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Cetyl Alcohol, Cinnamyl Alcohol And Taurine

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i suppose shes sayin, if its body lotion, and u put it on ur face or hands then it may come into contact with ur mouth...... :umm:

yh thats what i mean

a) You won't get drunk even if a drop of alcohol reaches ur mouth (SHOCK!!! HORROR!!)

b) Many medicines contain alcohol.. we just never bother ask the docs do we..

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okaayy, what about Taurine isnt that like bull sperm or summit??? :umm:

taurine is 2-aminoethanesulfonic acid, its actually good for us in small quantities. It can be synthesized or extracted from plants, bacteria or animals. Our bodies contain amino acids this is also an amino acid.

you reading too much into it man.

ill give you an idea, if your ever unsure about anything due to your beliefs stick to mohta di daal and roti with just plain simple water.

in this day and age every food has ingredients which are derived from bacteria or animals, you simply cant avoid it unless you live in a cave.

and for the love of god its a body lotion, why do you people go so extreme? dont you take medicines, they contain gelatin and alcohol. As long as you dont take alcohol for selfish purposes then its not sin. Just like marijuana, you can get a high on it but then you can also use it to treat cancer, or take it as sukhaa shaheedi degh :cool:

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    • We need to squarely face that given our current numbers, we'll have to deal with 'economies of scale' so we'll be unlikely to be able to sell at prices comparable to similar mass produced mainstream items that have a large consumer base. I think the above sells at around £20 for instance. I'd say we have enough exemplar career types right now, we need to connect kids to their heritage more than this in whichever way we can.  You point about relatability depends on where the kids are growing up and the character of Sikhs around them.  I don't know about the current generation, but in the recent past there were strong, brave Sikhs who confronted things like race attacks etc., so it shouldn't be too much of a stretch. Plus I noticed that a lot of Sikhs seem overtly 'nerdy' in the US - outright braces, cheesy gormless grins and bifocals - parents should take take to sharpen them out of this at a young age if they can. Was talking to someone who was thinking of trying produce some kids books, and the point about having puerile, non-based sakhis came out, the conclusion was that such works need to incorporate a slight gritty dark edge to avoid the kids turning into unrealistic lulloos when older.  Been thinking about that graphic novel I posted about previously, it's such a shame that the diaspora panth (who would be the main consumers) couldn't forkout the £9000 being asked for. That's like £3000 each from the UK, US and Canada - where we all know we have plenty of loaded apnay. If anyone reading is one of these loaded apnay - please support and fund these things and maybe have one less flash motor or slightly less designer clothes. 
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