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6-year-old Boy Did 10000 Pushups In Hours

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of course, no one can be as cool as me :umm: :wub:
you have a gun, if you said you were god i wouldn't say no. :wub:

well i hope you would say 'no' to anyone who said that :D

but i am pretty cool init :D


Gatka is all good but very limited in Hand to Hand Combat, Learn both!!!

So u can fight hand 2 hand and fight with shaster!




but im sure that all Gatka akhaadas teach both

the one i go to...

i started doin the real Gatka (with shastar) after almost 8 months...

before that it was all hands on stuff

dotn know abt other akhaadas

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wow....hes 6 yrs old and hes flexing ohmy.gif :D

holy, thats wicked stuff

of course, no one can be as cool as me :umm: :wub:

yes, yes.....

im joking :wub:

To be honest, you actually are cool. :D Bigz Ups to you for pushing the racist girl down the stairs. Show them the power of Amrit. :TH:

hehehe blush.gif

this is kinda the reason why i didnt mention it earlier...lol

but s'all good..lol

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the kid has been eating saag, thats what it does 2 ya! obviously hes had saag man!



Can you say the same thing over again, except in English this time? grin.gif

i second that :wub:

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