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  1. @proudkaur21 @dallysingh101 @MisterrSingh
  2. Lol why do people insist Pakistani Punjabis and Indian Punjabis are very similar and have similar culture. We don't. Their culture is entirely influenced by Islam.
  3. Gurbani says that robbers, murderers etc can be cured but it's almost impossible to cure a nindak. Ninda of anyone is bad. Ninda of a saint is terrible. Ninda of Satguru is the worst sin on the planet. Congress has done so much ninda of Sant Bhindranwale and many saintly kharrkus. Rss does so much ninda of Guru Sahibaan. Even common people in India accuse each other so much and put false allegations on each other which is also a form of ninda. Police takes bribes and puts false allegations on weaker parties. I feel India breaks all world records of ninda
  4. They are acting like the rest of india is some industrial utopia smh. Read the replies.
  5. I hv contact with sikhs from various different organizations. There is so much distrust and dislike for each other between them, I won't be surprised if they physically attack each other especially if there is some anarchy or disorder in India. Ideally if there is anarchy in India, Sikhs shud get together and form a sikh state. That's why efforts shud be made NOW to get unity between sikh organizations.
  6. Surprising, but oh well, good news if the survey was done properly. SUMMARY Around 82 per cent Sikh youngsters pray regularly or sometimes even if there is no festival being celebrated. The corresponding figure was 74 per cent for Christians, 72 per cent for Muslims, 69 per cent for Hindus and 46 per cent for others. Around 86 per cent Sikh youngsters visited a place of worship (gurudwara) even when there was no festival, compared to 57 per cent each for Hindus and Christians and 56 per cent for Muslims. The share of Sikh youth drawn towards TV channels showing religiou
  7. One of my friend forwarded these videos. Sikhs need to keep politics aside but spread our culture and dharam culture to rest of India. IMG_1192.MOV IMG_1191.MOV
  8. https://www.instagram.com/p/CVl7cy7PQpL/ Is this true?...First time i heard this
  9. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-india-canada-international-student-recruitment/ In India and Canada’s international student recruiting machine, opportunity turns into grief and exploitation From rural Punjab to suburban Brampton, Ont., a booming industry brings in thousands of Indians each year – but while recruiters and schools profit, many students flounder due to lack of supports DAKSHANA BASCARAMURTY, NEHA BHATT AND UDAY RANA A giddy Manjinder Singh strides into the offices of Grey Matters, an education consultancy in
  10. What do you guys think will be the future of india in the next few decades? The country is becoming so much worse than before and there is a mass exodus of middle class people. Seems like very bad times are ahead.
  11. With Pakistan being friends with Taliban...Kashmir will be forefront of wars between two countries. Expect more Islamists attacks from their end and expect India to 'exploit' Sikhs in Kashmir fake encounters 'Khalistan agents from TAliBan' etc Both Pakistan and India will exploit Sikhs. Gurdwaras in Pakistan are at risk. India will amplify their position of Hindu Rastra and continue the narrative 'Look how bad Islamists are Sikh-Hindu dharmic brotherhood' Many Indian Sikhs will for it. Need to be more cautious then ever. Islamists are just upfront to your face, hindva
  12. The far-right white groups in Canada are $$$ by Indians so stir up 'Khalistan terrorists' and gaslight us...they've done a good job
  13. https://www.facebook.com/gugu.bhullaar.5/videos/2898770627069418 ^ 5mins video His dad was a lawyer and paid to kill many khrakus
  14. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ke Fateh I don’t know much about the previous prime minister of India, manmohan Singh. Was he a good prime minister? Did he do good for Sikhs in India or was he the same as the common Indian politician?
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