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Guest Narinder Singh

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was something wrong with midwestrn peeps today? :) was down until 10ish pm (was one of those days...universe had a very good reason to make my day a mess i guess; according to me lol)

what helped me was an article on the book written by a chemist

Conn. chemist finds right formula to educate youth

Mayell writes Sikhism book to explain science of faith


Connecticut-based Jaspal Singh Mayell has penned a book on Sikhism.

STAMFORD, Conn. — God does exist and young Sikhs could benefit from praying everyday. Using 51 diagrams, that is what Jaspal Singh Mayell seeks to prove through the 398 pages of his book “The Universality of the Sikh Religion,” published this month.

i read about it on sikhnet news section:


im sure we all have diff views and have our own opinion on this article but somethings in it helped lift my spirit up and inspire me! it helped me see again how limited my mind is, how limited my vision and thoughts are! the ways of waheguru are way beyond my comprehension. blush.gif

so what was it that made u say what u said ?(to the org poster)

bhul chuk muaff karni

waheguru ji kakhalsa waheguru ji ki fateh!

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Guest Narinder Singh

I wasnt going to share what happened, but at the sangats request, i will. Now what reminded me might not be that special to some, its just that fools like me need all the inspiration they can get, it put a smile on my face for the rest of that day. :)

I was at work and some co-workers and i were joking around with one another about some angry guy who one of them was on the phone with, they were laughing about how crazy this guy sounded and how they could see him coming into their office with a shotgun. Then one of them said "well Narinder, you'd have to figure out what to do after that" and i said "yea, duck under a table", he laughed and said "but youre a sikh".

This brief incident reminded me of what people expect from a sikh (even in western countries), i felt so unworthy when he said that (because i hold none of the qualities they expected from a sikh), but at the same time it inspired me to life up to those qualities that people expect from Sikhs.

Thank God for Sikhi...


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