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God Testing Us?

Guest no name...

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Guest no name...


I have a friend who is not a sikh.... and she asked me ths question which i found hard to answer as it got me thinking as well :wub:

... the question she asked me is this

"I understand the belief that God is testing us as u say e.g....


.......the one mother who put her child in a dust bin because she didn't want it and she miserably failed her test of love.

....And the woman who had so much love and desire to have a child stole one in order to fulfill her desire...... She failed her test too because of the wrong way she got a child...

........BUT........what about the littlie baby????? was God testing the little baby by allowing his mother to dump him in a dust bin?

What type of test is this?

Is a child whose parent physically harms it being tested?

What type of test is that?

What is the child supposed to be tested for? How much pain it can withstand?

Soooooo............ my question pertains to the innocent -- not to the guilty...."

could you please help me out to answer this question by posting your views thanks!

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lol :wub:

Firstly, Karma is soo simple when you base it around yourself (ie: everything happens for a reason... for you) but when you try to think about everyone's karma at the same time, how your karma affect theirs and vice versa etc, it all becomes interestingly.. wacko.gif (thats the best way to show it)

It's impossible to try and work out how God works.

So why waste time.. praise him instead :@

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veer/bhehan abvoe touched on Karma and for logical and resonable explanation one can only explain such events through the deep understading of Karma. For those who are see with his eyes Love sees it as his Leela. They are not worried so much of why it happened, instead they are just in a state of Awe at his doings. They do not see evil, instead they see the hand of God behind everything. There is not intellectual understand that is requred, but his Love gives a understand that is far deeper then the intellect can provide. It is not to say those who are in deep devotional Love are obliviuos to the knowledge of the Laws of karma.

We can sit here and blame God for letting such things happen to that innocent child, but without the understanding of the laws of Karma we cannot start pointing fingers. That child brought with it his own karma with the woman who gave birth to him/her. As did you with your parents, brothers, sisters, relatives.

Is it possible to know these secrets, certaily it is but there is a very good reason why such insight is not easily attainable. The effects of this knowledge can lead to a state where you would be unable to move ahead with your life. You'd be stuck after learning the knowledge of how and what the previous relations you've had with the souls that you might call your mother, father, sister, wife, friend, cousin. It is not to say they were all bad , but some things are best left alone.

I heard of a story where a woman since her birth had a strong urge to dislike her mother. While her mother thirsted for her love, she was unable to give her that love. Instead the daughter disliked her mother very much for reasons unknown to her. It was when she was in deep meditation that she learned that in her previous birth her mother had killed her by choking her. The laws of karma are not always eye for an eye. In this case the mother who had killed her daughter in the previous birth now to learn her lesson seeks Love from that daughter and is in constant pain from not getting the love. And the daughter feels great animosity against her.

There is our personal Karma, then there is Karma as a society, Nation and world. Karma is chaotically organized.

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Guest nirguniaar

Dear NO Name veer

The answer is simple, veer there are five wrong doings according to sikh or its all the things any body should not practise.

one of them is to give birth without marrying and knowing your needs which can affect a life of a little. Now a woman feels herself one whe does this thing. Not all Brave woman give birth before marriage and No Boy can become father before marriage. its all DOKHA one is giving to other. So after giving a birth to child before marriage her feelings can be "Now what is the name of his father ? What will the people say about me? How the parents and the society will accept ?"

Suppose if she is married then there are 0.0000000000000000000001% chance that she can throw the baby.

Other wise the things are clear.

Bhul chuk maaf

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