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  1. BJP , the political arm of RSS is seeking to gain control over Delhi Gurudwaras via elections. Till now DSGMC is managing gurudwara affairs. BJP national secretary RP Singh justified the demand: “What’s wrong in it? When the two parties have been together for many years, then what’s the wrong in contesting gurdwara polls the same way?” http://www.hindustantimes.com/punjab/bjp-demand-to-contest-gurdwara-polls-rattles-partner-shiromani-akali-dal/story-8qXMIEsTED2kb7RoByY1zO.html
  2. Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh, After doing much itihaas i have found it that the darshan of Sri Dasam and Sarbloh Darbar is of utmost importance for the sake of the chardikala of the Sikh panth alongside Satguru Granth sahib ji maharaj. What can be done in the uk and in sangats across the world to install sri Dasam granth and Sarbloh Granth as seen in Takht Sri Hazoor sahib were the maryada of the tisarpanth seems to be alive and well aswell as shastar darshan.Can those of us that believe this to be an important issue do anything to create change? The majority of non amritdharis seem to think that we only have one granth which sadness me. Our connection to Dasam pita seems to be cut when the majority of sikhs are ignorant on these traditions What can be done? Bhull chukk maaf karo, A manmukh.
  3. Has the Sikh community lost its sense of sarbat da bhalla by becoming to focused on 'panthic' issues?
  4. How would those in Punjab (remembering there are Hindus, Muslims, Christians too) vote as a percent of Yes vs No? If NRI Sikhs were to vote, how would it compare by country, e.g. UK, USA, Canada, Italy?
  5. Seeing the failure of simranjeet mann to get elected or get any decent voter turn out in various elections. It is high time he stepped aside and let a populist Sikh pro-khalistan leader come on to the scene and take charge. We are in a world where politics are being shifted on their head and nationalist movements and leaders are coming to power like in the west. We have seen Sikhs of punjab are very pro-khalistan even after many genocides and schemes by the state to silence them by fear, they still come out in huge numbers such as rajoana protest and sarbat khalsa 2015. So it is up to the Sikh leaders to put aside their ego's and come on one platform and fight for the panth. We know badals are dogs who are only interested in hindustan and punjabiyat, they dont see votes in Sikh causes any more. But as brexit has proved the votes are still there its just there needs to be enough motivation, awareness and anger from the people to rise up against the status quo and change the system by electing a pro-khalistan party, who will have a democratic and political mandate to create a Khalistan.
  6. Tribune News Service The Dal Khalsa and the Sikh Federation (UK) have forged an alliance to work together to pursue the struggle for rights and freedom of Sikh people in India as well as at the international level. Party spokesperson Kanwar Pal Singh said a resolution to this effect was adopted at a well- attended conference at Wolverhampton in UK. The spokesperson of the Sikh Federation announced here today to work in tandem with the Dal Khalsa as both the organisations stood for right-to-self-determination for the people of Punjab. http://www.tribuneindia.com/news/amritsar/dal-khalsa-sikh-group-forge-alliance/298899.html
  7. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Hi, I'm Bhagat Singh. Using Google Forms, I have created a poll to obtain data on the political affiliations and favorite political candidates of Sikhs living in the United States. This data is for my own personal research due to my curiosity, and I would love to share it with you as well. Studying politics is a big pastime of mine, and so I am quite curious on the direction my fellow American Sikhs would like to see the country going. I have brought up American politics twice on this forum already, but this time I ask you to please (if you don't mind) take my short, three-question poll. Once you take the poll, there is a link that leads you to a summary of the data thus far, so you can see the responses right away. This poll will be closing on 7/20/16, and I will then post the results into this post. Thank you in advance for voting in my poll! Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/18h2VZZ0dyt81igkQL9obspe-toslQhDhFzh0eJny2gY
  8. I have created a quick online poll to take data on American Sikhs about what political party they are a part of. I would love for you to take part and answer so please take the poll here: http://www.riddle.com/a/61255. Remember once you click your answer it is your final response. If this poll is a success I will make one for other countries' political parties and even for current elections' candidates. Thanks in advance! Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!!!
  9. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/demand-release-supreme-religious-leader-sikhism-jathedar-jagtar-singh-hawara-head-sri-akal-takhat OFFICIAL WHITE HOUSE RESPONSE TODemand The Release of Supreme Religious Leader of Sikhism, Jathedar Jagtar Singh Hawara, Head of Sri Akal Takhat A response to your petition on the release of Jathedar Hawara Thank you for taking the time to sign a We the People petition on Sikh leader Jathedar Hawara. The President has made clear that our nation's deep respect for religious liberty and pluralism must not stop at our shores. In an address to the people of India last year, the President stressed the importance of these fundamental principles to both our democracies: "In both our countries, in India and in America, our diversity is our strength. And we have to guard against any efforts to divide ourselves along sectarian lines or any other lines. And if we do that well, if America shows itself as an example of its diversity and yet the capacity to live together and work together in common effort, in common purpose; if India, as massive as it is, with so much diversity, so many differences is able to continually affirm its democracy, that is an example for every other country on Earth." The United States remains committed to coordinating with governments around the world to promote religious freedom for all citizens. We encourage you to continue to use the We the People platform to petition the Administration to take action on the policy issues you care about, but we cannot comment here on the specific foreign criminal justice matter raised in your petition. You can read the full Terms of Participation to get a better sense of why We the People is designed the way it is, and to learn more about its guidelines for use. Thanks again for raising your voices. -- The We the People Team
  10. Why exactly did the Hindu government choose to use him to be wrongfully accused of crimes on 30 different instances when there were so many great GurSikhs all over against the Akal Takht beadbi in 1984?
  11. Just watched and was wondering what you all thought of the President's speech.
  12. WJKK WJKF Forgive me if you are just completely tired of talking about Khalistan because I know the subject has been discussed to death. Just wanted to get some numbers on what people think, because I was thinking about working on a project in the future If you think I should add another choice to the questions, please let me know
  13. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3277229/German-mayoral-candidate-stabbed-neck-targeted-support-refugees.html German mayoral candidate stabbed in the neck after being targeted 'because of her support for refugees' Mayoral candidate for German city Cologne, Henriette Reker, was stabbed Police said a 44-year-old man sprang on her as she campaigned in the city An aide was seriously injured, while three others received minor injuries Ms Reker has been instrumental in organising accommodation for refugees By Imogen Calderwood For Mailonline Published: 17:36, 17 October 2015 | Updated: 00:52, 18 October 2015 1.3k shares 65 View comments +12 Henriette Reker, who is running for mayor of the city of Cologne as an independent, and one of her aides were left severely injured after being stabbed A German mayoral candidate has been stabbed in the neck in an attack with 'anti-foreigner motives'. Henriette Reker, who is running for mayor of the city of Cologne as an independent, and one of her female aides were left severely injured in the savage assault. Police believe that she was targeted because of her extensive work in housing Germany's refugees. Germany’s interior minister said the attack underlined growing concerns over hatred and violence during the refugee crisis. German leader Angela Merkel expressed her 'shock' following news of the attack. Ms Reker, 58, currently heads Cologne’s social affairs and integration department and is responsible for refugee housing. A 44-year-old man sprang on the pair while they were campaigning in the western city, the fourth largest in Germany, police said. The German national and resident of Cologne said he had been unemployed for several years. He told officials that he targeted Ms Reker and that ‘he wanted to and did commit this act because of anti-foreigner motives’, according to Norbert Wagner, head of the police criminal investigation unit in Cologne. Three other people were also injured, although not seriously. Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere described the stabbing as ‘an attack on our democracy’ and said he had long been ‘concerned by the hate-filled language and violent actions that accompany the refugee debate in Germany’. ‘This cowardly attack in Cologne is further evidence of the increasing radicalisation of the refugee debate,’ he continued. +12 A 44-year-old man sprang on the pair while they were campaigning in the western German city, police said +12 Cologne Police Chief Wolfgang Albers said Ms Reker has been involved in the supporting and helping to house refugees in the city +12 Chancellor Angela Merkal, Germany's leader, has expressed 'shock' at the news of the attack. Ms Merkel’s policy has led to growing tensions in Germany, triggering a backlash from her conservative allies and spawning a growing number of increasingly vocal far-right protests
  14. Are we ready ? The last 24 hours have handed we Sikhs a unique opportunity to shape the political landscape in our favour against the *bleep* that is India. Yesterday's news that Sadiq Khan is named as the official Labour Party candidate for Mayor of London was small fry compared to what was announced today. With the Sikhs bestest friend in the whole world; Tom Watson, named as the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party we have been handed a unique opportunity to shape a possible future British government's agenda regarding India. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-34223157
  15. American Sikhs: For those of you who have been watching the news recently, you will know of many of the 2016 Presidential candidates. I have a two questions: 1. Which political party do you feel is more according to Sikh belief and 2. Which candidates or candidates have you narrowed you choices to so far. I am interested to see who Sikhs seem to favor the most. My background is Republican, but I do not know who is a good candidate according to gurmat. Thanks!
  16. Waheguru ji Ka Khalsa, Waheuru ji Ki fateh, While Bhai Amrik SIngh ji Ajnala and his group are supporting sangat in Faridkot I hear nothing much from the other jathedars ,instead what I did get to see was the apparent Jathedar of the Taksal Harnam SIngh Dhumma announcing the idea he believes that Anandpur Sahib should be renamed WHITE CITY ...what is going on ? People were casting doubts about his loyalties and now he has left no doubts , He is no Servant of Dasmesh Pita's Taksal he is a politico Wolf in Sikh bhes. How dare he even open his mouth to say it , did he only wait until the authorities could put down the True Servants ? It seems that way .
  17. what are your views. think labour definetly should of one. it was the more khalsa like party out of the two. why would people vote conservatives anyway, dissapointed in the British public what are your opinions?
  18. so i do A level philosophy and im in a class with 3 other people. 2 athiests ans 1 agnostic. We do alot of political philosophy and we disscuss things like whether libery or equality should be core priorities of the state etc. its interesting but its hard to come up with one answer. so i was wondering what the sikh state would look like. the khalsa was formed to rule n save the world essentially and i tried to discuss this in my lesson which started a debate. i was arguing that our state would be one which instead of capitalism and money at its core would have spirituality. i was arguing for a society simmilar to platos philosopher king, with guru granth sahib ji mahraj at the top and the punj pyare as like the prime ministers. i argued that this state would be better than any other state because it places the enphsis on something internal (Dasam duar) rather than materalistic things like money, the athiests said that this would be a society which favorited the religious and we wouldnt be modernisng and going forward but going backwards, and that the spiritual people at the top (punj pyare) would become corrupt. but i said hat sikhi was different coz its an enclusive religion and wouldnt have a problem with any other belief system or faith or would not contradict anyone. also our ideology is to serve the world, we wouldnt be serving everyone by picking favorites but there were many pragmatic issues highligted to me with my conception of the sikh state this was only my interpritation of the sikh state with my limited knowledge of sikhi thru bhai jigraj singh ji and russell brand lol, i came across alot of practical issues that wouldnt be work in a complex society like todays. i wanted to know some more eeducated descriptions of how a sikh state would look as were proberbly gonna continue this debate in tomorows lesson lol thanks waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh
  19. By no means is this post intended to hurt the patriotism of these respective nations, but I just cannot help myself and criticize their education system. In India, under 'the great reformer', BJP, a new educational booklet has been published. The Tejomay Bharat aims to teach: STEM CELL RESEARCH In case you didn’t know this, Stem Cell Research, for example, dates back to the Mahabharat and the Vedic times. The text book explains, by citing the text of the mythological epic-poem which Hindus consider gospel: “… Kunti had a bright son like the sun itself. When Gandhari, who had not been able to conceive for two years, learnt of this, she underwent an abortion. From her womb a huge mass of flesh came out. (Rishi - sage) Dwaipayan Vyas was called. He observed this hard mass of flesh and then he preserved it in a cold tank with specific medicines. He then divided the mass of flesh into 100 parts and kept them separately in 100 tanks full of ghee for two years. After two years, 100 Kauravas were born of it ... This was found in India thousands of years ago.” [Page 92-93, Tejomay Bharat] TELEVISION Of course … it was invented by - er - Hindus - during the Mahabharat times. “Indian rishis using their yog vidya would attain divya drishti. There is no doubt that the invention of television goes back to this… In Mahabharata, Sanjaya sitting inside a palace in Hastinapur and using his divya shakti would give a live telecast of the battle of Mahabharata… to the blind Dhritarashtra”. [Page 64] THE AUTOMOBILE “What we know today as the motorcar existed during the Vedic period. It was called anashva rath. Usually a rath (chariot) is pulled by horses but an anashva rath means the one that runs without horses or yantra-rath, what is today a motorcar. The Rig Veda refers to this…” [Page 60] The 125-page book, Tejomay Bharat, that these passages are excerpted from was recently mandated as supplementary reading by the Gujarat government for all government primary and secondary schools. Published by the Gujarat State School Textbook Board(GSSTB), the book seeks to teach children “facts” about history, science, geography, religion and other “basics”. Tejomay Bharat (literally, Shining India) is to be distributed along with eight books written by Dina Nath Batra, a member of the national executive of Vidya Bharati (Indian Education), the educational wing of the RSS, which is the ideological base of the current government and ruling party. Batra’s books, translated into Gujarati and published by the GSSTB, have also been mandated as supplementary reading by the state government. Each of these books carries a customised message from Prime Minister Narendra Modi (then chief minister), while Batra’s books praise him and the GSSTB. Tejomay Bharat carries a message from Modi praising the GSSTB for republishing the book. The book has chapters such as Adhyatmik Bharat (spiritual India), Akhand Bharat (undivided India), Vigyanmay Bharat (scientific India), and Samarth Bharat (competent India). The book’s content advisor is Harshad Shah, vice-chancellor ofChildrens’ University in Gandhinagar who was Gujarat chairman of Vidya Bharti till 2006. The review committee includes Ruta Parmar and Rekha Chudasama, both associated with Vidya Bharati. Vice-chancellor Shah explains: “Tejomay Bharat gives an insight to students about our rich culture, heritage, spiritualism and patriotism. The language has been kept simple, which is apt for students. These are to be given free of cost to all schools, while 5,000 copies priced at Rs 73 ($1.40) have been prepared for those other than students.” Asked how schools would reconcile the “facts” of Tejomay Bharat with the NCERT syllabus, the Deputy Commissioner, Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, Ahmedabad region, P Dev Kumar, said, “Being a government servant, I am here to follow and implement government policies. Though we have not been told of any change in the NCERT curriculum for this academic session, if there is any for the next year, we have to wait and watch.” Tejomay Bharat also objects to the country being called India. “We should not demean ourselves by calling our beloved Bharatbhoomi by the shudra (low-caste) name ‘India’. What right had the British to change the name of this country?… We should not fall for this conspiracy and forget the soul of our country [Page 53].” There’s more. ON BIRTHDAYS “Birthdays should be celebrated by shunning the western culture of blowing candles. Instead, we should follow a purely Indian culture by wearing swadeshi clothes, doing a havan and praying to ishtadev (preferred deity), reciting mantras such as Gayatri mantra, distributing new clothes to the needy, feeding cows, distributing prasad and winding up the day by playing songs produced by Vidya Bharati.” [Page 59] LANGUAGE POLICY “The current language policy allows for the domination of English language which results in Sanskrit being sidelined. By not learning Sanskrit, students will be deprived of the vast knowledge that our epics have on our culture.” “The mother tongue should be the first language with 20 per cent aside for Sanskrit, Hindi should be the second language … and Sanskrit or any other foreign language should be the third language.” [shikshan nu Bhartiyakaran (Indianisation of Education), Chapter on “National Unity and Education“] NATIONAL HOLIDAYS These should include August 14, Pakistan’s Independence Day, which should be celebrated as “Akhand Bharat Smriti Divas”. Because “Undivided India is the truth, divided India is a lie. Division of India is unnatural and it can be united again… MAP OF INDIA Drawing a map of India? Make sure you include Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Myanmar. These are part of undivided India or “Akhand Bharat”. [Page 49] * * * * * If the name Dina Nath Batra, the author of these brilliant text books, rings a bell, there’s a reason why. Batra’s civil suit earlier this year had led to the pulping of American scholar Wendy Doniger’s book on Hinduism. Batra asked India’s Supreme Court to ban the book. Penguin, the publisher, caved in and withdrew the book, promising to destroy all of the copies left in stock. (Courtesy of the Times of India). Then we have the Pasthuns in Pakistan attempting to reintegrate themselves in the Afghani psyche and claiming they have been the perpetual victors in any conflict which they have engaged in. http://historyofpashtuns.blogspot.com/2014/07/afghan-sikh-wars.html?m=1 (the bright spark beyond this posted this on a thread in this forum). Myths and facts with the facts hidden. http://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?/topic/75089-battle-of-saragarhi-myths-and-facts/ Indian battles with Pakistan: Who won Kargill? In Pakistan you will most likely be told Pakistan. It may surprise you that under Maharajah Ranjit Singh 68-72 Bungas (Twarikh-E-Amritsar) ringed Darbar Sahib teaching an unbiased curriculum in philosophy, Gurmat, Vedanta, Islamic philosophy etc. Islamic schools in Batala and Sialkot, under the patronage of Ranjit Singh, ran famed courses which were attended by students from Arabia, Persia etc. Ironically that, and the colonial period, is probably the last time in sub-continental history that education remained free of religious bigotry, and political radicalism.
  20. The Badal family are beginning to count their days. The new generations are somewhat educated so the political powers in punjab will shift. Where is this power shift going to go ? What changes will the future bring? And realistically how will it effect the average "sikh"
  21. it is obvious that narendra modi was the intended target of this false flag attack after the BRICS central bank meeting against Rothschild-US controlled World Bank and IMF. modi must know that indira gandhi was assassinated by the banksters , for nationalising the indian banks -- and it is not a wonder that bbc witnessed it, Sikhs(misguided khalistanis) being a mere pawns in the hands of rothchild bootlickers..sikhs were used as political pawns by big brother.
  22. He is the only white Sikh guy I can see that is speaking out and standing up for political issues that concern Sikhs. If we look at some other white converts to Sikhism like Mr SikhNet.... he and their hippy happy clappy group tends to avoid trying to get involved in political and freedom movements concerning their Sikh brothers and sisters aboard.....which is a real big shame and a big stain on their pro-Sikh credentials....as a Sikh should always be involved in spirituality aswell as temporal politics that affects the freedom and lives of their fellow adherents. I have seen at least 2 white Sikh women involved actively in political Sikh demonstrations against Indian injustice recently. The mark of a true Sikh is when he/she feels the pain and suffering of their fellow Sikh brother and sister who has been unjustly treated.
  23. Ok, as a few people on here know I've been studying law and made myself immune to prosecution. Finding ways to spread this easily to the quom didn't fan out, so I immediately went to tackle the financial issue as I know that is the other thing enslaving us. Chain on your neck and pocket book. Now, http://public.worldfreemansociety.org/index.php/forum/49-banking/111397-a4v-success-process-changes-nu-metod-non-a4v?start=6#120754 That's me making the thread, in the op I list the guy who said it. Might be the easiest way instead of a way called Accept 4 Value which is dealing with gov. revenue agencies but I'll try it with a few tickets I have left lying around. Basic steps: 1. Wrote cheque for 1 dollar 2. In memo wrote payment in full for account ______________ settlement on account ___________ 3. Sent 4. Wait 5. Called in today as it showed up as cashed, balance was 1800 and unpaid for about a year as I was learning. Guy said it now 0, will post written proof into that thread, and here. ----------------------- The law stuff simple breakdown for Canada: s.32 of charter & r v dell 2005 confirm that charter only applies to gov. not private citizens s. 52 & r v big drug mart 1986 confirm that any statute inconsistent with that (i,e applying to you) is of no force and effect. R V JAH a uk case, confirms that the monarch has violated oath and no courts in her name are of any standing (less researched by me atm) Procedure would be to hand crown letter stating the above, and your status i.e Sui juris (fully competent i.e cant be made ward), can add I am your father luke, etc. troll them as they can't respond. Then would be to swear affidavit that they submit to your word, as silence = submission. Then file motion to dismiss. I did this after I got a false case slapped for getting into the face of a local TAVIS (special guns, gang task force for my area) staff sergeant. Needless to say he was surprised when 1. I wasn't scared 2. I won the case 3. Now, since I have funds I'm taking his house through liens. --- Law is based on these 10 maxims too long to link here but ask lawyers they will confirm they are taught this. http://loveforlife.com.au/content/08/01/24/ten-commercial-maxims-jack-harper Now, go be free my brothers and sisters I feel this is part of what guru ji meant when guru ji said learn politics. Please spread this information far and wide and feel free to hit me up by pm or: 266f948c I'll give other communication methods by pm as Idc if I get randoms on bbm because I might be switching to a q10 anyway if I'm going hard on this, and need a keyboard for communication. VJKVJF|| Humble request that you use this money to buy shastar as 'Raj bina neh Dharam chale hain Dharam bina sab dale male hain' 'shastar k adheen hai raaj' - Guru Gobind Singh Ji KHALISTAN ZINDABAD|| Btw, I'm only mona cuz I don't have paggs from india my hair is curly and if I pull, it's past my shoulders. I have every intention of dying after I take amrit as that is the only thing that feels horrible to me to be away from guru ji, especially in my last 'temporal' moments. Please don't argue or ask about that, as this information is VIP can free them singhs in India they may shoot everyone involved after but it'll mean no more fake cases and many other things which NSA shouldn't get to see.
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