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Favourite Gurbaani Thuks/pangteea

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could the sangat share there most personal and favourite thuks or pangteea or shabad that mean so much to them or just love the meanings or anythng so this moorakh and sangat can learn more abt and find sum meaning in what our beautiful guru sahiba say to us..



il srtrt off..

avar n fool anoop n paavo ||1|| rehaao ||

I cannot find any other flowers worthy of the incomparable Lord. ||1||Pause||

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vahegurooooooo..this is very difficult.... i like all the tuks and shabads!!

anywys.. the one which is in my mind rite now is :

if u need ..i will give u the shabad in mp3 too.. !!

hou(n) this ghol ghumaaeiaa guramath ridhae gareebee aavai||

I love him deeply who cultivates humility through Gurmat, the wisdom of Guru.

hou(n) this ghol ghumaaeiaa par naaree dhae naerr n jaavai||

I love him deeply who does not go near another’s wife.

hou(n) this ghol ghumaaeiaa paradharabae noo(n) hathh n laavai||

I love him deeply who touches not the other’s wealth.

hou(n) this ghol ghumaaeiaa parani(n)dhaa sun aap hattaavai||

I love him deeply who becoming indifferent to the backbiting of others detatches himself.

hou(n) this ghol ghumaaeiaa sathigur dhaa oupadhaesh kamaavai||

I love him deeply who listening to the teaching of the true Guru practices it in actual life.

hou(n) this ghol ghumaaeiaa thhorraa savae(n) thhorraa hee khaavai||

I love him deeply who sleeps little and eats little.

guramukh soee sehaj samaavai ||a||

Such a gurmukh absorbs himself in the equipoise.

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Well depend on state of my mind.

When i am shying away from facing any problem in my life i meditate on

" gagan damaamaa baaji-o pari-o neesaanai ghaa-o.

khayt jo maaNdi-o soormaa ab joojhan ko daa-o. ||1||

sooraa so pahichaanee-ai jo larai deen kay hayt.

purjaa purjaa kat marai kabhoo na chhaadai khayt. ||2||2||"

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iqqu srvrVY BeIly invwsw pwxI pwvku iqnih kIAw ]

thith suruvururrai bheelae nivaasaa paanee paavuk thinehi keeaa

In that pool, people have made their homes, but the water there is as hot as fire!

pMkju moh pgu nhI cwlY hm dyKw qh fUbIAly ]1]

punkuj moh pug nehee chaalai hum dhaekhaa theh ddoobeealae

In the swamp of emotional attachment, their feet cannot move. I have seen them drowning there. ||1||

mn eyku n cyqis mUV mnw ]

mun eaek n chaethas moorr munaa

In your mind, you do not remember the One Lord-you fool!

hir ibsrq qyry gux gilAw ]1] rhwau ]

har bisuruth thaerae gun galiaa

You have forgotten the Lord; your virtues shall wither away. ||1||Pause||

nw hau jqI sqI nhI piVAw mUrK mugDw jnmu BieAw ]

naa ho juthee suthee nehee parriaa moorukh mugudhaa junum bhaeiaa

I am not celibate, nor truthful, nor scholarly. I was born foolish and ignorant into this world.

pRxviq nwnk iqn kI srxw ijn qU nwhI vIsirAw ]2]3]

prunuvath naanuk thin kee surunaa jin thoo naahee veesariaa

Prays Nanak, I seek the Sanctuary of those who have not forgotten You, O Lord! ||2||3||


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sbwhI swlwh ijnI iDAwieAw iek min ]

sabaahee saalaah jinee dhhiaaeiaa eik man ||

Those who praise the Lord in the early hours of the morning and meditate on Him single-mindedly,

syeI pUry swh vKqY aupir liV muey ]

saeee poorae saah vakhathai oupar larr mueae ||

are the perfect kings; at the right time, they die fighting.



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I have a few one is:

"Gagan Damama Baajooh pariho nishaan-e-ghao,

khet jo maandyo surma aab jujhan ka tao,

Sura so pahchaniye jo lare deen ke het,

purja purja kate marhe kabho na chhade khet "

It gives me strength inspires me to die for sikhi

Other one:

"Mere satgura ...main tudh bin awar na koi"

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lyKw pVIAY hir nwmu iPir lyKu n hoeI ]

laekhaa parreeai har naam fir laekh n hoee ||

Read the account of the Name of the Lord, and you shall never again be called to account.

puiC n skY koie hir dir sd FoeI ]

pushh n sakai koe har dhar sadh dtoee ||

No one will question you, and you will always be safe in the Court of the Lord.

jmkwlu imlY dy Byt syvku inq hoeI ]

jamakaal milai dhae bhaett saevak nith hoee ||

The Messenger of Death will meet you, and be your constant servant.


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