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Udham Singh

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Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa!

Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!!

veer vicky, i'm guessin ur refering to shaheed sardar bhai udam singh ji?

if so he cut his hair so he could full fill is purpose, just like shaheed sardars mahan singhs sukha and jinda.......... were they not real sikhs???

end in end both kept their hair while in jail, and yerned amrit....the mahan sikhs sukha and jinda did 47 nitnem phaats a day, they where chardi khaalaaa and according to their final ardaas they will coem back to "embrace the hang mans noose for khalistan yet again"

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respect.gif Waheguru Ji .. respect.gif

Well he cut his hair for something he wanted to acheiv ?? hena should we be the ones that judge him ?? a very good lectura from newcastle i think called paramjeet singh once sed in his lecture that if it is in ur heart do it maybe it was in his heart that he needed to get revenge .. ther are some sikhs that keep ther hair cos ther parents force them .. but when they cut it get a really hard time and i have seen this my self ... but what is good about these singhs are they follow ther heart and ther not fooling n e one ?? hena ?? not doing PAKAND if you can understand what the word means .. my personal opinion uddam singh was a great guy ... but the film had too much masala init

Gur fathe pray.gif

respect.gif Waheguru Ji .. respect.gif

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