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  1. Before doing bad we think twice; • ‘I could be expelled from school’ • ‘I could be sacked from work’ • ‘I could go to prison’ • ‘I could be punished in hell’ • ‘I could be placed on quality control by admins’ Naam contains nothing but happiness, so we do we think twice to meditate on naam? Isn’t it a no brainier that simro simar simar sukh pavo?
  2. So when watching paath on most YouTube videos, they have English translations, Naam always seems to translated to name for instance in Anand Shahib... Saacha Naam Meraa Aadhaaro is translated to The True Name Is My Only Support. It doesn't really make sense in English, maybe its me if there is a true name there must be a false name which inturn mean duality, so Ik is lost. Like I said maybe its just me but would like your thoughts on it.
  3. Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh @Singh375 @AmanSingh7 @Khal1stan @GurjantGnostic Sangat ji,Maagh Mahena has started.I heard a katha, that whatever we ask for in this month of Maagh will come 12 times faster.Let us all ask for naam and Bani. @ManpreetKaurr @Kaurr Based on what i remember both of you have not taken amrit yet?Best time to ask for amrit di daat and sikhi daan Bhul Chuk Maf
  4. Guest

    Erasing sins

    Hi I was fortunate to have kirpa over 10 years ago, I was practicing well but then it all just went pear shaped. Cutting a long story short I went from practicing rehat to being a complete sinner. I spent many years drinking, tried drugs, and also committed a huge amount of bad lustful actions. I went from one extreme to the other. For a couple of years I use to drink and then get upset about how I threw everything away, the chance Waheguru gave me away but then slowly I forgot about that lifestyle and became comfortable in this new lifestyle of not thinking much about my Sikhi. I got mar
  5. Is there any difference between a taksali gutka and any other ones like budha dal gutkas? I used to use mysikhi app to do nitnem and read gurbani, but recently i downloaded the damdami taksal sunder gutka app.
  6. Sat sri akaal ji i don’t know why but for a long time I have been finding g it very hard to do naam simran and read gurbani ‘. Like s something . Inside me Resisting to. Read and sit down and listen ..... why ..... like torture .... never was like this before
  7. I was reading discourses of the beyond and in the beginning of one of the chapters in part 3 the Sangat said to Sant Isher Singh ji “there are Sikhs, Hindus and Radha Soamis here and we all have similar experiences, we have come to the conclusion that all paths eventually lead you to the same destination”. Sant Isher Singh ji agreed and said this is very deep and true thinking, all paths will eventually lead to one destination. I feel as though this makes sense, but then again I always hear that Gurmat swaas swaas is the only way to get to sachkhand and it’s only for Sikhs.
  8. Just wondering if anyone does Naam Simran, if so how long? Do you mediate and say it in the mind, or do you speak out loud. Do you also listen to audio and sing along?
  9. Guest

    How to naam jap?

    Fateh everyone. Quick question, what is the proper way to naam jap? Like for any bani that we do.. japji sahib, rehraas sahib, etc. I recently read that we are supposed to think as if Mahraj Ji is sitting right in front of us. Are we supposed to be singing like kirtan? I have such a terrible voice I don’t want to come off as disrespectful!? Is it wrong to just say it monotone?
  10. Khalsa Ji, The following link is for Waheguru Simran 24x7... Waheguru...
  11. As I do naam simran, I am able to focus on mool mantar and gurmantar at the same time. Is this a distraction? It happens in between mool mantar and sometimes at the same time. I' m (misnomer as the ego is false) just trying to walk the path, it's hard.
  12. Guest

    Naam Simran question

    Sangat, what is it called or known as when recite paath of mool mantar on your tongue throughout periods of the day? Is this a stage?
  13. Wgjkk wgjkf i have a question. Why is it that some amritdharis experience naam and bani and some don't? Aren't we all supposed to experience it if we are given amrit? What should we do to experience it appropriately? thanks
  14. Is it true that to experience naam to its fullest extent and achieve the spiritual heighten of naam and bani you must take amrit?
  15. VJKK VJKF Sangat Ji, I just found a book a few minutes ago where I'd been writing Vaheguru in Gurmukhi and there's many, many pages of it. It's a lined paper notebook with only gurmantar in it. My room is the highest in the whole house but I know that means nothing in terms of the satkaar I should give bani. Please tell daas what to do with the book Ji. I don't want to burn the book but if I can't keep it properly I understand that I'll have to burn it. Maaf karna Ji - the only thing I can think of it is to burn the book but I start to well up every time I flick through the pages and see
  16. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! What is "NAAM"? Gurbani.org in an article basically states that Naam is knowledge Link to article: https://www.gurbani.org/gurblog/gurbani-defines-naam/ While other sources state that Naam is just the name of god. My question is simple: What is "NAAM"??
  17. Guest

    doing naam at work

    So i work in a bank full of goreh and non-religous people. These people dont understand my faith (i'm sikh btw) and i just about started understanding it very recently. I heard about naam and this whole idea of reciting the name of god. I try to do this at work now and again but i had a question... the goreh will tell me to stop talking or give me very funny looks (already have got them lol) when/if they hear me doing naam. So i do it very very very quietly almost to the point where i can't hear the sound of naam but my lips and tongue and everything are still doing naam. sometimes i can hear
  18. We use the 5 senses to collect information about the world and perceive reality within our minds. Or in other words, the senses make us aware of the world around us. And we have no control over ourselves so that our senses influence our mind and make us do paaps. Using naam we can purify our mind, and senses, and get rid of the diseases associated with each and become jeevan mukt and truly see God throughout the world. But what is the sense that allows us to be aware of God at all times and experience God. Is it Dasam Dwar? If it is, how much abhiyaas must one do to open it? Does anyone h
  19. VJKK VJKF Daas has a question and Maharaj kirpa, Waheguru's sangat can help. I have missed out on doing a lot of simran over past few days but Maharaj kirpa I have been replacing that with a lot of paath. Does this paath take the place of that simran that I haven't been doing? I've heard from many people that there is no difference but I haven't had a certain answer of no from anywhere. Can anyone shed some light on this please? Vaheguru Ji.
  20. Guest


    VJKK VJKF Well, today I was doing naam abiyaas but instead of feeling that feeling of concentration I felt like crying but at the same time I felt love (for vaheguru) I felt as if I was putting my heart and soul into it but the thing I don't understand is why did I feel like crying, I felt like my heart was breaking but I don't know why. Surely I should've just felt happy? Does anyone know what I am going through and if it is actually a real thing to feel and if anyone has felt this before? VJKK VJKF
  21. ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂਜੀਕਾਖਾਲਸਾਵਾਿਹਗੁਰੂਜੀਕੀਫਤਹਿ॥ Can someone please explain what paaras kala is, and also how could one experience this? Also, what heppens during the paaras kala of Naam? thanks
  22. Guest

    Saas giras simran help!!

    When i do saas giras simran, i feel as if there is no body any more and i get scared when i lose the senses for a few moments. I feel only sound and thats it. Once i open my eyes i have to feel my surroundings because i have to get back into the other senses of the body and try to become aware of the world again and if i am here. i get depersonalisation. Can someone help. What is happening to me and what do i do??
  23. So during amritvela last night I started my naam simran and about 30 mins into I could feel a pull in the middle of forehead. Then all of sudden I start spinning like the conscious in my head is spinning. And I'm still repeating vaheguru, it felt very good and very uplifting but my question is.. is this normal and does this mean I'm progressing ?
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