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  1. I thought I'd start a thread so we could share interesting books we are reading. They don't have to be Sikhi orientated. I'm currently reading: Frances Kray: The Tragic Bride by Jacky Hyams I grew up in the East End of London and the legend of the Kray twins is one that is part of the local folklore. I started reading narratives that went past the image they so successfully created for themselves with a book called Bringing Down The Krays: Finally the truth about Ronnie and Reggie by the man who took them down by Bobby Teale. The book about Frances is very interesting in many respects because it gives an account of the young wife of Reggie Kray and how she was drawn into the twins world which ultimately led to her premature demise. It also gives a fascinating account of East London during and immediately after WW2 going to the 60s (the author and her family grew up in that period), which is the period immediately preceding my own families (granddad's) arrival into the area. I recommend it for anyone who grew up in the area, and also for people to learn how the attraction of power and success can entice young innocent girls into a violent world they can't escape from.
  2. Thought I'd start a thread about books worth reading. They don't have to be Sikhi related. I picked up: Confessions of an economic hit man by John Perkins. Have been told it's a must read.
  3. This is for those who may be interested, I have had the opportunity to write a number of books recently, initially they were for sponsors of the podcasts but due to demand I have decided to put some of them out on a self publication site. Slowly they will increase in number with the Sarkutavali Teeka and Gagar Cho sagar also being added in June and August respetively. At the moment there are three books available to purchase which are the 'Sahaskriti and Gatha Teeka by Mahant Ganesha Singh', 'Matra by Baba Sri Chand Ji' and 'The Jap Ji Sahib Katha 01 - Mul Mantra Katha by Sant Gurbachan Singh Bhindrawale' They are all on the following link https://www.lulu.com/shop/search.ep?contributorId=1393200 Thank you, and just so you anyone is aware there is no profit for these books as they all go back into the Sikhism in Snippits podcast
  4. Well this guy was the 1st person to translate, Guru Granth Sahib Ji, he also was hired by British Christians and he was German. Anyone read his book?
  5. Does anyone in the sangat know where I can find the sanchian of the book "Khalsa Sudhar Taru ", I have the fifth sanchi from punjabi digital library but can't find the others?
  6. Gurfateh Jee Does anyone have any experience of ordering from any online book stores based in India. Just wanted to know if they are reliable and if the books will actually be shipped out or is it risky? Any recommendations?
  7. I am wanting to know what books I should read of Sikhi. I prefer English, as my punjabi isn't too strong. Ant good recommendations?
  8. I have recently just got into Sikhi. I'm a born Sikh, and just know the basics. I want to learn. Please recommend me good books in English.
  9. Been reading old punjabi books recently and they have a page titled "bhumika" what does that mean? Its normally just the author talking about the book and subject. And then "thathkra" I guess means the content? As under thathkra they list the content of the book and what is is discussed in what page. Also some1 gave me this old translation of Guru Nanaks janamsakhi it's like a punjabi translation and under the title it says "bha : chattr singh and jivan singh" What does "bha" mean are they the authors? Never heard these words before.
  10. https://www.hindustantimes.com/world-news/rare-books-on-sikhism-punjab-emerge-in-london-sale/story-It445bHhVoPN2bUC7Qi2dM.html June 24 2020 A London-based rare books dealer on Wednesday launched a collection of rare books, original manuscripts and artwork on India that includes several first editions of work on Sikhs, Sikhism and Punjab dating from early eighteenth century. The 40-item collection from dealer Peter Harrington includes the first translation of the Adi Granth into English and several travel narratives set in the kingdom of Ranjit Singh, and military handbooks dedicated to Sikh customs – hailed in them as ‘the bravest and steadiest of soldiers’. Others offering glimpses of life in India under British rule include a book by Captain Lakshmi, who was appointed by Subhash Chandra Bose as commander of the Rani of Jhansi Regiment in the Indian national Army, and three elusive monographs on the ruling families of Punjab, written or inspired by Lepel H. Griffin, a colourful official in nineteenth century British India. Glen Mitchell, senior book specialist at Europe’s largest anquarian book dealer, said: “We have seen an increased interest in the last 20 years from collectors of works from the Indian sub-continent, and the demand for 19th and early 20th century British accounts of this fascinating period in colonial history continues to attract a core group of collectors based both in the region and diaspora in the UK and beyond.” Topics that remain enduringly collectable include those focused on military exploits, colonial exploration, seminal religious texts, ethnographical, geographical, botanical and zoological accounts, and of course administrative, historical and political works,” he added. Highlights of the collection include an eyewitness account of Ranjit Singh’s kingdom written by Shahamat Ali, the expedition leader’s Indian-born munshi and inscribed by him to the earl of Shaftesbury; The Life of Robert Lord Clive, Baron Plassey by Charles Caraccioli – the first biography of Clive, considered something of a character assassination by his enemies within the East India Company; and I.N.A. Defence. Subject People’s Right to Fight for Freedom – two contemporary publications of the address delivered by J. Bhulabhai Desai in defence of members of the INA on trial for treason. Pom Harrington, owner of Peter Harrington, said: “While we have curated selections on Asia in the past, this is our first dedicated catalogue on works from India”. The wealth of rich illustrations, lithographs, maps and coloured plates really lent themselves to creating an interactive and immersive digital-only catalogue that allows our clients to scroll through details and additional images of these fine works. Source Hindustan times
  11. VJKKVJKF i love to read books about sikhi, especially autobiographies and history. I have read these books already: In English: Se Kinehiya Autobiography of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Autobiography of Bhai Rama Singh (In search of the true guru) Warrior Saints (volume 1) Chalda Vaheer Jatha life of Bhai Rajinder Singh ji Kurbani 1978 Zafarnama Hymns from Bhai Gurdass Compositions Ascending Spirits Bhai VIjay Singh Cosmic Symphony In punjabi: Jail chitthiya Puratan Itihaasik Jeevania Puratan So Sakhi (100 sakhi) Satwant Kaur some more i can't remember right now but if you have any suggestions like these books please let me know.. I would like to read more punjabi books as my punjabi is not that great at the moment and would like to improve. I can read and write okay but my vocabulary is limited so I have a hard time following along punjabi books especially jail chitthiya, i could not understand any of it. I have read Bhai Rama Singh jis autobiography in Punjabi too and that was pretty straight forward. Thank you ? VJKKVJKF
  12. I have never really read these kind of books before. Ie such as the guide to happiness by the Dali lama. Or other similar type of books for gaining knowledge. Where authors write about how to succeed or live life to the fullest. Many of these books usually focus on the mind and psychology in some way or other. Anyone read something they can recommend?
  13. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Why is literature on Indian martial arts so rare? There are countless books on Chinese, Japanese and Korean martial arts, but probably only about 5 Kalaripayattu books, and only 4 Gatka books (two in English and two in Punjabi). The first Gatka book was published in 1936 by K. S. Akali. He refers to Gatka as a ‘sport’ and exponents as ‘players’. No association to Sikh warriorhood, etc. And the pentra doesn’t seem correct. Also, it only covers the soti; no dhal talvar, barcha, etc. Then there is Nanak Dev Singh Khalsa’s Gatka book written in the 1980s. It’s mixed with H3O-style yoga. I remember emailing the author directly back in 2000 to obtain his book, which I had read about in an old online Gatka article. He told me to forget about the book and gave me the mobile number of his new Ustad, named… Nidar Singh! In 2000, I travelled to India specifically to obtain books on Indian martial arts (previously could only find brief mentions of IMA in desi magazines and newspapers). In India, I came across large book markets. They had tons of books on school education, poetry, religion, but no Gatka books. Fortunately, though, as I was about to leave from a small store, the shopkeeper pointed to a dusty old book. He said it was titled “Lathi Shiksha”. It was an illustrated manual on quarterstaff fighting written in deep Hindi. Includes some mystical-seeming geometrical patterns. I assume they are the directions of stick-fighting forms. It was so fragile that the pages would break off if bended. No date on it, but could be from the 1940s or 50s. There is a short booklet called Shastar vidya, by Baba Gian Singh (published by Budha Dal). I believe it was first published decades ago. Most of it is full of warrior philosophy and martial verses from the Dasam Granth. There are some dagger-fighting descriptions towards the end. Then there is a 2017 book called “Shastra vidya: The Ancient Indian Martial Art of the Hindu Kshatriyas”. It’s got textual evidence (from Hindu scriptures, epics and treatises) and includes illustrations to go with the descriptions. It covers weapons like bhindipal, vajr, trishul, gada, mayukhi, dhanush, etc. But it’s not by Nidar Singh! I’m surprised Nidar Singh hasn’t brought out a book yet on Shastar vidya.
  14. Hello people this is a bit or harmless (depends who you ask) advertising to let you know that for the past year I have been sunning a podcast called Sikhism in Snippits and through this the sponsors have enabled me to write and publish a number of books. These are Sampardaic and in English. The opportunity was taken to translate and promote Sikh books and literature not available. If you are interested they can all be found ont he link below. Please take a look and if interested you can order directly off the site. If you have any questions please contact me on kam1825@hotmail.com http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/Kamalpreet_Singh_Pardeshi Thanks
  15. Guest

    Reading and information

    Wkjk wjkf, I was wondering which Sikh scholars are in line and put forward puratan Sikh principles as some such as mcleod or Singh sabha scholars will avoid key aspects that were important features to the Akali Nihang Khalsa and the Nirmala Samparda.
  16. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh We have released a free online library, which is easily accessible, readable and searchable. The sections are split as follows - Gurbani (to be expanded in future) Gurmat Parkash (Sri Harmandir Sahib booklet in Gurmukhi - updated monthly) Gurmukhi/ Punjabi (to be expanded in future - we have many hundreds of books/ articles to upload) English Other Languages (including many European) Sanskrit/ Devanagri (to be expanded in future) There are some excellent books and articles for ALL. The English section alone has over 600 books and can be accessed here - http://www.discoversikhism.com/sikh_library/english.html If you have any Sikh literature that we can use (that is not in our library) please send it to us for the benefit of the Sangat.
  17. We started small organization and we have currently roughly about 25 kids. We have one full dedicated one library room. We have around 1000 books of every kind. Its been over 7 months and i have seen no interest of sikh kids picking up the book and read them. We tried to give them reading assignment and or public speech project but they go along with the way writer wrote the book. Lets take an example of in famous bed time sikh stories, the kids don't connect with the content at all. They bring their own book such as diary of the wimpy kids and so on and some do read for hours. My thinking is that the author or the companies who wrote sikh kids books which are easily available are from India. Their english style or use of vocabulary is quite different than here in west. I also think that we are publishing books without any change again and again (generation change adoption ignored by authors). My main issue is to have kids read sakhiyaan and other sikh books with interest and is there anyway that we young parents can do something to create resources for open public.
  18. Apologies if someone is wondering why I start topics in this section of the site. I don't consider myself an intellectual in any form; too much of a pendu for that, lol. Anyway, are there any books which look at Sikh history in the 20th century in reference to our experiences in India, preferably 1947 to the 1990's? Basically, how we've been treated by the Indian government as a collective, not just individual experiences on a local level? Are there such books?
  19. Guest

    Books On Sikhi

    Hi All, Could anyone recommend any books on sikhi to read which covers a guru/all the gurus time with us? Any recommendations are welcome, just want to read into sikhi more and the history Thank you
  20. Does anyone have a full list books published by Dr Sukhpreet Singh Udhoke, or know where I can find it from? I cannot find a comprehensive list on the net! Thanks in advance : )
  21. I would like everyone suggest books which is must read for Sikhs , it can be related to anything , Religious , history or Political. Now days i am reading Identity and Survival: Sikh Militancy in India, 1978-1993 - This book is not biased like other on Sikh militancy
  22. http://sikhaudiobooks.com/audiobooks/index.html It's a Jackpot Anhad Shabad Dasam Duar - Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Ji Se Kinehiya? - Biography of Sant Baba Harnam Singh Ji Jail Chittheeaa - Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Ji Rangle Sajjan - Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Ji Charan Kamal Kee Mouj - Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Ji Jot Vigaas - Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Ji Gurmat Naam Abhiyaas Kamaayee - Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Ji Gurmat De Paandhi - Bhupinder Singh Shabad Gur Pira - Bhupinder Singh Kesh - Bhupinder Singh Pyare Jio - Bhai Veer Singh Ji SAT AUKHIAN RATAN - Bhai Veer Singh Ji GURMUKH SIKHIA - Bhai Veer Singh Ji PYARE DA PYARA - Bhai Veer Singh Ji Guru Nanak Chamatkaar - Bhai Veer Singh Ji Vir Patravali - Bhai Veer Singh Ji BABA NAUDH SINGH - Bhai Veer Singh Ji Ruhaani Sandesh - Biography of Baba Isher Singh Ji Rara Sahib Jiwan Gatha - Biography of Sant Attar Singh Ji Reru Sahib Sant Karam Singh Ji Hoti Mardan - Biography of Sant Karam Singh Ji Hoti Mardan Gurmukh Parkash - Biography of Sant Sundar Singh Ji Khalsa (Bhindranwale) Baba Mit Singh Maharaj - Akaali Nihand Baba Mitt Singh ji Hazur Sahib
  23. Has anyone been able to find this book in english/pdf form? I went to the local sikh book store and they were sold out. Tried reading the punjabi version and was left even more confused than before.
  24. Here are some Sikhi related books das has gathered overtime and hope it helps the Sangat Waheguru Chonve Lekh by Sardar Kapor Singh They Massacre Sikhs-a report by Sikh Parliament (SGPC) White Papers Rajiv Gandhi and 1984-Facts and Fantasies Guru Tegh Bahadur-The Prophet-He Died For The Oppressed By Gyani Brahma Singh Ji Kesh Sadda Gaurav-Gyani Mahinder Singh The Sikh Meditation Waheguru Simran Simran Healing Simran and Naam Anand Sahib with commentary in simple punjabi Biography of Giani Sant Singh Ji Maskeen in English
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