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  1. I subscribed to Redditt recently and came across some sub-reddits from India. This one in particular has a lot of hate and nonsense written in it: https://www.reddit.com/r/IndiaSpeaks/ It is deeply disturbing to see how many users there are in the forums which are spewing lies and fabrications about Sikhi (ex. Sikhs are snatani, Sikh Guru's worshipped Hindu gods and goddesses, british came up with 5 Kakkars, Sikhs are really Hindus etc.), about Punjabi history from 1947-onwards and how anyone speaking about any issue in Punjab (water-riparian rights, drug issue, language rights, nation within a nation status - or anything related to the Anandpur Sahib Resolution) is a 'Khalistani terrorist' without any consideration for factual historical events----rather they gaslight on false narratives like how Sikhs massacred thousands of Hindus in the 80s??? which never happened etc. There are so many people on these forums, that even when you try to set the facts straight with them with evidence, they swarm you like hyenas with more lies, insults and gaslighting... You try to report these users to the Reddit Moderators and nothing happens... It's clear the indian state apparatus is somehow making these groups untouchable for spreading disinformation, and hate and threats... It seems like they are taking their propaganda campaign global with how they are targeting Sikhs in the diaspora, and using their sleepers in Governments across the world to promote this anti-Sikh, false 'Khalistani' narrative... (ex. I wonder what can be done to effectively counter this? The state apparatus in india is an extremist organization spewing hate, and setting up conditions for something which seems like a Rwanda 2.0 (embed hatred for minorities to the point where it may tip over and result in severe communal violence). You can look at Jewish and Ismaili communities, who are a minority, however have insulated themselves from being targets to an extent (granted Jewish synagogues are regular targets for shootings and stabbings by extremists) There must be a method to how they do this. Any thoughts on what the most effective way would be to set the record straight and counter the disinformation being peddled? 1 billion+ people is a lot of people to wake up to the truth, and they seem to be happy in their hate filled echo chamber. (They are immigrating in mass all over the world, bringing this hatred with them - it will only be a matter of time before they overtake the Sikh diaspora in sheer numbers, and influence in local governments, and start to harm Sikhs by virtue of power and influence)
  2. The RSS BJP Hindu Mentality on Social Media The RSS BJP Hindu Mentality is quite simple, if you want me to put it in short terms, it's this: Be stupid, and spread misinformation to cope, also if you don't have the time to read this, just know they're advocating for another 1984, another Sikh genocide on social media, we are only their friends when we don't speak up for our rights, or when we don't protest, they want us to be subjugated and to remain put while they step all over us, only then they'll ever see us as "friends" Currently these Hindu's are trying to state that Sikhism is apart of Hinduism, or they'll try to rewrite history where all Sikh warriors were actually Hindu such as Banda Singh Bahadur in which they'll ignore that fact he became a Sikh and will just say that he's actually Hindu, or they'll try to state that the "real sikhs" are Udasi's, they're even trying to bring up Guru Nanak-ji's childern to back themselves up, or they'll try to state how many times Hindu deities are mentioned in our holy book without realizing why they're mentioned, they'll also say that our Guru's were Hindu even though they weren't (They will pretend to forget about how the sacred threads of both Hinduism and Islam were rejected, or how idol-worship etc is not allowed) Well what else do these Hindu's do? They will post Hindu warriors and battles and try to claim our history as "Myth" they will try to downplay the feats of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, and will cry that Hindu's actually saved Sikhs from the Mughals while ignoring the fact Sikhs saved Marathi women from the Mughals. You see, their Ego is hurt, they can't accept with the facts so they have to resort to misinformation to make themselves feel better, they'll often try to forget the fact that many Hindu's were actually cowards and decided to convert to Islam to avoid death, unlike our brave Sikh martyrs. They are upset that Hindu's are mocked worldwide, y'know what I mean, they are the "Apu's" the people whom worship Cows, and drink their piss, the ones calling as IRS or Dell Tech support, they are fragile and we have hurt their ego and made them insecure, especially when we received recognition and support from Rihanna, I personally never heard of Hindu-recognition or Hindu-feats during any world-war, even the British Empire looked down upon them and preferred us as we are a "Martial race" They will call us Langarjeet, they will do beadbi, and they will misinterpret our religion, it's simply because they just can't cope, they can't accept the facts that they made India a laughing stock. These are the same people that tried to pin all the R@pe cases in India on the Muslims, and even call them our enemies, yet I have seen more Muslim supporters than Hindu supporters, even the Sikh empire were 80% comprised of Muslims, the only thing that these Hindu's can share with us is Mughal Tyranny, however after their downfall it's been the Hindu's whom oppressed us more than the Muslims. (Yes, there's still an issue with grooming gangs, and Afghanistan, but they're being condemned by many western Muslims, and many western Muslims are supporting the protest, the same energy however isn't being seen with western-Hindus.) RSS BJP Hindu's are basically parasites, you'll see many of these "Hindu Nationalist" pages talk about the glory days and preach about voting BJP again for the dharma, and pretend to be based but the ironic part is that even racist white nationalists rather have Sikhs than them, these Apu's are all talk, keyboard warriors, they disrespected the Khanda in Australia and Sikhs ran up on them, and another RSS BJP Hindu in India was put down to his knees, and was begging for forgiveness for his dumb comments to some Singhs in India. The Khalsa is forever sovereign, everyone except these Hindu BJP RSS supporters show us respect, we are known for our courageous bravery, unlike these cowards whom decided to convert to Islam instead of receiving death, how do you respect your Gods yet you're afraid to die? Do Hindu's not have an afterlife, do they not want to reunite or be judged by their 33 million gods? Another tactic they use is to remind hindu's about "Khalistan" whenever they make these pages, they'll always say "Khalistan sikhs made fun of us first, this is just revenge!" It's funny they believe in their false superiority when the rest of the world sees their people as an laughing stock, and that they always had to ask for our help to defend them, Sikhs are friends of the Hindu's until we speak up for our rights, or protest, then they label us as terrorists, make fun of our religion and do beadbi, and attempt to villianize us and our supporters on social media. Look at the west, they're seen as weak and as nerds, meanwhile we aren't, they're waiting for our people to go extinct, many of these Hindu radical fanatics said Punjab will be Hindu because Sikhs are apparently "infertile" and all them are moving away from Punjab, India has done a great job at brain-washing these low-iq BJP Hindu's, they can't accept the facts, that's why you'll see them circulate pictures of Sikhs defending ourselves from police brutality as "Sikh aggression" I urge those of you with free time, to counter their myths on Twitter with facts, and to post the reality of India, and the Farmer-protest, many of these Hindu's are even advocating for another Sikh genocide, saying that there should be an new 1984. Nothing new to us, we are used to fighting the odds and being outnumbered in conflict, they may kill us but they'll never kill our essence, they don't realize that death is nothing for a Singh or a Kaur, we have nothing to fear. One thing I have to say is "Raj Karega Khalsa"
  3. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh I have been a lurker on this site for about a year and I decided to make an account to call to attention a pattern I have noticed in politics relating to the Sikh Quam and politics in general throughout the world. There has been a concerted effort to push different demographics of countries against one another. This is called ideological subversion and it is done to cause demoralization and destabilization in a country. It explains the rise of populist/nationalist movements throughout the world. The polarization of politics in the states is an example of this ideological subversion. Other examples of this relating to the Sikh community is how both Hindus from India and Muslims from Pakistan try to turn the Sikhs against the other nation. For example, when a Sikh girl from Pakistan was forcibly converted to Islam or when ISIS attacked Kabul Sikhs, the Hindu nationalist used this to push the Sikhs against Pakistan/Muslims. Likewise, when it is June and Sikhs around the world mourn the 1984 Sikh genocide and attack on the Darbar Sahib Complex by the Indian government, Pakistani Muslims use the events to push Sikhs against India/Hindus. Essentially the Sikh community is being used as pawns by the Indian and Pakistani governments for their own political agendas. The Soviets were the first to master this tactic of Ideological Subversion. I highly suggest watching this lecture by an ex-KGB member on this subject: It is especially interesting about what he suggests to stop this tactic on the 58:05 time mark. It showcases the importance of having a strong faith background and how civilizations fall without religion.
  4. Oh it's been an interesting week for those watching the sikh world , Jagmeet Singh becomes Deputy Prime Minister of Canada as Trudeau loses his majority. BJP choking on the backfired plan of undermining the sikhs in Canadian Politics 18 minsters voted in , the cherry being Jagmeet's appointment to deputy Prime minister and having Kingmaker status for his party. Yesterday's envoy visit to Harmandir Sahib ji left the Hinduvta fuming as not one of the 85 strong international contingent visited Durgiana Mandir after visiting Guru ji's darbar Seems like sikhi is raising in the international media view for a change ... hopefully Jagmeet will deliver clean water to the indigenous peoples of Canada .
  5. VID-20190813-WA0003.mp4 VID-20190813-WA0004.mp4 VID-20190813-WA0001.mp4 VID-20190813-WA0012.mp4 VID-20190813-WA0012.mp4 VID-20190813-WA0002.mp4 VID-20190813-WA0013.mp4 VID-20190813-WA0005.mp4 VID-20190813-WA0006.mp4 VID-20190813-WA0007.mp4 VID-20190813-WA0010.mp4 VID-20190813-WA0011.mp4 VID-20190813-WA0008.mp4 VID-20190813-WA0009.mp4 these ppl aint safe there. n its only gna get worse nw modis been reelected for anotha 5 yrs. weve seen it wiv our own bk home n across 'india'. j&k will be nxt. then theres afghanistan wiv bomb attacks there a yr ago, slavery in the emirates, farmers in italy etc. the list goes on n on. we knw muslims r more violent n extreme in their intolerance. they r a different breed. we knw the beheadings, immolations etc but will hindus ever look to go the same way over time if this govt. ideology becomes strong enough n leaves a legacy over time or will these fleeting shows of unreknowned nationalist pride, strength, bravery etc last only as long as modi is there? this pro hindutva, anti minority rhetoric has galvanised the uneducated masses who cnt n wont c the real oppression is on em. VID-20190813-WA0009.mp4
  6. What was he thinking when he came up with this idea of cancelling old notes. Is it to remove corruption add black economy market or something else at play?
  7. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3535635/Are-Kate-William-targeted-ISIS-Delhi-Police-hunt-female-jihadi-suspected-travelling-Indian-capital-launch-attacks-Royal-tour.html
  8. In light of the well known fact that the SGPC and Akaal Takht and other Takhts in India are under direct or indirect control of majority Hindu (RSS) government should a Sarbhat Khalsa be held on foreign soil or online (or a combination of both - but lets not get into debating how it would happen for now) in order to have an Akaal Takht in Exile out of the reaches of the India Govt? This would mean a Jathedar with the support of the panth and vidhvaans would be selected, the benefits of which would be massive. Some may argue this would be another divide in an already fragmented panth, but I am sure it could have a positive impact in challenging the current problem we have with a leadership that is subservient to RSS. Unless something as radical as this happens then I can't see anyway of wrestling power from those that are help bent on harming Sikhs. The RSS govt is more powerful then most understand and if we dont stem their surge into Punjab and remove them from our (Sikhs) 'top table' then the future for many generations of Sikhs in Punjab is bleak (drugs/apostacy/alcohol/foeticide/genocide etc). There is no doctrine for how or who can call a Sarbhat Khalsa, a call by the majority of the sangat and supported by a massive number of Gurmukhs/Vidvaans would out rank all that opose it. If a well funded/articulated case is made by the diaspora and propagated in Punjab now whilst there is an increasing unrest among the Sikh youth (as seen in the media these recent months) we could make a change? SO HOW ABOUT IT A SARBHAT KHALSA TO DEBATE ONE QUESTION... SHALL WE TAKE THE POWER OF THE AKAAL TAKHT BACK AND MOVE IT ABROAD UNTIL WE TAKE BACK CONTROL OF OUR HOME? A benti to anyone responding keep comments chardikala in nature, what I mean is if you don't agree make a better suggestion or keep criticism clean and fair - apart from a few trolls, we all want the same thing.
  9. AMRITSAR SAHIB, Punjab (April 2, 2015)—Interference of Hindu right wing force RSS in matters of Sikhs and its institutions is growing day by day. Taking over the control of Takht Sri Hazoor Sahib Nanded, BJP has appointed its MLA Tara Singh as president of management board of the Takht irrespective of the fact that Tara Singh had not even filed nomination for this post. As per sources, Tara Singh is very close to the RSS. He was never a member of the board, and has never participated in religious activities ever at Takht Sahib. Due to close association with RSS, he is known to participate only in the political activities of BJP. Opposing the appointment, SGPC president Avtar Makkar said that Maharashtra government led by BJP is interfering in religious affairs of Sikhs. Akal Takht Sahib Jathedar Giani Gurbachan Singh had also said that Tara Singh is not eligible for the post and directed to appoint a person with religious nature. It is worth mentioning that building single Hindu nation in Indian union is sole motive of RSS for which it is active for around 100 years. To achieve its fascist goal, it is trying its best to incorporate Sikhs into Hindu religion. Following its unholy mission, the RSS is killing separate identity of Sikhs as well as that of other religious-ethnic groups in India. Source:Sikh24.Com
  10. ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕਾ ਖਾਲਸਾ, ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕੀ ਫਤਿਹ Mosques not religious place, can be destroyed any time: BJP leader Subramanian Swamy BJP leader Subramanian Swamy has sparked off a massive controversy by saying that mosque is not a religious place but is merely a building that can be demolished any time. Swamy made these controversial statements in a programme at Guwahati. Swamy's comments have attracted condemnation from all political parties. Even Assam BJP has disassociated themselves from Swamy's remark. According to HT, Swamy gave the “example” of mosques demolished for construction of roads in Saudi Arabia. The controversial leader said, “A mosque is not a religious place. It is just a building. It can be demolished any time. If anyone disagrees with me on this, I am ready to have a debate on the issue. I got this information from people of Saudi Arabia". He stoked another controversy by claiming all Indian Muslims were Hindus. He repeated the controversial comments again on Saturday. Subramanian Swamy [File Photo] Police have now registered a case registered an FIR under IPC sections 120 (B) [criminal conspiracy] and 153 (A) [promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion] against Swamy following a formal complaint by Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti (KMSS). KMSS has urged Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi to ban Swamy's entry into the state. HT has quoted Tarun Gogoi as saying, “BJP will have to pay a heavy price for hurting Assamese sentiments”. The state BJP is in backfoot as Swamy' comments have evoked sharp reaction from all quarters. Assam BJP president Siddhartha Bhattacharyya has branded Swamy's comment as his personal opinion. He said that they will send the footage to Central leadership. Several minority organisations have also demanded strict action against Swamy. It's not the first time Swamy has made a controversial statement though.
  11. http://dailysikhupdates.com/bjp-wants-chandigarh-transferred-punjab-supports-accord/ Hmm dont know what to make of this...cautiously excited?
  12. The BJP/RSS have stepped up their attacks on the Badal Dal since coming to power with a landslide majority in May. They openly accuse the Badal Dal of being involved in the Drug trade and other criminal activities. BJP/RSS have used the Badal Dal to establish themselves in the Punjab and do not see much use for it unless it operates completely under their control. The Badal Dal have followed instructions on keeping the Sikhs subjugated , however they have got a grip on the money generated by the state and the Punjab BJP leaders want an equal share. In recent months the BJP/RSS have gone against the Sikhs; BJP involvement in riots against the Sikhs in UP and other states The foreign minister asked the Canadian Govt to take action against Sikhs No financial package for the Punjab No punishment of the 1984 attackers of Sikhs. Stepping up the torture of Sikh prisoners. The BJP say they want an equal share of seats in the Punjab or will drop the Badal Dal BJP praising anti Sikh cults such as Jhoota Sauda Establishment of anti Sikh cults in Punjab and taking a grip of Sikh institutions and organisation. The Punjab is so much in the grip of Brahmin rituals these days due to the vacuum of Sikh leadership that Panthic Sikhi is relegated to a minority. I hope even at this late stage the Sikhs can wake up and realise that the Indian political parties treat Sikhs the same.
  13. This one was too hilarious to paste. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! For more jokes: http://www.firstpost.com/politics/uddhav-thackeray-compares-team-modi-campaign-afzal-khans-army-1744301.html Oh and here is more... Modi 'backstabbed' us, says Shiv Sena in sharp attack on BJP http://www.firstpost.com/politics/modi-backstabbed-us-says-shiv-sena-sharp-attack-bjp-1744599.html Looks like the saffron brigade is having a tussle for power within its own ranks!
  14. Modi tells Sikhs to leave their property and Land and go back to the Punjab as they are not Gujarati. This is the man that could be next PM and a party that the Badal Dal are supporting. It show that the Congress and the BJp are the same with their hate for Sikhs. Meanwhile the Badals are to terrified to raise the plight of the Sikhs in Guarat forcefully , similarly to their silence on Police killings. A report by the National Commission for Minorities (NCM), India's minority rights watchdog, has said the Narendra Modi-led Gujarat government had "prima facie" discriminated against the state's 500-member Sikh community in Kutch by ordering them to sell their land and return to Punjab because they were not Gujaratis, citing the Bombay Tenancy and Agricultural Lands Act, 1948. The commission has strongly disapproved of the Gujarat government's interpretation that only Gujarati farmers could own or buy land in the state under the Act, a move which could dispossess 500 farmers, while their land accounts have already been frozen. In his report, commission member Ajaib Singh, after a field visit on June 24-28, 2013, said, "There appears to be discrimination against Sikh agriculturalists by the Gujarat government". The report quoted Ajaib Singh's statement that "Modi, who has the habit of suppressing and terrorising the minorities of Gujarat, was in this case targeting and victimising the Sikh farmers of Kutch". The minority commission said the order of the state government, asking farmers to sell their land and return to Punjab, was struck down unanimously in the Gujarat high court unanimously, but the state government had now challenged this verdict in the Supreme Court. The commission itself could not do much since the issue was under judicial consideration, the report said. In a recommendatory letter to Modi, the commission has asked the Gujarat government to accept the verdict of the high court. He also requested him to administer a national minority scholarship programme and urgently set up a state minorities commission. Ajaib Singh has also written to Punjab chief minister Parkash Singh Badal to intervene in the matter. "This is indeed very discriminatory," said the NCM member. He said Sikhs told him during his field visit that the community had migrated to Kutch after being invited by former prime minister late Lal Bahadur Shastri, who felt these swathes of white marshy land should be inhabited as a buffer against invasion from the sea. [Courtesy: Hindustan Times.] July 31, 2013
  15. Whats your views? although i doint like bjp or modi I think its essential to have someone like him in india to reverse the islamification of the land. Last thing we want in a few decades time is another islamic take over of India which will deny every non-muslims to live with freedom and dignity.
  16. Tandon voices concern Tribune News Service Chandigarh, May 6 A member of the BJP core committee and former minister Balramji Dass Tandon today said a small section of radicals should not be allowed to play with the hard-earned peace in the state. Referring to developments related to Bluestar Memorial, he said the SAD and the SGPC should take a clear stand against the memorial being dedicated to militants. He said the memorial should have been a tribute to the more than 20,000 innocent persons who were either killed by terrorists and or who went down fighting for the countrys unity and integrity. Tandon said no space should be given to radical elements to dictate terms to political and religious leaders in the state. Appealing to the Akal Takht chief, Tandon said the issue should be resolved immediately to maintain communal harmony and peace in the state.
  17. http://www.hindustantimes.com/India-news/Jaipur/BJP-RSS-conducting-terror-training-camps-Shinde/Article1-995513.aspx BJP, RSS conducting 'terror training' camps: Shinde PTI Jaipur, January 20, 2013 First Published: 14:50 IST(20/1/2013) Last Updated: 18:56 IST(20/1/2013) Union home minister Sushil Kumar Shinde on Sunday accused BJP and RSS of conducting 'terror training' camps to spread saffron terrorism in the country. "Reports have come during investigation that BJP and RSS conduct terror training camps to spread terrorism...Bombs were planted related stories Congress defends Shinde on Hindu terror remark Sonia must apologise for Shinde's comments: BJP in Samjhauta express, Mecca Masjid and also a blast was carried out in Malegaon."We will have to think about it seriously and will have to remain alert," he said at the AICC meeting in Jaipur. As his remarks came under attack from BJP and RSS, Shinde later said, "This has come so many times in the papers...It is not a new thing that I have said on Sunday. "This is saffron terrorism that I have talked about. It is the same thing and nothing new. It has come in the media several times," the home minister said. To a question if it was Hindu terrorism or saffron terrorism, he said, "This is saffron terrorism (that) I have stated." Shinde said that infiltration from Pakistan, insurgency in the north east and Naxalism were the main challenges before the country. "Infiltration is from Pakistan, insurgency is in some states in the North East and Naxalism is another challenge. Environment is being created against peace but the department will do its complete work," he said. The home minister said a solution to Naxalism could through initiation of development in the affected areas. "Facilities will have to be provided to bring peace in Naxal-affected areas," he said. Shinde said that Congress is the only party which follows the fundamental principle of secularism and has given opportunities to several members from dalit, Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribes and minority communities to rise. "Our leader Sonia Gandhi gave me, a dalit, an opportunity to become Leader of the House in Lok Sabha and there are many names from SC, ST, OBC, minority communities who were made ministers and given other opportunities. "The communities have been adequately represented in the government," he said. The home minister underlined the importance of rise of regional parties and said that if any leader who parted ways with Congress in the past wanted to join again, it should be taken into consideration.
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