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Kaur Singhani

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Kamzoor samajh tu kar na zulam, Sun lei tu gal meri hun

Jie karwani izzat aapni, Karna tu, meri izzat sikh.

Nahiyo sehney hum zulam assa nie, Naari nu na samjhi tu ablaaa

Guru Gobind Singh di Singhni ha mie, Lawangi dushmana tou mie badla

Zulam seh sei dekhey bahut, hun wela hie “jaagan” da

Ayo Singhniyo ral kei assi, kariyei dushman da hun khatma.

Bahar dei dushman nu vi dekhangey, par pehlay kariyei ik failsa

Andar dei punnj chora.n nu, hath vich karan da kariyei honsla.

Androu panj chorr da kar kei niptara, Jei dekhangey assi bahar

Na koi dushman, na koi baigana, sanu sabh tei awega pyaar.

Awo shaliyo asi udham kariyei, kaabu kariyei assi apney panj chor.

Awo singhniyo assi ral mil larriyei, Sada naam hie Gurra.n di "Kaur".

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Ok ok i will translate in english soon : )

Thanks everyone


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Little Effort to do English Translation:

"Kaur Singhani"

By thinking that I am weak, don’t oppress, just listen to me now!

If you want to get respected, you should learn to respect me.

Now we aren’t going to face Tyranny (oppression), don’t think women are Weak.

I am Singhani of Guru Gobind Singh; I will take revenge from enemies.

Have had enough of oppression, now it’s about time to wake up

Come Singhani’s, together lets kill now all the enemies.

Will look the enemies of this world, but let’s first make a decision

Internal five thieves of ours, we should step up to control them first.

After taking care of internal five thieves, if we will look outside

Neither will stay our enemy, nor will be stranger, we will love everyone.

Come Frineds, let’s make an effort, let’s control our five thieves

Come Singhani’s let’s together fight, our name is “Kaur” of Guru's.

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    • I think only the south part of Goa is christian. I have been to Goa, there are a lot of churches that sitting on old Hindu temples. There are also Hindu temples in Portuguese style but there are older structures of older temples. Goa also had their own inquisitions.
    • The elections were all fraud as well.  My mother has many Christian friends from goa who hate modi and bjp. And they were saying that bjp even won in the areas with strong Christian populations which is impossible.  VID-20190525-WA0005.mp4
    • I agree I think these people are payed. Social media is way more influential than books, tv or radio so they have now moved onto the internet.  There are countless sites like these. There's a Twitter page called indology which had countless tweets on how the gurus worshiped devis etc And then you have people like that nihang nidar man with his books and sanatan sikhi websites.  You have parcharks like that trilochan with his red tilak and guru ma anandmurti with their blend of sikh and hindu speeches.   Believe it or not but many aunties actually like listening to these fake babe that mix sikhi with hindu stuff. 
    • They are paid to do it. Like I said, it's not random weirdos trolling in their spare time for kicks. For years I baulked at the idea of it, thinking it sounded too much like a dodgy conspiracy theory, but having read up on the way information is weaponised in this information and digital age, it's clear that there's an official apparatus to these operations. Due to these activities being relatively new as technology has progressed over the past few decades, it makes sense that controlling the flow and content of information on the apparently "lawless" internet is arguably more important to nation states and certain powerful factions than similar social and ideological engineering executed on television, radio, and other legacy forms of entertainment.
    • These people are very active on social media as Well, I remember a few on YouTube, they used to write comments on nearly every sikh video, insulting sikhi and questioning. Same questions and insults copied and pasted on every video. 

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