for Rochdale Cyril Smith is said to have abused children for years, and Rochdale council itself. All three local authorities have been accused of failing to prevent widespread sexual abuse. Details of an internal investigation concerning allegations of assaults carried out by officers within Lambeth council in the 1990s recently revealed there were two sites on council property used to carry out sexual assaults “on many occasions over the years”. Police have also been accused of failing to investigate allegations of abuse at several Nottinghamshire children’s homes. Actress Samantha Morton, who spent much of her childhood in care homes in Nottingham, is one of many who say they were sexually abused by residential care workers. Further concerns in Rochdale were raised in an independent report published last year into the council’s response to issues around child sexual exploitation from 2006-13. It revealed a “shocking” inability to protect seven vulnerable girls from sexual exploitation by a gang of men. The council said: “Since 2012 we have overhauled our children’s services and our work is now nationally-recognised.” Rochdale MP and child abuse campaigner Simon Danczuk said: “As ever, the focus should remain on the victims of these horrendous crimes. No inquiry, regardless of how wide ranging, will ever undo these traumatic experiences. But we can ensure that the truth is discovered and that vulnerable children are protected in the future. “Much has been learned in Rochdale in recent years when it comes to tackling child abuse, but there are still many questions left unanswered. This inquiry will be uncomfortable for our town but a necessary part of the healing process.” The Goddard inquiry will also look at allegations of a cover-up involving the abuse committed by Peter Ball, the former bishop of Lewes and Gloucester, over three decades. The 83-year-old was jailed for more than two years last month for a string of offences against teenagers and young men. Allegations of abuse at the Medomsley Detention Centre in Durham – from more than 1,100 men – as well as the response of abuse allegations by the National Crime Agency will also be investigated. Justice Goddard said she hoped some of the investigations would be concluded within 18 months but others could take several years. She described the original five-year timetable for completion as “ambitious but achievable” and said that regional truth centres for victims would be set up next year. She said: “To run 12 investigations in parallel represents an organisational challenge that is unprecedented in a public inquiry in the United Kingdom. We are determined to succeed and expect full co-operation of all institutions and individuals who can assist us in our work.” The Victims and Survivors Consultative Panel to the Inquiry said: “Too many victims and survivors of child sexual abuse have suffered in silence. These investigations will give public voice to that suffering and bring greater understanding of why so many horrific crimes went unreported and undetected for so long. We encourage anyone who is a victim or survivor of child sexual abuse and who wants to share their experience to contact the inquiry.” The 12 investigations * Children in the Care of Lambeth Council * Children in the Care of Nottinghamshire Councils * Cambridge House, Knowl View and Rochdale Council * Child Sexual Abuse in the Anglican Church * Child Sexual Abuse in the Roman Catholic Church * The Sexual Abuse of Children in Custodial Institutions * Child Sexual Abuse in Residential Schools * The Internet and Child Sexual Abuse * Child Sexual Exploitation by Organised Networks * The Protection of Children Outside the United Kingdom * Accountability and Reparations for Victims and Survivors * Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse linked to Westminster http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/child-sexual-abuse-inquiry-people-of-public-prominence-in-westminster-and-alleged-cover-up-to-be-a6751371.html
  13. White schoolgirl aged 13 'was repeatedly raped and sexually abused as she was passed round gang of 15 Asian men' A naïve and vulnerable schoolgirl was repeatedly raped and sexually abused as she was passed around 15 Asian males while she was just 13, a court has heard. The 'loner' girl - who was aged 13 and 14 at the time - was allegedly attacked in car parks, parks and churchyards around Keighley, West Yorkshire, by 14 defendants, one of whom was 59 at the time. The group of men even designated the girl a 'corner' in a disused police car park where they daubed her name in graffiti and forced her to perform sex acts. During one sustained attack in a separate location, the alleged victim was raped by five men in succession. The court heard that the girl was so traumatised that she 'could not recall what order she was raped in'. Thirteen men and one teenager - who cannot be named for legal reasons - are now standing trial, accused of 28 offences. They all deny the charges. Bradford Crown Court heard how the girl's ordeal began when she started playing truant from school. Aged just 12, she was befriended by local drug dealer Ahmed Al-Arif Choudhury, the court heard. Having become 'unhappy at home' and being 'desperate to fit in', the girl started working for Choudhury, the court was told. A naïve and vulnerable schoolgirl was repeatedly raped and sexually abused as she was passed around 15 Asian men while she was just 13. Two of the men standing trial are Mohamed Akram, 62, (left), who denies a charge of sexual activity with a child, and Faisal Khan, 27 (right), who denies two allegations of rape The jury was told how Choudhury allegedly first raped her when she refused to continue making deliveries for him. At the time, the teenager's mother reported the rape to the police but the girl subsequently retracted her complaint. She did, however, take the morning after pill. The court heard how Choudhary then passed the girl around to other Asian males. The young white British girl - who cannot be named for legal reasons - would be coerced into having sex with the men by violence and threats, the jury was told. The series of alleged raped then took place in the disused underground car park of the former Keighley Police station, a local park, an old churchyard, behind a library and at the back of a leisure centre. Prosecutor Michelle Colborne QC told the jury: 'At times she said "no", at times she struggled and at times she gave in without saying anything at all. But at no time was she consenting.' The court heard how the young girl had been a virgin when she was raped by Choudhury in the overgrown grounds of a churchyard in May 2011. The jury heard Choudhury - who is not on trial - 'scared' the girl and encouraged other males to have 'equally nasty' sex with her. Choudhury would allegedly take her to Bay 5 of the disused underground police station car of New Devonshire House, where there was a sofa. Four males forced her to engage in sex acts with them as Choudhury restrained her on numerous occasions, the court heard. They cruelly began calling it 'her corner' and daubed her name - and their own - on the wall, said Miss Colborne. On another occasion, the youngest defendant demanded the girl perform a sex act on him. When she said no, Choudhury came up from behind some benches and 'punched, pushed and kicked' the girl until she agreed, the court was told. The court was told how the girl lived a 'chaotic existence' and that she went missing 71 times in the space of a year. Yasser Kabir, 25, from Keighley, denies four allegations of rape while Tauqeer Hussain, 23, and Nazir Khan, 23, also both Keighley, deny three allegations of rape. Israr Ali, 19; Mohammed Sardar, 19; Saqib Younis, 29; Sufyan Ziarab, 22; Zain Ali, 20, and Faisal Khan, 27 - who are all from Keighley - all deny two allegations of rape. Bilal Ziarab, 21, from Bradford, denies the same charges. Rohail Iqbal, 22; Rohail Hussain, 18, and a 17-year-old youth, who cannot be named for legal reasons,deny one allegation of rape. Taxi driver Mohamed Akram, 62, denies a charge of sexual activity with a child under 16. They are all from Keighley. In total, the men face 28 charges. All the alleged offences are said to have occurred between May 2011 and June 2012. The trial continues. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3312376/Schoolgirl-aged-13-14-repeatedly-raped-sexually-abused-passed-round-15-Asian-males.html
  14. For those among you who believe that child grooming can only ever be committed by Muslims - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3086387/Girl-victim-Asian-abuse-gang-sex-60-men-approached-Woolworths-aged-just-12.html It would appear the corruption is spreading.
  15. http://destroyed.wakavision.com/cheating-girlfriends-room-destroyed-by-her-boyfriend-as-she-begs-for-forgiveness- Caution- video has some strong language and unpleasant scenes. The information given for this video is that a boyfriend takes revenge on his girlfriend for cheating on him. You can distinctly see a picture of darbar sahib (golden temple) on the girl's wall. The boy however seems to look like a muslim (facial appearance) though it did look like at one point he may have been wearing a kara (the scene where he is pouring the bottle), though even if he is wearing a kara he still may be a muslim - he really looks and talks like one. Yes it was wrong of the girl to date, and to date a muslim. But IF this man is a muslim it is still abuse - I doubt that he would do the same if his girlfriend was muslim.
  16. Why are the Sikhs often made fun of? One good thing that we do is never appreciated and something foolish that we do (sometimes by mistake) becomes a topic of discussion for everybody. This is the last year of my academics and it seems I'm through hell. Whether it is a lecture or a play ground people often find ways to make fun of me. Sometimes even teachers don't miss that oppourtunity. They always called me 'sava lakh'.It was good until they started calling me a herd of people. Something good that I do, is never appreciated and often people comment Sava-Lakh people can do such simple tasks. When AAP won in Punjab, I was made fun of. They said people of Punjab are really santa-banta, as they voted a party that didn't get even a single seat in the Parliament exect seats in Punjab. I'm a single Sikh guy in my class. I really want to stop them but I have no idea. They don't get physical as they know I can knock them down. This has been happening since the last year. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh!!!
  17. Today Marks one of the most Shocking cases of the disappeared Sikhs of Panjab. Bhai Jaswant Singh Khalra Sikh Human Rights Activist The Person investigating the cases becomes a victim of the Panjab Police. Bhai Jaswant Singh Khalra : A Human Rights Activist, A Sevadar and Becon of Light for the Disappeared. who had challenged the darkness by exposing the Indian government, in how the innocent Sikh youth in India were being killed. Bhai Sahib attained shaheedi on 6th September 1995. to read about Bhai Sahib's findings, jeevan and an interview with Bhai Sahib's singhni, please go to the link below: Jaswant Singh Khalra's grandfather Harnam Singh was an activist in the Ghadar movement for the independence of India. Jaswant Singh is survived by his wife, Paramjit Kaur Khalra and two children. 18 years ago Sardar Jaswant Singh Kalra Ji was washing his car outside his home in Punjab when a police jeep under orders from K P S Gill pulled up and abducted him. Jaswant Singh Kalra was never seen again! He was tortured and murder, his body was disposed of by the police. His crime was that he spoke the truth. By going to the cremation grounds and looking at the records of those that supplied wood to be used for cremations he was able to prove that Punjab police was abducting thousands of young Sikhs and killing then cremating them. Jaswant Singh Kalra was speaking out and being listened to across the globe and this was dangerous for the authorities so they had him murdered. Six police officers have been tried to date, five are serving life sentences and one has been acquitted. They all say they were acting under direct orders from K P S Gill. This butcher needs to be brought to book. Will this happen? I doubt it, he has so much protection from central government that it is rumoured that he lives in a place so secret that the average public are kept 50 kilometres away!! Bhai Sahibs Speech to Canadian parliament - MUST WATCH A TRUE HERO AND A TRUE SIKH, BHAI JASWANT SINGH KHALRA WE SALUTE YOU ! and we hope to have even a ounce of the anakh and bahaduri that you had for more info see here http://www.1984tribute.com/Jhujaroo-Jeevani.php?id=126 and please leave your comments and tributes in this post, so that we can remember such heroes and teach our children about them.
  18. This has been bothering me for some time now. It is as the title says, why does our respect for life stop with vegetarianism? When I suggest Sikhs should consider becoming vegan, it is become of the horrendous atrocities that occur within the dairy industry. Cows are forcefully artificially inseminated so that they get pregnant and lactate (produce milk) Their calves are taken from them so they don't drink the profits and then slaughtered for veal. They spend their whole lives in chains and being abused. Becoming pregnant and producing milk so often that raw milk is full of blood, puss and infection. They are injected with hormones and bred so that their udders swell to unnatural sizes, causing them immense pain, just so they are able to produce more.. Is this right? Can Sikhi justify this? I've reached a point where I've started to laugh at Sikhs that claim to be righteous because they are vegetarian because to kill for meat is wrong, but don't want to hear about dairy abuse. Is torturing for milk acceptable? It would be more humane to just kill the animal and take its meat rather than let it live and make it suffer! Perhaps Guruji never condemned the use of milk because perhaps in their time it was different. Perhaps there was not this evil level of greed that exists today. People just took what they needed/could from their farm cows. But times have changed and the treatment of cows in dairy farms is absolutely barbaric. How can we as Sikhs allow this to happen? The truth about dairy is no secret. There are volumes of information available, just as there are about the truth of meat industries. Yet why have Sikhs not taken an official stand to no longer be part of this cruelty? How can we happily be just vegetarian when true respect and value for life comes from being vegan?
  19. what are some solutions to sexual abuse in the Sikh community now we all have seen freshies and elders who are dirt bags Punjab is full of them and many of them come to the west sexual abuse is pretty high but sadly victims are forced to keep quite and feel ashamed to protect family izat what are some ways to get people to come out and speak up against sexual abuse and have victims come out of hiding and seek help
  20. We must watch it and hope they get it right. An Inside Out London special, uncovers the hidden scandal of sexual grooming of young Sikh girls by Muslim men. Breaking their silence, they speak to Chris Rogers about their experiences at the hands of these predatory men and why justice is being denied to them by their own community and the police.
  21. http://www.sasorg.co.uk/men-exploited-vulnerable-sikh-teenager-leicester-court-told/ Aabidali Mubarak Ali (39), Rakib Iacub (20), Wajid Usman (22) accused of exploiting Sikh teenager, a Leicester court is told. ARTICLE FROM LEICESTER MERCURY Three men exploited a vulnerable 16-year-old girl by offering her money for sex, a jury has been told. The teenager was sometimes picked up from college and taken to flats or a guest house to act as a prostitute, Leicester Crown Court heard. ​ Leicester Crown Court, where the men are on trial She shared cannabis and alcohol during several meetings, when a variety of sexual activity, including group encounters, was engaged in, it was claimed. It is an offence to pay anyone under 18 for sexual services, the court was told. The defendants, who went on trial today, claim they were unaware the girl was under 18. Aabidali Mubarak Ali (39), of Guthlaxton Street, Highfields, Leicester, denies five counts of paying for the sexual services of a child, five of trafficking within the UK for sexual exploitation and one of facilitating child prostitution. Rakib Iacub (20), of Maynard Road, Highfields, denies four counts of paying or promising to pay for sexual services of a child, two of facilitating child prostitution and one of trafficking within the UK for sexual exploitation. Wajid Usman (22), of no fixed address, has pleaded not guilty to one count of paying for sexual services of a child and two of inciting child pornography, by encouraging the teenager send him indecent images of herself. The jury were told three other men have admitted similar offences relating to the same girl. Matthew Lowe, prosecuting, said: “She was emotionally damaged young woman with significant problems that pre-date these allegations. “She smoked cannabis, drank alcohol to excess and self-harmed. “These defendants and others took advantage of her vulnerability and knowing her age, or turning a blind eye to it, they’ve either promised to pay, or paid, for sex. “They were prepared to overlook her vulnerabilities and her age to satisfy their sexual desires.” By November last year, the girl was raising money by offering sex for £20 a time. Mr Lowe said: “Between November 13 to early January this year, the sex that took place between her and the defendants occurred at various locations.” He said a couple of encounters took place at a flat Kashmir Road, St Matthews, and a flat in East Park Road, above the Moghul Durbar restaurant, where Usman was then staying. He had worked on an informal basis at the restaurant, the court heard. Mr Lowe said that over time the situation came to be known by the girl’s family and the Sikh community, of which she is a member. “On January 14 there was an attack by members of the community on the Moghul Durbar restaurant,” he said. Giving some background to the case, Mr Lowe said the alleged victim came into contact with the defendants after first meeting Iacub by chance at a Diwali festival. They exchanged numbers and shared text messages. She allegedly told him her age and let him know she would have sex for money, the court heard. Iacub requested and received “a free sample” in Abbey Park, Leicester, which is not subject to any charge. He then introduced her to Ali, it was claimed. They both went to bed with her at a B&B in Saxby Street, Highfields, when Ali allegedly paid her £30. Mr Lowe said: “She was then bombarded with texts and calls from men she didn’t know. “Word had gone out there was a young girl prepared to offer sex for a low price.” Ali allegedly picked her up and dropped her back off at college in his car after encounters. The trafficking offences relate to her being driven to rendezvous for sex. The jury was told that three other men, who pleaded guilty to counts involving the same girl at an earlier hearing, are Bharat Modhwadia (25), of Wycombe Road, Humberstone, Leicester, Hamza Imtiazali (25), of Kashmir Road, and Chandresh Mistry (37), of Berridge Lane, Belgrave, Leicester. The trial continues.
  22. I have someone close to me whose an amritdhari but he has massive anger problems. If he cannot follow rehat he blows his top, if something goes wrong he goes hulk. Yesterday something in his personal life went wrong and he said very offensive words to the Guru. He broke Rehat 4 times. In anger he ripped off his dastaar, abused Guru etc. Hes now beginning to regret it but slowly. Hes still crying over the personal incident. What should he do? His anger is destroying him and I want to help.Does he have to go to panj Singhs and tell them what hes done? He is scared now. And how does he get rid of his anger?
  23. The Sikh Coalition, a US based community group, has launched FlyRights, an innovative mobile application that allows users to report instances of airport profiling in real time. Reports filed through the FlyRights app will be considered official, actionable complaints by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the group said. "FlyRights creates a novel marriage between technology and civil rights activism. It is the first and only mobile application created to combat racial profiling at airports," the coalition said. The application becomes available for download April 30 in the Apple App Store and the Android market. Asking its supporters to download FlyRights on their phones and start filing reports of unfair treatment at airports, the group said: "Policy will not change unless you make your voice heard." "This application is easy to use and will ensure that your voice will officially be heard by the TSA and DHS," it added. http://timesofindia....ow/12933526.cms
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