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  1. Guest

    Erasing sins

    Hi I was fortunate to have kirpa over 10 years ago, I was practicing well but then it all just went pear shaped. Cutting a long story short I went from practicing rehat to being a complete sinner. I spent many years drinking, tried drugs, and also committed a huge amount of bad lustful actions. I went from one extreme to the other. For a couple of years I use to drink and then get upset about how I threw everything away, the chance Waheguru gave me away but then slowly I forgot about that lifestyle and became comfortable in this new lifestyle of not thinking much about my Sikhi. I got married (to someone who doesn’t practice much sikhi, but now is taking a slight interest) and I also have three children. I have recently found the love again for Sikhi, I feel waheguru has given me a second chance by showing me the light again, I am now trying to practice and change by waking up for Amrit vela, stopping meat, and alcohol too... not that I have drank on many occasions since uni. I want to change my inner self, become compassionate, control my panj Chor etc. I have realised I do not want to waste this life, I am thirsty for gyan and spiritual connection again. I am worried now, will I ever be able to erase the sins I have made over the last 10 years? Will simran do that or no matter how hard I try do I have no chance to obtain mukhti now? I use it to always think I would marry someone who was a practicing sikh as I believed you are the sangat that you keep. I look back and wonder was it meant to be this way as in was I meant to meet my spouse who I never would have if I was wearing a dastar like before, were we meant to be like this as my spouse may also get into sikhi and this was our path? Or was there someone else I was meant to marry who was Amritdhari. As we have had a rocky marriage, due to my spouses drinking habbits. That’s a separate question but what’s stressing me out is the guilt of the sins I have committed. I feel disgusted in myself that I went against my Guru, especially the lustful actions. Can I ever pay for these sins in this lifetime and clear them before I leave? When I was younger I use to do simran and feel so much bliss, now I still haven’t got to that level, I get distracted and have to work hard to keep my mind from thinking too.
  2. Is there any difference between a taksali gutka and any other ones like budha dal gutkas? I used to use mysikhi app to do nitnem and read gurbani, but recently i downloaded the damdami taksal sunder gutka app.
  3. So I usually do one hour amritvela simran but today maharaj kirpa I did 2. I went back to sleep for 2 hours and had the most disgusting, disturbing dream that I can’t even mention on here. There’s those kaam dreams just about kurheits and then there’s the most deep, disgusting dark dream I had, no exaggeration. This happened to me a couple of days back when I missed amritvela so I thought it was a sign to get up, but now it’s happening after simran. Please help I feel so disgusting. I feel like I deserve to be punished in narak for this disgusting dream. I don’t even think of kaam throughout the day. I do simran in my head and I read books on Sant mahapurash. I’ve began to keep some of sarbloh rehat (not all yet just incorporated batta into my life and completely stopped eating from outside). I also read more than 7 baniyan a daily. So I don’t understand why this is happening!!!!
  4. VJKK VJKF, Quick question to all Sangat - I know that Gur Mantr is 'Waheguru' but was wondering what are peoples thoughts on doing Simran on Dhan Guru Nanak? My understanding is that Nanaksar Samparda do simran on Dhan Guru Nanak... it is permissible in the Panth? Bhul Chuk Maaf
  5. Guest

    Body shaking during simran

    Whenever I do simran my body starts shaking, yesterday my head and hips were shaking pretty fast kind of like the Singhs you see at Akj smagams. I was just wondering why this is happening?
  6. About a few months before pahul my nitnem was chardikala Panj granthi added and other baniyan maharaj kirpa. after Amrit and drirr I could really feel the difference, Saas Saas simran was happening a couple days after and I would wake up in the middle of the night and just automatically doing simran. well I had the flipping cold and just a couple of days after Amrit sanchar (last Saturday, got the flu on Monday) I was just such a Manmukh that I stopped doing the Hukam of 2 hours simran and cut it down to 45 mins and cut my nitnem down to 5 baniyan. now my flu has gone but I can’t concentrate for even 10 mins without looking at my phone to see what time it is. My Saas Saas simran has gone and kaam has kicked in. I was so depressed and frustrated with this morning simran that I just couldn’t concentrate. I’ve lost the little experiences I would have after a couple of days from sanchar and drirr. kaam dreams have kicked in after simran, my mind won’t concentrate. This morning I did around 40 mins of simran (20 mins was focused the rest was just mind wondering) then I did my nitnem that I used to do before. it seems like I’ve lost that chardikala with naam, please help me get it back!!!!!
  7. Is it true that from naam simran during amritvela time that gives such a Sikh energy to go through the day even with lack of sleep. I've heard 1 hour of naam simran with full concetration = 7 hrs of sleep. Is this fact true or somewhat true? Of course Naam is source of food and energy but that's another talk.
  8. Whenever I do simran before going to bed even for like just 5 minutes I have the most disturbing and disgusting dreams which makes me feel horrible when I wake up in the morning. It happened to me a couple of weeks before when I did around half an hour of simran then I had a very unpleasant dream then it really put me off simran, then I did it last night and it happened again. How can I stop this please help me sangat ji. I don’t wish to reveal the dream as it’s so shameful and disturbing I don’t understand why this is happening. It only happens after simran not after reading bani. Please help.
  9. Just wondering if anyone does Naam Simran, if so how long? Do you mediate and say it in the mind, or do you speak out loud. Do you also listen to audio and sing along?
  10. Can someone still reach the highest, like this? Should be, right?
  11. If you are bothered by too many thoughts during meditation - do not be, its ok let thoughts be, the more you fight the more they will be ...so just observe them.The aim of mediation is not to be thought free but to be free of the reactions that they evoke in us - like anger, worry, excitement, stress etc.In time you will reach a state when you carry this thought awareness throughout the day and not just during the meditation period, giving you tremendous power over your runaway mind - you will have the power to rein in a negative thought such as animosity or worry which would have previously overpowered you and caused you to act in a hateful way or be stressed.
  12. Guest


    From last one month I been doing moolmantar path most f the tym this helped me to control my thoughts a lil now I m trying hard to do Simran but I can't sit for more than 10 mins inspite of less thoughts n all I don understand y I have to get up in such lil tym
  13. As I do naam simran, I am able to focus on mool mantar and gurmantar at the same time. Is this a distraction? It happens in between mool mantar and sometimes at the same time. I' m (misnomer as the ego is false) just trying to walk the path, it's hard.
  14. Can the admins make a separate section on the forum for Simran/Meditation not a sub-forum where we can discuss: Bhakti Simran techniques Sikh mysticism Books on Simran Sants katha on Simran What is NAM Gurbani is all about naam simran and we need a separate section to make sure we can get our questions answered and life Gurbani Prab ka simran sabh tay oocha
  15. Guest


    Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh i m jus a begginer , i try to wakeup amritwale around 3 am i sit n try to do simran abhyas but after few mintues f sitting i feel sek(punjabi) in my body my heart start pounding .. boht garmi lagdi hai n i have to stop day time its imppossible for me to even do simran boht thoughts hu de a n amritvele when i am able to do my body starts doing ajeeb things n the moment i open my eyes sara heat normal ho jana ... please help
  16. Guest

    Naam Simran question

    Sangat, what is it called or known as when recite paath of mool mantar on your tongue throughout periods of the day? Is this a stage?
  17. Hello Everyone, I have a question regarding Naam Simran. So for the last two weeks, I have been doing Simran. But whenever I close my eyes and do Simran, my eyes get out of control! It keeps twitching and then then it forcefully opens my eyes. Knowing that Simran is an inward journey, I find this to be a bit distracting. Have you ever experienced this? Any advice? Thanks:)
  18. Guest

    Powerful dreams

    Waheguroo. Recently I've started to do a lot simran throughout the day. The bulk of it comes in the morning and evening but most of my day in between is focused on saying Waheguru over and over. And because I'm saying Waheguru over and over before I Sleep and as I sleep I find that I'm starting to dream some very powerful dreams. This has only been happening for a few days but I didn't really dream much before that. What does this mean? Can anyone help? Fateh Ji.
  19. Guest

    Soho road gurdwara simran

    Does anyone know when and where they do simran at soho road gurudwara? Is it mornings or evenings? Once a week? please i would like to start as i have longing for simran
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