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  1. So over the years there has been a increase of interest in Islam esp from Conservatives those who reject liberalism woke far-left agendas. Many celebs those who reject West liberalism wokesim etc are converting to Islam Likes of Andrew Tate praising Islam has made more 'alphas' attracted to islam and now converting to masses So what happened to Sikhi?! Why have we fail to reach the masses ? Lack of parachar, lack or alphaness no homeland etc? Diluting Sikhi into far-left sjw religion free langars I remember before the farmers protest years ago on this site that there is something Islam does right which attracts alpha boxersand firm stern in anti-left agenda like lgbtq trans etc i could see what the atracction was.. When we are just known for free food and 'one hooomanity' something has gone wrong https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQXBJyFy-RY
  2. Over 10k likes with lots of Muslims rejoicing. ... only for the Sikh to 'leave' Islam 5 minutes after Shows how genuine their 'street dawah conversion' videos are. They only like to intimidate non Muslims by giving an illusion that their numbers are rising, praying in public places and so on.
  3. My thoughts on Muhammed. I think in todays world we often hear people saying Islam is wicked or that Muhammed is false. But without really knowing in-depth why this is the case. Many people often dont have any knowledge of Islam yet lable it bad. To fully understand how something is bad. First you have to study it and get familiar with it. I think the onus is on non Muslims to do a bit of reading on why Islam and Muhammed is false so that you can use these arguements and evidence in debates. Please look up - Criticism of Muhammed So hence, having done some research on Muhammed and the (criticism) labled against him by independent religious scholars and historians. I come to the following conclusion. Ie, what type of person he was and his motives for proclaiming to be a prophet from God. My research and in-depth analysis leads me to to categorically believe that Muhammed was a brutal and violent warlord and sex offender without a doubt, who commited countless sins and atrocities not just by himself, but by his followers on his direct orders. It's ludricous to even suggest a person like this was ever sent by God. He was involved in many battles against non believers (pagan Arabs who constituted most of Arabia at the time of muhammed) and was responsible for the the deaths of thousands of these pagans. These battles were against Arab tribes pagans, who opposed him when he first started out and began preaching. He also permitted his soldiers to capture enemy soldier women and use them as slaves. Yes the very first victims of Muhammed were in fact the Arabs themselves who knew all about his wikedness and tried to get rid of him. It's unfortunate that in these very early battles, Muhammed was victorious in them. As if he lost these very early key battles, Islam would probably not exist today. he also endorsed slavery and did not make an attempt to abolish it. He merely tried to reform it. Furthermore, Muhammed also married a 6 yr old when he was over 50 himself. Muhammed was not a man of peace but war, rage and vengeance. Now how did someone who commited all the above atrocious acts be able to gain so many followers and be seen as a man of honour and piety amongst the people you may wonder? Now we have to analyse the Psychology of Muhammeds character, personality, of motives and deception used to paint an image of a good person. Having studied Psychology I know quite a bit how to do this. Hence I can work out Muhammeds mind set ect even though he was born 1500 hundred years ago. The answer is simple. Muhammed was devious and smart narrcercist. As well as doing all these bad things. He also mixed this up and did many 'good things" This was to protray his image as a good man. That's why so many people are duped by Muhammed as he did so many good things people think he was good and moral person. It was his strategy to do so many good deeds that people would forget all his bad deeds and thus not realise his true character. IE this is why the typical Muslim is confused about Muhammed. He was a heckle and heckle character. Doing many good things such as charity, helping orphans and donating money. Yet this was just a facarde to cover up his real evil character. The followers see all the fake good deeds and forget about his real dark side that he did so well to hide.. The reality is. It does not matter how many good deeds you do. If you do bad deeds it overrights the good ones. IE if youl helped a 1000 orphans. We can't forget the fact you slept with a 6 yr old. It's like Jimmy saville. He helped thousands through charity. But he was also a seriel rapist. Hence all the good he did does not mean anything. Anything good Muhammed did was simply a publicity stunt to make himself look good Infront of others. All his good deeds were just for show. Inside he was init for the women, money and power. He was a narrcercist that loved power and control over the people. To summarise. Muhammed did not create a new religion at all. All the fundamental and main beliefs of Islam come from jewdo and Christo religions. Hence the framework of Islam is taken form those religions. He just added a few bits here and there. Such as Sharia law and certain other aspects. So basically Muhammed was a fraud and false. Prophet who never created a new religion. We should all do out bit and study the the much documented criticisms of Islam and Muhammed to arm us with knowledge.we don't have to do to much reading. As all the main critisicm and inaccuracies of Islam and Muhammed have been pointed out by independent religious scholars. Hence we don't need to do months of reading. Just read up online which point out and summarise Islams falseness. There is a saying. Know your friends but alway study your enemy.
  4. Taken from Wikipedia Hadith on Camel Urine So the Prophet ordered them to go to the herd of (Milch) camels and to drink their milk and urine (as a medicine). ... So they went as directed and after they became healthy". Bukhari also narrated, an otherwise identical version of this Hadith, without the mention of "urine". https://en.m.wikipedia.org › wiki Camel urine - Wikipedia
  5. It's shocking how many mosques have been built in Punjab, just by this Kerala based Islamic group, never mind the hundreds more that have been re-started by Wakf board from post-47, and the new ones constructed by UP and Bihari muslims. Add to this mixture you have gujjars settling down and no doubt they will build their own. How many new Gurdwaras have Sikhs opened up in pakistan punjab, I wonder? We all the know the answer! Our kaum in Punjab needs to wake up and realize that we lost our prime agriculture land and half of our shrines on that side with an understanding of living free of them. It's basic survival instinct, and we seem to have traded it for virtue signalling and umbrella-holding pics for social media. https://www.tribuneindia.com/news/nation/kerala-ngo-diverts-funds-via-jk-to-build-mosques-in-faridkot-382501 Kerala NGO diverts funds via J&K to build mosques in Punjab's Faridkot SHARE ARTICLE Tribune News Service Jupinderjit Singh Chandigarh, March 31 A Kerala-based NGO, Relief and Charitable Foundation of India (RCFI), which has no unit in Punjab, has caught the eye of the security agencies over its “curious” funding of the construction of three mosques in Faridkot district. One of the newly constructed mosques in Faridkot district. The funds, received from persons or organisations abroad, were diverted through two residents of Baramulla in Kashmir, who reportedly supervised the construction and paid the bills. These mosques, built between 2015 and 2017, are located within 40-70 km from the Pakistan border. A report by the Union Ministry of Home Affairs states the RCFI diverted international funds worth Rs 70 crore for the construction of mosques. The MHA had stopped the funding in August 2021, it is learnt. The Punjab Police and other security agencies had also red-flagged the matter. There are more than 200 mosques in the border districts of Ferozepur, Tarn Taran, Amritsar, Gurdaspur and Pathankot. Sources said many of these were built recently. Their location close to the border is also the subject of investigation. The RCFI has not responded in detail to queries made by The Tribune. One of its spokespersons, who identified himself as Salaam Ustaad confirmed the organisation had no unit in Punjab. He claimed a detailed reply to the allegations had already been sent to the MHA. He insisted the RCFI indulged in social work which was suffering due to the “arbitrary ban” on international funding imposed by the Union Government. The RCFI website says it is a certified non-denominational organisation founded in 2000, with the mission to uplift the socio-cultural aspects of backward sections at the grass-roots level. It does not mention the construction of mosques as its mandate. It claims, “The genesis of the RCFI is to improve the quality of life for the most marginalised communities. The organisation has directly reached almost 2.35 million people in 24 states with the support of national and international funding agencies and individual private donors. It works in diverse fields from water and sanitation to health, sustainable measures to support livelihood and disaster risk reduction and response, cultural restoration to school improvement, and family food security to individual special care programme.”
  6. Sikhs say we aren't a missionary religion like Islam and Christianity. But Guru Sahib travelled the whole world to spread sikhi. Guru Sahib set up manji system where accomplished gursikhs were chosen to do parchar of sikhi on non Sikhs. Gurbani also tells gursikhs to spread the True Naam in the world. So why we don't act like missionaries and convert people?
  7. So someone was telling me that the quran tells muslims when they are in minority to not wage physical war until your population is high enough to have a big chance of winning. So when you are in the minority dont wage a physical war but try to increase your population through high birth rates until the population becomes high enough to take over the host in an actual war. Now sikhs will come and say oh but this not the right moral thing to do and we should care about quality not quantity but when your existence is constantly threatened by two big religions that you are surrounded by and you dont even have enough numbers to sustain a majority in your own land in the future how is this immoral as a strategy to prepare yourself for the inevitable in the future? If only our population was high enough through births we wouldn't be in this state. No one gives a damn about us because we are politically irrelevant due to our low numbers and this is very threatening to our future generations. I see some sikhs constantly talking bad about india and then our brothers back home end up in jail and thus our population keeps getting lowered. They dont understand we dont have the power yet to physically fight against these external aggressor yet. We are surrounded by aggressors from all sides. Not all wars have to be fought in the physical sense. I wish our people had even 1/10th of the cleverness muslims or christians have.
  8. Guru Nanak is aupposed to have said > “I have seen the light of Muhammad (with my mind's eye). I have seen > the prophet and the messenger of God, in other words, I have > understood his message or imbibed his spirit. After contemplating the > glory of God, my ego was completely eliminated.” But there are two things that Muslims believe in 1. Prophet Muhammad being the last prophet. 2. No reincarnation. Sikhs believe that Guru Nanak was a prophet and they also believe in reincarnation. But Sikhs also believe that Prophet Muhammad was sent by God. If Muhammad was sent by God to spread truth, why did he say that he was the last prophjet and that there was no rebirth? How is this contradiction reconciled by Sikhs?
  9. Wikileaks 2010 "NEUTRALIZING PARTITION? CHANGING DEMOGRAPHICS IN PUNJAB": 2021 East Punjabi Muslims be like: Also Punjabi Sikhs in 2021: Punjab Govt in 2021: Punjab's only Muslim-majority town Malerkotla declared as new district on Eid-ul-Fitr https://www.dnaindia.com/india/report-punjab-s-only-muslim-majority-town-malerkotla-declared-as-new-district-on-eid-ul-fitr-2890348 Truly an ignorant and short sighted nation that we are.
  10. ... while actual Islamic teachings and scriptures (The Sunnah, the Quran and the Hadiths) make no attempt to conceal the frankly questionable feats, bachans, and moments of his life? Rampant sexual degeneracy, idolatry, hypocritical religious edicts and conduct, and unexplainably savage and bloodthirsty barbarism across the board. Yet, Sikh sants, gianis, and parcharaks speak so effusively and warmly of "Mohammed Sahib" and his various companions and successors. These Sikh personalities can barely conceal their admiration for the Islamic prophet and his achievements. What's going on?
  11. Muhammad and the Clinical Definition of Pedophilia From WikiIslam, the online resource on Islam The age difference between 9 year old Aisha and 54 year old Muhammad was 45 years This article discusses the DMS (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) of mental disorders and cites sahih hadiths to show that ProphetMuhammad was a pedophile according to clinical definitions. For all related sahih hadiths confirming Aisha's age at marriage and consummation, see: Qur'an, Hadith and Scholars:Aisha. For a comprehensive refutation of all the claims that Aisha was older than 9, see: Aisha's Age of Consummation. And for all other apologetic arguments, see: Responses to Apologetics: Muhammad and Aisha. Contents [hide] 1Pedophilia 1.1Pedophilia according to DSM-IV-TR 2Analysis 2.1Only pre-pubescent girls were allowed to play with dolls 2.1.1Sahih Bukhari Translations 2.1.2Does the phrase 'little girls' mean pre-pubescent? 2.2Aisha was pre-pubescent when Muhammad consummated the marriage 2.3Consummating the marriage means sexual intercourse 2.3.1Abu-Dawud Book 41, Number 4914 One Two Three Four 2.4Summary 3Conclusion 4See Also 5External Links 6References Pedophilia Many critics of Islam claim Muhammad's relationship with Aisha was a pedophilic relationship, therefore Muhammad was a pedophile. Aisha (Allah be pleased with her) reported: "Allah's Apostle (may peace be upon him) married me when I was six years old, and I was admitted to his house when I was nine years old." Sahih Muslim 8:3310 In psychiatry, the most commonly used diagnostic criteria for diagnosing psychiatric ailments are those from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of mental disorders. The latest issue is DSM-IV-TR. The DSM classification is a system that classifies and defines all accepted psychiatric ailments and symptoms, with their inclusion and exclusion criteria. The following are the inclusion and exclusion criteria for pedophilia (302.2): Pedophilia according to DSM-IV-TR A. Over a period of at least six months, recurrent, intense sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges, or behaviors involving sexual activity with a prepubescent child or children (generally age 13 years or younger). B. The person has acted on these sexual urges, or the sexual urges or fantasies caused marked distress or interpersonal difficulty. C. The person is at least age 16 years and at least 5 years older than the child or children in Criterion A. Note: This does not include an individual in late adolescence involved in an ongoing sexual relationship with a 12- or 13-year-old. Diagnostic Critiera for Pedophilia Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition, Psychiatry Online "According to the DSM-IV definition, pedophilia involves sexual activity by an adult with a prepubescent child. Some individuals prefer females, usually 8- to 10-year-olds. Those attracted to males usually prefers slightly older children. Some prefer both sexes. While some are sexually attracted only to children, others also are sometimes attracted to adults. Pedophiliac activity may involve undressing and looking at the child or more direct physical sex acts. All these activities are psychologically harmful to the child, and some may be physically harmful. In addition, individuals with pedophilia often go to great lengths to obtain photos, films or pornographic publications that focus on sex with children. These individuals commonly explain their activities with excuses or rationalizations that the activities have "educational value" for the child, that the child feels "sexual pleasure" from the activities or that the child was "sexually provocative." However, child psychiatrists and other child development experts maintain that children are incapable of offering informed consent to sex with an adult. Furthermore, since pedophiliac acts harm the child, psychiatrists condemn publications or organizations that seek to promote or normalize sex between adults and children." Diagnostic Critiera for Pedophilia Medem Medical Library In the following article, it will be shown that Muhammad's relationship with Aisha did indeed meet all the criteria to make the diagnosis of pedophilia, and therefore Muhammad was undoubtedly a pedophile.
  12. These daft low IQ women always think grass is greener on the other side, then realise what horrible mistake they made being fooled into islam.
  13. It seems religion of peace is in full mode in the "holy month" of ramzaan. Spreading peace in that hell hole that passes for a country ! Muslims doing what they do best : converting others to their shitt religion https://www.opindia.com/2020/05/hindu-couple-forcibly-converted-to-islam-in-sindh-region-of-pakistan/
  14. So i came across this documentary type video on youtube quite interesting information I hadn't know before.
  15. Shame on khalistani who support Pakistan and isi. Sikh population in Pakistan is being decimated and we refuse to speak up. Our daughters and sisters are being abducted and forcibly converted to islam. Shame on us. https://m.timesofindia.com/india/pak-suppress-voice-of-sikhs-after-kidnapping-and-forced-conversion-of-a-minor-girl-in-nankana-sahib/articleshow/70896124.cms
  16. I found a really cool account of Timur relating how he conquered india. He was brutal.but he lists in detail every city he invaded and how many people he killed. But one can see how islam motivated him and his hatred for idolators: https://www.ibiblio.org/britishraj/Jackson5/chapter09.html Heres an excerpt from his infamous sack of delhi: For these various reasons a great number of fierce Turkish troops were in the city. When the soldiers proceeded to apprehend the Hindus and infidels who had fled to Delhi, many of them drew their swords and offered resistance. The flames of strife thus lighted spread through the entire city from Jahan-panah and Siri to Old Delhi, consuming all they reached. The savage Turks fell to killing and plundering, while the Hindus set fire to their houses with their own hands, burned their wives and children in them, and rushed into the fight and were killed. The Hindus and infidels of the city showed much alacrity and boldness in fighting. The amirs who were in charge of the gates prevented any more soldiers from entering Delhi, but the
  17. Brave Saudi teen who left Islam and escaped the country. She travelled to Kuwait, got tickets and flew to Thailand, nearly got sent back by the Saudi authorities in Thailand after they locked her in a hotel room, but she managed to spread her story on social media before the Saudi authorities could send her back to her country, the West stepped in and now she is safe in Canada.
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